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Is my account flagged for getting bad drops?

Lol at magus Hematoma-

Dude, I want you to type your next post while looking at yourself in the mirror.

Take what you WILL from what i say to YOU.

YOU are arguing with youself and sound like a ignorant little 14 year old that didn't get what he wanted for dinner. Grow up =)

In real Man words: put up or shut up.

This is just more pathetic hate, and you might want to fix that since it's just plain not healthy.

I am going to take my own advice here and block you since you are nothing but a pitiful hater.

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Control is at the edge of your keyboard my friend:
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who is trying to control you?
since when is listening to others bad?
you don't have to agree, but you can still listen
P.S hate is really a strong choice of words for what was said about looking in the mirror
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12/02/2012 10:57 PMPosted by Satanspawn
we all want to believe in something, i used to be in the tinfoil crowd, i also used to be a hopeless cynic.

Yeah. I have no idea what's going on when it comes to loot drops & quality in this game. It may or may not be partially or fully controlled, may or may not be partially or fully RNG.

I'm open to discussions either way. I've found some great stuff personally. With no MF at all, 3 BT pants in the span of under 2 hours playing time, back to back to back & all progressively better rolled than the last.

Everything else on my barb character as well. I play 100% self found, so RNG (or not) has been good to me.

With that AH combined though, there's always going to be something smelly with this game. There's an underlying greediness & wrongness that I didn't 'feel' with the previous installments that I can't shake for whatever reason.

guess that's just the tinfoil talking lol
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We know the drop rate has changed and can we please have a clarification from blues before people get hurt lol! As after patch it was like at least 3 a day now i'm lucky if its 1 every 3 days.
I'm really dissapointed that it has gone back to the way it was before as it was fun to find stuff more often and now its boring I can't even bring myself to lvl my Wizard over lvl 50 Paragon it's too boring now. :(
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RNG has been somewhat bad to me, or has it, i have found items that a few months ago would ahve been quite valuable, i found a nice rare crossbow that got my demon hunter from 47-60 nice dps on it, like 200 dex, a socket and vitality, sure not the best, but good enough, i've found probably a total of 14 legendarys, some from night mare, some from inferno, none of them were particularly valuable, but they were all different items.
i find that when it comes to legendary drops some days i get 1 or 2, most days/weeks i get none, i'm not currently a big Magic find player, but back before paragon i found maybe 2 legendaries
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12/02/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Wurthless
100% victory rate Otis!? This thread is clearly rigged. Blizzard is at it again, flagging forum newcomers for victory.

You've fallen firmly on the 'good side'! Well done man, very cool :)
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QQ more. Its a game.
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No I am not "arguing with myself" here, nice try.

But what I am doing is ignoring pathetic attempts by the haters to make this personal, possibly making it look that way to some. Read the earlier posts and you will see full well that some tried and failed, then turned it into a personal vendetta. It happens all the time OK.

Also, I am expressing my opinion and viewpoint almost totally free from outside influence.

I could see how this might be strange to "normal" people in this world of social norms and brainwashing. I am not on Facebook and/or Twitter, and I honestly could care less what "everyone thinks" or what "you are not supposed to do." My god the sheep really are pathetic.

It's not required to get validation for every single last thing you think and do. In fact that's how people fall into the trap of not thinking for themselves. Walking around and asking everyone you know "what do you think of this" or "what should I do about this."

Again I do things my own way, and I will not conform to idiotic social norms for any reason.
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@MagusHenois Ignore them bud I hear you :)
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4 Dwarf Paladin
Rates have been decreased and so has loot quality.
Jay Wilson knows better again I suppose.
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What a bunch of crybabies. Go play another game FGS!
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how much of this brimstone trash would have been trash even a month ago?
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Did nobody remember reading Bashioks posts?

Look at these threads by where Bashiok posted


"The auction house obviously provides an incredible service to allow for very easy trades between characters, and essentially blows out the wide range of items you could have available to you at any one time. So, in fact, the AH has to be a factor in how we drop items"

Then this one: This was a clarification post in answer to his previous quote (above). Yet again he admits it.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5150764997?page=11 (top of page 11)

It says "we have to factor in how many items are being found by players and how quickly a player can gear up by 'sourcing' items from others through trade and the convenience of the gold auction house."

"If we say "a player should have X power in Y amount of time through drops" and completely ignore that the time factor can be reduced by simply having access to more drops through trading and the auction house, players would be gearing up far quicker than we've determined they should"

"Obviously everyone wants the best gear possible as quickly as possible, and us attempting to mediate that through design that takes all factors into account is not always going to be a popular notion."

People, this isn't news. They don't want people finding gear all that quickly, they do in fact control it.
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Didn't they say that with the most recent patch one is guaranteed one yellow drop per neph valour stack when reaching lvl 20 paragon???? This is not happening... Use to get 3 ok leg items per run.. Now there is nothing out there and im losing my will to play... Sad stuff Blizz
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You just got RNG'd!
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Yes indeed.

When I first saw players discussing about drop rate in general discussions, I started to worry, because value of good items will decrease while drop rate increase.

Drop rate discussions --> Blizzard agrees and approves --> higher drop rates --> many legendaries and set items are now like rubbish.

Before patch 1.05, it was a lot of fun farming, especially get excited at the moment you see a green item drops. You don't even have to identify it but you know it will worth a lot of gold. Now, I don't feel much when I see a green item (set item) drop because many of them doesn't even worth 1 million, not much excitement.

Higher drop rates --> legendary and set item value decrease --> many players quit or farm less

I agree it is not fair for players to receive no reward (good drops), especially if thay have been farming couple hundred hours. However, largely increasing drop rates in a sudden is a commercial suicide behaviour and will definetly kick players out. If you started to play D3 in May or June, try to look at your friend list and see how many of them are not playing anymore (i.e. last login like 20 days ago). There are a no. of reasons why people are not playing anymore, and I personally believe too low and too high drop rates are in top 10 reasons. Before 1.04, it was extremely low, after 1.05, it was extremely high.
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12/02/2012 11:17 PMPosted by OSBY
@MagusHenois Ignore them bud I hear you :)

I am trying lol.

I guess that I have about said enough already on how to get started finding truth in this world of lies.
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