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Is my account flagged for getting bad drops?

it doesn't matter if you have the digital version. i've been playing since it's release and i have the collector's edition. i have never once seen a set item drop for me. hardly any decent golds. all of my stuff i've had to farm gold to use on the AH.

mind you...it doesn't bother me though. i play because i like smiting stuff...lol but it doesn't surprise me that i get crappy gear. it seems every rpg or mmorpg, etc. has lucky people and unlucky people. i am usually unlucky with drops no matter what i do...lol
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poor bugger!! 31k elite kills and only doing 100k dmg? maybe ur running past ur loot?
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im not sure if it have to do with the time.

Try play after midnight or around 3-4am when there is less people online.
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OK now that I got that out of the way, I just wanted to say:

I love you guys!
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i am getting all the good drops.

there are flags on your accounts telling the gear which way to go to get to my character.
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I used to see legendaries somewhat frequently. Then I'd only see the odd Wormwood. And now nothing for several days even though I've been playing more often those days.
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Yeah, I'm the same.. I got the collectors Ed. but not digital.. got the actual box.
I've got 5 chars 4 of which are lvl 6 and one barb paragon 7 playing in inferno on MP5. Have only had 2 browns drop for me - one of which is lvl41 and the other is a lvl53 belt... both are blown to !@#$ by 70% of blue items that drop at the same lvl.. And what are these green set items everyone keeps talking about? I ain't ever seen one. 250+ hrs of lvl60 play now and ZERO set items!!

Seriously tho.. real question now so please treat me like the relative noob that I am and answer kindly: Am I doing something wrong? Do i need to equip more Magic Find stats? Already playing at 196% MF when I'm at 5 stacks of NV... playing acts 3 and 4 always... Help please..
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I mean you could literally call me a "conspiracy theorist" and maybe even go as far as a professional, since I plan to write books about it.

But the "conspiracy theory" that Blizzard selectively fixes drop rates?

I for one am not buying it for now at least. Please give me a motive that seems logical, or some kind of evidence lol.

I have been playing Magic the Gathering way too long to think one guy or even a few having bad luck proves anything.

Personally I have bad luck, and my best sale was a tiny 77 mil. The next below that was like 30 mil or something, do I seem any different than those QQing?

But you don't hear me !@#$%ing about this do you? I am very aware of how random works, and so I simply wont get upset over it. Whatever happens happens, there's no use getting upset over it.
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Oh get this, I have 2x got double legendary from the same monster.

They were all 4 terrible, but that's not the point now is it? They could have all 4 been epic as well.

Also I would say it has been weeks since I got something other than a straight to salvage quality legendary.

Go play Magic for years, then come and talk to me about random guys......
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what is on my mind about this is RNG is not that RNG we know, what i think is CRAPPY LEGGIES got higher drop rates than GOOD/BETTER/BEST LEGGiES, we dont have any formula to base on if only we got the base MF where our increase MF is basing on we can do some MATH about it, look at my LACUNI it just drop yesterday at only 191 MF at act III mp3.
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when 1.05 hit I found a good upgrade The mempo I am using now and a couple of set and leg items that my other characters are using I found them in the first 3-5 days after that all I roll is crap and just a few days I found 2 upgrades on my barb the offhand i am using and inna's temperance. So base on my experience playing diablo I think there are timelines that the drops of good items are high and there are times when drop rates of good items are not that good. I hope I can roll a godly item!!! goodluck to us....
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if uniques were just 1/million at least ild be happy but theyld have to increase the odds waaay too much to get them odds. but then again there is an auction house that sells them for millions of gold each and when i got my first 60 i almost had 2million in my d3 career but hey i guess thats what i get for being legit
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Lmao, this whole hoax bull!@#$ about fixed drops is starting to get out of hand. Why would Blizzard take the time to individually flag accounts for bad drops, they wouldn't there is no gain or logic behind doing so. I doubt they've even looked at this game since the minor glitch fixes in 1.0.6 because they're busy with HoTS and WoW: MoP. If you seriously think you can't dfind a legendary item because Blizzard secretly hates you, then you should just stop playing video games all together.
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I wont say its not possible they could "fix droprates", but come out how likely is it really?

Not to mention that nobody can present any sort of evidence except "I didn't get my drops."

Well guess what lol, I didn't get my drops either and you don't see my complaining about it.

So unless someone has something more than personal bad luck I think this one is about done.
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12/02/2012 11:45 PMPosted by OSBY
AH serves a purpose because the drop rate is crap, if drop rate was better the AH would not be needed, I played D1 and D2 in its hay days and i found better drops then with my Sorc. Im not disagreeing with other people cause everbody has their own view. But it seems a majority are noticing the same as me the drop rate has changed again. What do you say blues?

So then you actually believe that the drop rates would soar through the roof without an auction house. Maybe being increased by 100 times what they are now, huh. Well you no doubt would be shocked when they actually go up only by a small amount compared to what you think.

The drop rates will seem to change throughout a patch. Sorry I cannot show the numbers because I do not know the math that is needed to show this but here goes. When you have a patch that doubles the drop rate of legendaries. Now you first look at how many legendaries you were getting on average per hours played during the whole life of patch 1.0.4.

Then when patch 1.0.5 hits, sure you would see a lot of legendaries drop due to the fact that the drop rates doubled. This is because the average time it would take you to find a legendary would have to go down to half of what it was before. But as it approaches the new average. Then the legendary drops taper off. This seems like Blizz is changing the drop rates to what they were before. But instead it is just settling down to the new average drop rate for you.
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He said it is one of the factors, not the only factor. Otherwise Wyatt Cheng's comment about player's gear being ahead of what they had expected during the AMAA would be a lie. Wyatt's comment proves that the auction house was only a factor. But the drop rates were not based entirely around them.

Also if they did not want anyone to find the gear. Then Blizz would have to be the one generating the gear. That would make it a Blizz controlled economy, instead of a player controlled economy. That would destroy Blizz if they did something that stupid.

That's the point, it is a factor. That alone is going to screw everybody over completely. If they don't want players gearing up that fast, or faster than they anticipated, what are they going to do? Obviously restrict the drops, somehow.. someway.

Then you ask yourself.. what else is factored into the drops if it's not the AH? How much gold is in the economy (botters). The RMAH (that is just lame)

The drops need to remain truly random at a set rate and never to be tinkered with, ever.

ShadowAegis... Blizzard doesn't have to generate the gear (although they probably are). There is enough gear and dupes in the economy, that people can keep flipping these items 100 fold.

Blizzard has already loosely said they do control the economy; the mere statement they don't want players gearing up faster than they anticipated by factoring in the drops based on having access to whats in the AH.

12/02/2012 11:41 PMPosted by ShadowAegis
That would destroy Blizz if they did something that stupid.

Exactly, and that's why so many have quit, that's why the majority of games are flooded with bots, that is why there is less than 1 million playing. There are probably less than 500K people playing considering all the bots.

You might actually be surprised at the true number of players that are still playing. They do not change the drop rates on the fly. The only way a player economy would work is if someone is finding the gear. So if you want to find your own gear then ask how others are finding the gear that they put on the AH. I know you will find those that are not botting, that it right those that are doing it legit. Then copy them if you really need it ASAP.

So the players are gearing up a little bit faster than they would if they truly based it off of the auction house. Which means that no one would be able to find their own gear. Then Blizz would have to generate the gear that is on the AH. Which does destroy them because instead of a player driven economy you have a Blizz driven economy. They are not that stupid.
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Paragon levels 75 - 78

Experience gained: 453,600,000.
Legendaries found: 0.

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Yeah ive noticed something recently too. Just the other day I was getting at least 1 legendary/set item every 3 hours. Hell at one time i got 6 legendaries in 1 hour. All not worth much but i still sold or kept in storage for other characters. I typed in chat to a friend about this and he was having he same luck as me. We were both laughing and posting all the items we were getting in such little time. Just an example i got a Innas Temp and IK BB. Legs sold for 8mil and IK BB sold for 1mil. The next few days I played all day and not one single legendary. Something is definitely up.
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Thats why its online only, to keep the control what you get!
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