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Is my account flagged for getting bad drops?

Yeah ive noticed something recently too. Just the other day I was getting at least 1 legendary/set item every 3 hours. Hell at one time i got 6 legendaries in 1 hour. All not worth much but i still sold or kept in storage for other characters. I typed in chat to a friend about this and he was having he same luck as me. We were both laughing and posting all the items we were getting in such little time. Just an example i got a Innas Temp and IK BB. Legs sold for 8mil and IK BB sold for 1mil. The next few days I played all day and not one single legendary. Something is definitely up.

watch out! most d3 forumers have no sarcasm detector built-in...
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It's funny to me that people still actually believe Blizzard doesn't tamper with the drop rate. Call it a tinfoil hat conspiracy if you want, but if you do, you're blind. Anyone regularly farming act 3 on MP >6 can tell.

Haven't played for weeks because I reinstalled Diablo 2. Why? Dueling, runewords, and replayability (finding lower level gear which makes me want to roll a new character). Sure, the bots are annoying, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make in order to meet new people trading for gear that won't be instantly salvaged into junk.

I'll be back once Blizzard is done beta testing.

Remember invulnerables?
Remember enrage timers?
Remember the original legendaries?

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Drop has been nerfed in the server side, I havent got nothing usefull (or half usefull) in past month or 5 weeks.
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funny everyone talking about legendary drops again.
personally, right before thanksgiving i experienced more drops. after, no drops.

odd stuff.
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Farmed for 2 months from June-July every single day with 350 MF for 8+ Hours and only got a single item that sold for 20 mil. Sometimes there would be 4-5 day periods where I wouldnt even get an item worth listing in the AH. I finally just quit. Why should I spend all that time and effort just for nothing? Its like going to work and working your !@# off and when you get your paycheck it just says "Hahah sucker"
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Ehh I can't really hate because I found a witching hour last night and brought my wizard up 12k dps. Though I must say it's iteresting because I've been hunting for one for literally 5 months then I buy one and find one a week later...I think the gear you are wearing - in some way effects what you find beyond magic find ofc.
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Count me in. I NEVER! Had a loot that is even usable. All my items came from my cousin or other players or AH. From a programming POV, it is possible to flag certain accounts. I played with others players whose been getting three to four legendaries per run. If so, this mean my account does not have a chance to improve on its own depending on my mob loots. Too bad for me :(
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Yes your account has been flagged because you complain on the forums.
They are trying to punish bad PR. I think the stat is -150 % to useful drops.

Stop complaining or they will double it.
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Blizz would put time and money into singling out users to flag their accounts, to achieve what exactly? Make you cry more on the forums? I havent been getting great drops lately, big deal ill keep farming untill im bored, not cry like a 5 year old who doesnt get their own way.

If you can find a credible motivation to why blizz would do this then share it but dont claim it as a fact until properly proven.
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I've been farming for a while now, and it has become hard to get a decent upgrade. My main character's gear is far from good (see barb), and I get one upgrade every 10 hours of farming for my main character, which are mostly marginal. To be clear, I pick up all the 62/63 items, and all legendaries (of course) so I'm not just waiting for ideal gear.

I find this frustrating because it's coming to the point where the only way to get better is to spend real money, or to play the auction house. But both of those options seem contrary to the reason I'm playing: to build up my own character, using found gear (mostly) or gold I earn in-game. The problem I have echos everyone else's: you do well at Diablo 3 not by actually playing the game, but by playing the market (or investing money from outside, which I'm not willing to do).

But with all the inflation, and the difficult-to-find drops, the only people in a position to do well are the ones who played from the start, and who got good drops in the beginning by having the time to play then.

To be clear, it's not the rate of legendary drops; it's the quality. I've received two Lacunis (both crap), two echoing furies (neither with crit damage or a socket, both around 1000DPS), two stormshields (one rolled vitality, which is good, but it has a 19% block chance, which is not so good), two middling vile wards, and a variety of other miserable equipment. The only decent items I have received are the andariel's visage on my wizard, and the manticore on my demon hunter. I could sell them, but first I want to develop all my characters, and second, I doubt I could get a very good upgrade for my barb with either one because of how high the auction house prices are.

I'll still play Diablo 3 (although I have Diablo 2 installed, and haven't tried it -- maybe it's time). But it would be nice to be rewarded for my efforts. Perhaps blizzard could allow us to select legendaries that would drop at an increased rate (to reward our farming efforts)? Or make certain legendaries more likely to drop on particular boss characters (so I would make them a regular part of my run)?
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I have to agree with OP.

I do see an increase in the number of rares and have picked up some good ones but I got my first set item (a pretty good roll on stats) two days after patch. I was thrilled at first but after several levels of paragon and a huge amount of MF on my gear and MP2 (or higher occasionally) I have yet to find another set item or legendary. At this point I figure I was due the set item from the stats gods on high regardless of MF level.

So, that is all disappointing. However, one of my chief complaints still remains. None of the good gear is available at reasonable drop rates until I've run through the entire game four times and am cranking paragon levels to ever greater heights. This is simply not rewarding as I'm constantly fighting the encroaching boredom wall. Why are good legendaries and sets not available during earlier levels where I could actually appreciate and benefit from them? Obviously, if I'm playing into the higher paragon levels I'm committed to the grind but again at that point I'm fighting with the boredom wall and am just in it for the exceedingly rare drop.
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12/03/2012 07:51 AMPosted by Namalesca

Theres a point when it becomes something differnt than RNG. If I buy 10 scratch cards at a gas station and dont win anything I can write that off as bad RNG. But if I buy 1000 and dont even win a single dollar then something is rigged. Farming for a few hours and getting nothing good is bad RNG. Farming for 3 months and getting nothing good means something is broken. The more items you get the higher chance you have at beating RNG. If I play the same number on Roulette eventually Im going to win. It might take 5 spins or it might take 500 spins but the more you play the more you lower RNG. That just doesnt work in this game. Im sure theres people that have played since release that havent gotten a good drop. Thats not RNG thats called broken game.
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*Tightens tin-foil hat*

My last run lastnight netted me, in this order, an Ivory Tower, Bull Kathos 1 hander, Ivory Tower, 300th Spear, 300th Spear. In that order and within the same full act 3 clear. That's two each of two of the worst in the game.

I've lived in this horrible place of bad quality drops since I can't remember. All my gear that I've won in the AH is from selling large quantities of junk at everyday low prices and saving up over time. I'm still waiting for that one really sweet piece to drop but the hope... she is dwindling.

If I could get my account "unflagged" I'd appreciate it. Apologies for whatever I did to anger the Diablo gods. I am not worthy! Can I have fun now? Please?
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12/03/2012 03:25 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
OK so I am fairly drunk on cheap whisky at the moment......

You display a lot of the classic behaviors of a person afflicted with alcoholism. I am concerned about your health. Please get the help you need.
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If upgrades fell from the sky every run there would be no purpose playing the game. If you cant take the grind then stop trying and play angry birds. obviously as your gear improves it becomes more difficult to find upgrades and does become an AH crawl.

So if i buy 1000 lotto tickets and don't win that 2 is rigged? Also people dont be farming effeciently, there are tons of youtube vids helping with this. Diablo has become more easier than ever to gear up.
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12/03/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Otis
OK so I am fairly drunk on cheap whisky at the moment......

You display a lot of the classic behaviors of a person afflicted with alcoholism. I am concerned about your health. Please get the help you need.

you're the one that needs help, chap
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