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Is my account flagged for getting bad drops?

Well, I dunno.

What I can say is, my average used to hold without much fluctuation over a day but could see periods of plenty and long dry spells within a day, but they would end up within the usual scope.

As paragon rose and I also got better gear and was able to use better specs, my yield also rose.

Pre 1.0.6 (for about 2 weeks) my range was between 13 and 20 per day, even into 1.0.6 too, for a few days, getting up to 26 in fact last Sunday. But then from Monday on, I've been at 3 to 10, every day. What's more is a friend who used to get way more than me is also getting this lower result.

RNG? Meh, I dunno, but I do feel, and always have, that the value a mob has to drop a legendary (which is modified by MF) is not static but is dynamic. That or there is another value to the equation, mob value * dynamic value * MF, for example.
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The most expensive legendary I had found lately was worth a little over 100k but then again I'm not at a high paragon lvl yet so I shouldn't complain.
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...been re-listening to "The Wheel of Time" novels as I grind A3, in anticipation of the final book being released in 31 days...I laughed at this passage form "The Eye of the World," as it so reminded me of D3 updates, the fickle nature of RNG!

"In these times many things are dissolving and breaking apart. Old barriers weaken, old walls crumble, the barriers between what is and what was, between what is and what will be…the walls of the dark one's prison. This may be the end of an age…we may see a new age born before we die, or perhaps it is the end of ages, the end of time itself, the end of the world….remember the wheel weaves as the wheel wills, and even the dark one cannot change that….[but] perhaps the walls have weakened enough for the dark one himself to touch events, not with a free hand or we'd be done already, but maybe tiny shiftings in the threads…a chance turning of one corner instead of another, a chance meeting, a chance word, or what seems like chance…if the dark one is strong enough to take a hand himself, then time is running out!"
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if you didnt buy the collectors edition you flagged for bad drops!!!!

P.S. if you couldnt tell that was sarcasm
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paragon 9, mp2, inferno act 1 in ptr for 1.05 and %200mf. recieved 4 legendaries(first item lv 60 legendaries i ever recieved) in under 3 hours. i play in regular game when 1.05 was out for public, then 1.06. nothing ever since with the hours( well actually weeks)
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90 Tauren Paladin
Sure feels this way sometimes.

However last week I got 21 legendarys in 1 day, next day got 17....now I am lucky if I get 1 a day. Oh well back to picking up these yellows no one wants.
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if you didnt buy the collectors edition you flagged for bad drops!!!!

Too funny! ...but what if one repents and buys one or two now? ...do you think we could redeem our current account? :)
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...just came across another WoT metaphor for D3 RNG manipulation...

"There are limits to the dark one's power inside you…yield even for an instant, and you will have a string tied to your heart, a string that you may never be able to cut, Surrender, and you will be his. Deny him, and his power fails. It is not easy when he touches your dreams, but it can be done. He can still send Half Men against you, and Trollics and Dread Kar, and other things, but he can't make you "his" unless you let him."

"For a time the pattern does seem to be swirling around you, and the swirl will become greater before it becomes less. Sometimes being Traviran means that the pattern is forced to bend to you, and sometimes it means that the pattern forces you to the needed path. The web can still be woven may ways, and some of those designs would be disasterous…for you, for the world."

"And just at this point we hear of a threat to the Eye of the World…not from one source, but from many…each seeming independent of the others. The pattern is forcing our path. The pattern still weaves itself around you…but what hand now sets the warp, and what hand controls the shuttle? Has the dark one's prison weakened enough for him to exert that much control?"

"Everything that lives is at war with the dark one...the greater part of the world does not even know it yet, and most of the few that do, fight skirmishes, and believe that they are battles. While the world refuses to believe, the dark one may be at the brink of victory. There is enough power in the Eye of the World to undo this prison….but if the dark one has found some way to bend the Eye of the World to his use…!"

"One thing we can do, is we can try…what seems like chance is often the pattern. Many threads have come together here, each giving a warning...The Eye... it cannot be chance, it is the pattern! You did not choose, you were chosen by the pattern, and you are here where the danger is known. You can step aside and perhaps doom the world. Running, hiding, will not save you from the weaving of the pattern. Or you can try! You can go to the Eye of the World. Triviran, are the center points of the web, placed where the danger lies. Let the pattern be woven around you there, and you may save the world from shadow. The choice is yours."

(from "The Eye of the World")
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I know 6 people who have stopped playing because of the horrible legendary drop items, I'm at almost 70 Paragon and all I get id the worse items, think it's time to quit.
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Clearly Blizzard has set it up this way so you keep on playing in the hopes you'll get something good, which just doesn't happen anymore. I'm at Paragon 68 and it's getting worse. Time to find another game!
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Considering the simple fact that loot related threads, get FILLED with so many pages...............

is proof that something is wrong with the loot quality RIGHT NOW. If everyone was happy, and nothing was wrong; these threads would be ignored and they would die easily.

LOL. You should look up what proof means. All this is proof of is that not everyone is happy with their drops.

You call it proof that something is wrong with loot quality, I call it proof that too many people like to QQ over drop rates and blame their own bad luck on someone else.
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12/07/2012 05:32 PMPosted by Joey
Clearly Blizzard has set it up this way so you keep on playing in the hopes you'll get something good, which just doesn't happen anymore. I'm at Paragon 68 and it's getting worse. Time to find another game!

I hear ya man. I was getting at least 3-4 a day and then bam nothing...i'm paragon 73 and halfway to 74 and i did 4 clears today and not a single legendary drop
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I have not gotten any good drops since i started playing,i have been playing on my now lvl 60(2 paragon lvl)and i have gotten 1 legendary and it was so bad i was told to vendor it, and other than that i have had around 5 drops that were good enough to replace what i had,but only barely worth it.
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All i ever get is bad drops ,,, the only thing i have found of any value to either sell or equip is Skorn and that is not even that good , all the other items i sell to vendors < i keep one of each of the legendaries i find just for sentimental value :0 i mean i found a Manticore with no dex and 189 intelligence < oh and no socket..... Gotta Love It
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