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Hi guys,

I currently doing mp 8 but I would like to get to that MP 10 mark..

Any advice on what I need to upgrade or change in order to do so?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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150k+ dps (or you'll hit enrage on ubers)
+200 dex
+200 vita
+150 resist.
2.8+ life steal DW..

Most packs can be handled if you up your stats to those. You'll still have problems with reflect unless you can get 2 LS weapons.

Ammy - needs dex and vit

Helmet - Needs double dex or at least 50+ resist and 150+ vita

Chest - Needs 150+ vita on inna's. Life ercentage doesn't matter on this piece. With 1100 vit, 2 percent is ONLY 770hp. Get a 6 percent damage reduction instead

Bracers - Needs double resist.

Gloves - Could use 120+ dex, but those are fine for now.

Pants - need upgrade. Get 50+ Res or 150 vita. Whichever is more affordable.

Shoulders - Double resist vile wards /w 40+ vit. The armor and double resist in this slot will easily mitigate more damage then your 50 vit loss.

Weapon - needs lifesteal
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Thanks Scrapz. we just did a few Ubers together the other night ! ha thanks again.
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Did we? lol.

you're welcome
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Did we? lol.

you're welcome

with your setup you can do MP10 solo? your missing main hand on your profile whats your DPS like? and your all resist?
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I can do mp10 solo, . I hit enrage but thanks to serenity I'm always able to pull through. Hardest fight is siegebreak and ZK.

164k dps unbuffed/ 52k HP / 700 RA / 5000 ARMOR / 2.21 APS, 2.8 LS/ 49 CC
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