Diablo® III

Reasons for still playing

Few reasons, firstly, plvl 100 on my DH, then a hellfire ring that's actually good and also a chance to play with some of my online mates with whom I run ubers with at least once a day. Oh yeah, and that chance of actually scoring a huge upgrade/saleable item :)
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Need to get paragon 100 on my wizard and complete all the achievements. Plus I stream and it's fun to interact with the community.
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- I'm stubborn and know deep down there's still hope for this game, despite what friends say
- The D3 community; sparked my desire to keep playing even though it's often a grind
- Helping the less unfortunate by giving away gear, questing and farming keys
- Pack leader: Whether I play solo or group play I'm the one setting the pace
- Heavy time investment: Highly rated and valuable gear that allows both high survivability and damage output (better than the average DH)
- Enjoyment: mindless killing and obliteration of my foes...awesomeness.
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I had a month or so off the game. During that time I missed patches 1.03 and 1.04.. Just started a few weeks ago on 1.0.5 and now 1.0.6... I dunno why... but I'm bludy enjoying myself! :)

Only have 3 chars at 60. Taking my DH thru to the end of inferno, then will do some GOLD runs... Then will start my wizard and take him to 60 as well, leaving my Barb for last! :)
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The main reason I play is to have some fun farming and questing with my Barb. I want to get him to plvl 100 too. And I farm so that I can continue to experiment with builds in other chars.

If anyone's interested I'm going for the Unique Collection achievement atm with a hunting group that is mostly US, so am keen for some people to quest with at a reasonable time :) See http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004696964 for more.
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gona have to say hardcore mode.. that is alot of fun atm for me

I do try to get 1 fast daily act3 inferno softcore run in just to lvl my wizard alittle closer to 100... but that gets boring real fast
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