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I have 20KK gold-shopping

Can anyone tell me what I should buy first to my monk?
I have 20kk gold. It is not much, so I need opinion?
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Put your money into higher dex - your dex value is really really low. A little more Vit wouldn't hurt you either. Try to hold your other values (armor/resists) steady if possible while bringing up your dex. To get dex up to 2300-2500 you are going to need some weapons that have 150 dex each, plus socket.
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I'm away from the AH, so I could be off on the prices, but f I were you with that budget I'd start looking for the following on the AH:

(Helm) Inna's Radiance: 170+ Dex, 70+ Vit, Crit Chance 5.5, 40+ Lightning Res.

(Main Hand) Rare Weapon with: 200+Dex, Crit chance, socket.

(Off hand) Upgrade those green gems to star (70% Crit damage) at least.

(Right Ring) Rare Ring with: 4.5% CC, 7% attach speed, 30 average damage. Look for a little more bonus stuff beyond that (preferably a socket or Vit. Even better if you can add resist, Dex or armor as well)

(Belt) Just get a better belt. More dex, more vit.

(Gloves) Get Vit, more Dex, and add either attack speed or Crit damage. Be willing to let some resistances go on the gloves.

Eventually, you'll want Inna's Temperance for pants (with either Lightning resist or armor), but just know that you'll take a hit to life, so make sure you beef up that Vitality first.

Bid on items more than you use buyout and be patient. Don't over spend or fall in love with any one item. You can probably get everything I mentioned above for half your budget if you are willing to take your time.

Good luck.
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thank you very much for help
I will do as you said
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(Main Hand) Rare Weapon with: 200+Dex, Crit chance, socket.

This one will be rather hard to find as they only spawn with crit damage ;D
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I change some of my gear as you said.
My DPS is now nearly 50K
Any other opinion?
I have 10KK Gold to spend??
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what the hell is KK?
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10 milion gold
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12/03/2012 05:22 AMPosted by Eidetic
what the hell is KK?

yeah i really dont understand why its SO hard for people to write Million.. or Billion... or if you're THAT short on time. Mil or Bil.. ORRR if you're in SUCH A RUSH... M or B.
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I'm from Europe but I'm playiing on US serwers
In EU is popular to name kk not milion

Someone can tell what now should I change in my Monk to get higher DPS??
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Any ssugestions what now I should change in my monk to increase DPS??
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When I started playing again about 3 weeks ago I spent 20m and I went from 38k to 75k and another 20m to go from 75k to 91k after I found and sold something for like 18m.

Hopefully you can get somewhere close to 75k dps otherwise it looks like you overpaid :/

As far as improving, try syncing your D3 profile up at d3up.com and see which slots give you the least EHP or DPS and try to find replacements for them. Thats how I've been doing it and its worked well so far. Good luck :)
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I would look for an Echoing Fury with a socket that is above 1000 DPS for your main hand... that should give you a pretty big bump and still leave you with some money left over.
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