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Leoric's Signet Farming Guide (Monk)

Lots of max threads about LS so I thought I would start a quick and dirty guide to farming it using a Monk (my only experience). This was a really nice break from the same old alkaizer runs, also is netting me more gold faster than I ever have.

Leorics Signet Farming Guide

This guide is desinged to help those who wish to farm for Leroics Signet:

GOLD: Lerics Signets (LS) are still going for over 20m on AH. Perfectly rolled LS can go in the upwards of 75m. It takes about 5 hours to find one (using only this method), other legendaries found during this run sell for 25-100k with socket, add some pickup radius and you will probably net an additional 200k/hour on gold pickups. Total gold/hour of this run: 4.2m (when LS sells for 20m or more)

LEVELING: New character, or paragon leveling, if you want MAX exp, you must be using a LS. You can only have one hellfire ring on you, and one on your follower. With LS on you and your follower that gives you potentially an additional 36% bonus experience.

ENJOYMENT: Its fun, breaks up the monotony of alkaizer runs, you will find about 3 legendaries per hour, and as already mentioned it can net you some cash.

Monk level 60. Use an infinite tempest rush build:

Tempest Rush + Tailwind (moves fast)
Mantra of Conviction + Submission (kills everything)
Chant of Resonance / The Guardians Path / Fleet Footed (spirit regen)

w/ Skorn you can have 10 spirit per sec

Weapon - Daibo: 2+ s/sec
OR - Skorn (see s/sec note above)
Helm - Spirit Stone : 2+ s/sec
Amulet - Xephirian Amulet: 2+ s/sec
Ring - Stone of Jordan: 1.5+ s/sec

Boots - +12% MS, +7 pickup radius
Belt - +7 pickup radius (optional)
Bracer - Lacuni Prowler

Everything else: as much MF as possible

I have read three max post threads, have run this many times myself, have found my LS, this is in my opinion the best route possible. Expect under 10 minutes, unless you get 3 cave spawns in Dahlgur Oasis.

QUEST: A2 - Soulstone Chamber - Begin Quest

#1 - Waypoint to Sewers of Caldeum
* Get 2 neph. stacks, or clear whichever comes first (you will NOT get more then 2 here)

#2 - TP back to town, WP to Black Canyon Mines
* Clear

#3 - Waypoint to Path to Dahlgur Oasis, Enter Ruined Cistern
* Clear (without backtracking)

#4 - TP back to town, WP to Path to Dahlgur Oasis
* Clear, follow this path:

#5 - Dahlgur Sidequests:
+ Shrines of Rakanishu
+ Ancient Cave
+ Flooded Cave
+ Swampy Cellar
+ Fishermans Cellar
+ Tomb of Khan Dakab
+ Tomb of Sardar

- DONT save any villagers
- DONT go into any other cellars
- DONT bother with "something lies within this corpse"
- DONT bother with "something strange about these bones"

In general the above is all you need to know. However, some tips to help your run go faster are:

* Stop to open all chests it is very likely they will drop an item
* Circle in place for invisible snakes, they may have the best drop chance for LS
* DO NOT touch the frenzied shrine. This will deplete your spirit

edit: fixed some spelling mistakes
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You would be crazy to skip Desolate Sands or, really, Vault of the Assassin. There is a min of 5 elites, usually 7. the first run, start at desolate sands, then go to that Vault. run the vault, the do Oasis, and sewers... leave. when you return, you start in the Vault and can get your 5 stacks in no time.

Just my Opinion... i have not gotten the LS yet, but i have gotten many legendary drops so far
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some find their ring in the first run. Others need 5-6 days to find it.

I would not really get my hopes to high like "oh just 5 ours of grinding and I have it!". Or the ring would be not worth + 20m.
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Desolate sands and VoA both drop level 18+, you will not get LS from those, instead you will get the dreaded Manalds Heal (worthless). This route ONLY drops Leroics.
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Without Vault of the Assassin your guide is invalid...
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I PROMISE you, for this run, Vault of Assassin will only disappoint. You will get lots of legs, you will get quick stacks, but you will almost certainly not get Leoric's Signet.

All the time spent getting your stacks in VoA can be better spent elsewhere getting drops that have an actual chance of being LS.

In this run you are pretty much guaranteed to have 5 stacks in the first 3 minutes (by the time you hit Dahlgur).
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So LS does not drop in VotA? Got any reliable source for this?
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Thanks for posting this. I wanted to try and do some LS farming for my own personal stuff, not really looking to farm and sell. I'd also like to confirm whether VotA is worth it to include or not and what the other runs are?
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From d3db: http://d3db.com/zone/i/vault-of-the-assassin-123182

All monsters in VoA are level 20 except shock guardian. Manalds is ilvl 20, LS is 17. I dont know if an item of level 19 will roll Manalds or not, but IF it did you still only have one chance in VoA of having a monster drop LS.

Also, for posterity, here began the original debate from one of the threads I gleaned much of my knowledge: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6412104449?page=9
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Added to my favorites.

I like this build and I agree that VotA seems wasteful when it can't possibly drops the LS.
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You're looking at Vota wrong. You don't clear it but it takes about a minute to get your 5 stack there. Then you port to town and start the sewers. Otherwise you're wasting opportunities to get the ring by not being up to a five stack when you clear the places where it will actually drop.

You want to be at max MF before you touch any area where it can drop.
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All monsters in VoA are level 20 except shock guardian. Manalds is ilvl 20, LS is 17. I dont know if an item of level 19 will roll Manalds or not, but IF it did you still only have one chance in VoA of having a monster drop LS.
Good thing i can still learn stuff about d3. Thanks mate kind regards.
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great thread!!!
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I understand the convenience of VoA. Once you get the checkpoint you can start inside it on the next run. And indeed, it should only take you 1 minute to get 5 stacks.

However, we are talking normal here, you should have 400 MF to start with on MP10. You can gear this cheaply without resists and very low dex/vit.

One minute of time in VoA is going to net you +75 MF (1/5 of what you already have) and no ring. Take that minute to get stacks where you can get a ring, even if it takes you 2 more minutes to do it.

Thats my recommendation.
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Doesn't seem worth it to me when you can just farm Act 3 on MP0 or MP1 and possibly get a GG drop worth hundreds of millions and just buy a leoric's signet with your profit.

I've actually done some LS runs and have the spirit regen gear for it, but whenever I do it I just think "ugh I'm missing so many drops in inferno right now..."
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Why is Alcanus not included into the run? I got a Signet drop there
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what about forgotten ruins.. its like VotA many elites and mobs
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In the end I think its all about how much fun you are having. But results are good too, for me in 300 hours I havnt found anything that sold for over 10m, in 5 hours of LS farming I made 40m on one piece.

Forgotten ruins has too high a chance to drop manalds, but feel free to give it a shot: http://d3db.com/zone/i/the-forgotten-ruins

Regarding Alcarnus/Road to Alc/Sweeping Winds - Yes these are all good places to farm LS. They will only drop LS so its worth thinking about. However, I just finished a 10 run comparison of Clearing Alcarnus (starting at the checkpoint before lair of the witch) -> Road to Alcarnus -> Sweeping Winds vs. Caldeum Sewers -> Black Canyon Mines -> Ruined Cistern and here are the results:

Alkarnus Run

Minutes Stacks
2 5 *
2 1
2 4
2 3
2 3
3 3
3 4
3 3
2 4
3 3


Minutes Stacks
3 5 *
3 5
2 5
2 5 *
2 4
2 5 *
3 5
2 5
2 5
3 5

The asterix denotes legendaries found (no ring sadly). But to me this backs up running the route I've suggested.

Dahlgur oasis remains a good place because of all the reports of LS found and the sheer number of elites/resplendants, plus the keywarden drops LS (two reports sofar, including me).
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Alright. I'll take your word for it on efficiency. Still doesn't change the fact that I found one in Alcarnus ;)

All the best and good guide
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You can also use Mantra of Conviction with Submission and run around if you have enough speed and if speed matter to you...

I will do a few rounds for a change because I'm bored trying to find The Tomekeeper and The Fowl Lair portal.
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