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drop rate decreased?

Earleir the patch the higher the prices as Ah gets flooded prices decrease. People also seem to be confusing drop rate with rdrop quality. 99% of items are trash always has always will be it makes finding the 1% awesome tho =)
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Pay to Win is in all online games if im not wrong. If Blizzard don't have RMAH then people will just deal under the table. Where its unsafe and many got scammed. So RMAH does help that problem.
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1. Too many legendaries drop.

2. Most of the legendaries suck.

3. Almost none of the legendaries are legendary.

Says the guy with legendary legendaries
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The hell with the rmah. It's the root of all this evil. Without the prospect of making real money from the game you think there will be bots? It's simply out of place in d3 yet they force it and now we have to endure this !@#$ of endless farming with very little reward. I always max my mf in every mp I can survive in and rolls are still bad while legs/sets are fewer. D3 is lucky I haven't found a good replacement game.
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I don't know if I can say drop rates have changed, or that item quality has changed. I've had consistently BAD drops ever since I started playing a couple months ago. My DH is plvl 19 now and every piece of (fairly crappy) stuff I wear I had to buy from AH because the drops I get are pure crap. I get about 1 leg drop per day, maybe 2 on a "lucky" day - and I admit I play a lot of hours every day.

I don't think it's the drop-rate - I believe that is truly random. I just think maybe it's TOO random. For instance, the drops I get are always LOW with great affixes or HIGH with crappy affixes. Like I'll get a lvl62 weapon with 467.9 dmg, but awesome affixes. Or I'll get a lvl62 weapon with 1234.5 dmp but totally crappy affixes. I got my very FIRST EVER set item drop a couple days ago. I was sooooo excited. Then I identified it. It was Inna's something (chest armor)... it had 421 armor and total crap for affixes.

What gets me are so many ppl complaining because they did 3 runs on MP7 and "only" got 5 leg. Gawd ppl, I can't even PLAY on anything but mp0 because my gear is so bad and my drops don't pay for good gear. I get ONE leg drop in an entire day of playing, two if I'm "lucky".

I'd be fine if this was just a "streak" of bad luck. I'm just wondering when the streak of bad luck is going to end. But the funny thing is, I still enjoy playing and like the game. Just wish I had better luck. LOL
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12/03/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Gunghoe
Uh after they finnished tweeking droprates i have never noticed a difference ever not once sence that last patch said they changed it.

Play moar! The items I didn't find on my own are the Ice Climbers, Echoing Fury, offhand, and Ammy. And the IK Irons and Helm, which my friends gave me. 7 out of 13 self found.

Oh and all the gear on my dh I found with my barb.

How many hours on barb you ask? 398.
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I'm thinking some of you guys just do not put the time in to check your items worthiness nor do enough research to know what they are worth.

I've been playing for a week after not playing for 5 months, and I find atleast one 1-3 mil gold item every act 3 run.

However, I do agree that the legendaries that have dropped for me this past week that i have been playing again have been bottom price on the AH. I have not found 1 leg item worth more than a mil, but I have found and sold a couple gold items for 5+ million though.

What is 1M when your next upgrade costs 500M?

Well do 300-400 runs and you will have your upgrade, stop being a baby and play the game. If they double drop rates than people with bots will go from getting 135 legendaries a day to 270 legendaries a day then the auction house prices are going to be lowered and your still going to be in same boat!! Drop rate is not going to fix your problems!

Talk to me when you reach a considerable paragon level, because your profile doesn't show me any effort.
The goal of reaching high paragon levels is to get high MF without using MF bad gear.
When you reach a decent paragon level and start to do 20 runs per day and just don't see anything then you can talk to me. See you
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Well see if they altered the droprate. Blizzard's RNG counter seem to be really good right after major patches and seem to degrade after 3-4days.
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Yeah i hope NCsolf will come out with Lineage3 soon. I had so much fun playing Lineage1 with all the PvPing and Castle sieging, like 50 vs 50 or more . Too bad North Amercia Server got shut down. Can't wait for another game like it. But trust me, every game have bots and gold farmers. So every online game creat jobs for people out there somewhere. Pay to win is part of all online game. And i learned to just shut up and play hahaha.
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12/04/2012 08:37 AMPosted by LethalSeraph
Well see if they altered the droprate. Blizzard's RNG counter seem to be really good right after major patches and seem to degrade after 3-4days.


My lucky streaks last for a week after a patch. The unlucky streak lasts from then until the next patch. My suspicion is that they increase it after a new patch to make the people who hadn't been playing but came back to see the patch happy enough to stick around. Then, they lower it gradually so as not to glut the market any more than it already is.

It makes perfect sense but that doesn't mean I like it.
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Oh, I forgot to mention in my last post that I have noticed (or suspected?) that drop rates DO seem to differ from "server to server". Ever since 1.0.6 for the first time since I began playing I have killed elites and gotten nothing but blue drops (on my plvl19 DH, with 300+ mf, mp0). BUT... if I leave that game and start a new game, the "drop rates" seem to change. So I just play a game for 10-15 min and if I am not getting 3-4 rares when I kill a group of elites, then I just keep starting a new game until I get more rare drops.

But I'm not like some of you that just endlessly "farm act 3". I play from the beginning of Act 1 all the way through to the end of act 4. I would get bored as heck just "farming" the same act over and over again. So I just find a "server" (or game) with a decent drop rate and stick to it for the day.
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I feel they are about the same. I have 354 MF with enchantress and full stacks. Still nothing will ever = 1.05 patch day. I got 2 L's and 4 L Set items in like 3 hours. I have noticed almost no items for me have a dps of over 1K anymore. I have filled up my stash like 30 times and have gotten 2 items over 1K dps. 1 was a sweet max dps vizier.
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Since patch 1.0.6 did not change any of the drop rates I would say what you are experiencing is, unfortunately, simply a bad luck streak. :( I know it can be hard to believe after a very long run of previously great luck, but we truly didn’t lower the drop rates of Legendary items.

That said, our [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386229/"]Bug Report[/url] forum would be a great place to post about those invisible monster attacks.

So, half of the Diablo 3 player community is having bad luck! Seems legit lol.

Seriously? You say that without irony?

Yes, in a random system "good drops" will be disributed on a bell curve and half the Diablo 3 community will have drops below the average.

Not only is that "legit" it is certain.
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I havent gotten a legendary drop in weeks! But that's mostly because I haven't been playing...

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well, I won't be convinced unless we get another 16 blue confirmations on this.
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It's possible the cut the drop rates for people who play a lot and increased it for the casuals, with the idea that everyone in the end, no matter how much you play, will end up with about the same number of legendaries and set items. This way, bots wouldn't find more than casual players. This wouldn't surprise me in the least. These I believe are the kinds of bad decisions Blizzard makes
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I would want a legendary drop...I got 2 crap low levels while leveling my monk just by mistake...since I started farming inferno with 133 mf ...yes low and 5 nv stacks, I didn't get squad...Maybe bad luck, I really feel like crap seeing all the inna's at 500 milions...Like I have 500 milions to buy those things...I bearly farmed 1 milion...

This game is ruthless for those who don't have to play more than 1-2 hours a day...I will take my mind off hellfire's or anything else...I would like to see magic fiind as a side stat on every item, since drops suck...But it's probably marketing stuff to just let people farm and farm just to buy stuff with money.
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Of course its bad luck. But this game is anti rewarding, I swear. Complete stash after stash of rares from act 3 inferno runs (varying mp level). Haven't seen an upgrade or item worth selling (over 100k) in a month. Haven't found a legendary after 1.06 which is weird, I usually find one at least every 15 or so hours of play. (which is still way too little in my opinion). The folks complaining about key drops, I feel your pain, even some mp7 runs, no drops. I'm about 2 for 20; but I know keys are dropping, because in a party of 4, someone usually gets 1.

It sometimes feels that even though on mp7 there is a 70% or whatever chance at a drop, if someone or multiples of someone get it, then the others don't. Same with Organs. So its not just the % chance at drop from mp level, but also, if it dropped for someone in the party, there is a different chance it will drop for someone else in the party. Sure this isn't the case, but just feels like it. After a 4 party uber run last night on mp7, 1 person got 3/3 organs, I got 2/3, another got 2/3, and the last got 0/3. So his 70% chance proc'd 0,0,0. Definitely possible, but strange that we all got at least 1 proc and he got none. I don't mind non-shared loot, but organ and key drops should be same for everyone, if the kill procs an organ, everyone should get it.
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I have not seen a legendary in days, whereas pre 1.06 with 320% MF I would find them every other run. Its been 40 or so runs, some MP2, MP3, some public, and no legendary.

Basically its Blizzard's game and they can change the drop rates whenever they want to suit their RMAH needs. They don't have to tell us, or be truthful about it either. Believe what you want to believe.
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