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drop rate decreased?

only bots can get drops. they get our drops, so we never get a skorn, a manticore, etc.
bots are lucky.
99% os players base arent.
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I believe that out all of those complaining you have those that are really having a streak of bad luck. Others are forgetting the legendaries and sets that they find due to the fact that what they found is junk.

Others are just outright lying to us. They say that they found nothing, when in fact they did get legendaries to drop, but since it was junk they did not count them. Others are lying about getting legendaries because they are looking for the devs to boost the drop rate where they are falling out of the sky like rain, because that is the only thing that would make them happy.
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im only getting like 1/3-1/4 legendary drops compare to what i used to get pre 1.0.6. i smell ninja nerf
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bad luck my !@#. too many people are noticing it. i still find legendaries just not nearly as often. i'm killing thousands of monsters each day... something to do with 1.0.6?
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2 set item today, both crappy, keeping them for the quest. A few crappy legendaries which I salvaged.
Drop are okay, not complaining.

No upgrade for a long time but I am having fun with some friends in game.
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you all just want good legends like everyone else, stop crying and wanting soooooo much legendaries, if everyone got the good stuff then why would the game be fun! i haven't got crap legends and still gavin fun! id love to see some cools tuff though, never had anything really good yet
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i play with my friend on skype everyday and everytime we find a legendary we always say the same thing : Oh no, great not these gloves, oh great a crappy stormshield / ivory tower, bracers yes.... crappy promise of glory , a one hand crappy wand, lvl 58 shoulders yes!!! lvl 58 wizard hat yes!!! storm crows bet they wont have crit, Tow handed crappy swords , tow handed crappy maces, then we can get to the good stuff but know 99% of the time the roll will be crap 90 dex innas belt , 90 dex innas pants, andariels visage with 160 int or 160 dex top , natalyas chest 90 dex , 50 vit , legendary rings always bad stats , Manticore 1k dps 150 dex 1 sock yes made a brimstone, blackthornes pants no sockets low stats , immortal kings belt 180 strenght, oh yes a Echoing fury 900 dps no socket no base crit yes!!! Lacuni bracers with fire resist no stats and no crit!

anyways think you get the point we love treasure hunting but we never get any reward when we find a treasure / legendary its like oh i got a legendary but i bet you its crap! and we spend so many hours and allot of time we say to are self why are we still playing this game, yeah legendary drop allot more now but i rather not get any if everytime i get one i make 35K from a brimstone.
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12/04/2012 05:44 AMPosted by verann
you all just want good legends like everyone else, stop crying and wanting soooooo much legendaries, if everyone got the good stuff then why would the game be fun! i haven't got crap legends and still gavin fun! id love to see some cools tuff though, never had anything really good yet

lol yeah tell people ot keep crying why so just cause u have gotten any crappy legendaries cant wait and see u start gettig !@#$y stats and crapy legendaries dude and tell us if ur lucky or got nerfed
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Dont lie blizzard
for god sake..
the drop rate are pathetical at least..
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Yea i'm finiding the loot since patch 1.0.6 came out has been terrible. Have gotten 2 legendary drops in approx 30 runs when I used to get around 1 per run before.

Also as someone else pointed out even rares are dropping less. Killed an elite pack with 5 stack and no rare dropped (1st time this has happened to me) and generally less rares are dropping when I have 5 stack. I have around 350% MF on MP2.

The thing that irks me is people who are on lower paragon lvl and with lower MF I play with all seem to get regular drops.

I don't think it's a bug, I think it's Blizzard. They are obviously trying to entice the people who play less to play more, simple as that. And for those that do play regularly you won't get a good drop in ages so you stop playing (therefore becoming one of those players that play less) and then when you do come back you get a legendary to keep you interested in the game still.

Here is a simple test: Do not log on for approx 2 days straight, don't check AH house etc, just don't log on in for 2 days. I guarantee when you do log on and do a run for approx 1 hour you will get a legendary if not 2 or 3. This happens to me every single time!! Also noticed it happens to my friends when they haven't played in while as well - again every single time.

Edit: Also I have found zero keys in those 30 runs, bad luck maybe especially on MP2 but tried 2 runs on MP5 and still nothing. Again bad luck maybe but i was getting a key approx 1 every 5-6 runs previously (MP2) so it seems real strange.

Dude, your theory of not logging in for days made me laugh!
For key farming, I suggest you try MP7. It consistently drop for me. I have made more than 50 rings.

try mp7 u say hmm well i have done x5 mp7 and no keys then got the !@#$s and went to mp2 and %^-* bam!!! pls explain hmm amm yeah >.<
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I could care less about the quantity of the drops. It's nice to see but the fact that they roll terrible 99% of the time is the problem. Most of the people here saying, "oh everything is wonderful, you are all just have a streak of bad luck...", aren't playing the same game the way I'm playing it. There is no way a person can play legit and say they are happy and everything is fine with drops and/or the rolls...either that or they just feel like being a !@#$ sucking troll %^-*!@ and need to have the #$%^ kicked out of them.

I've had it with these dumb-*!@ assfag troll muffins and this piece of #$%^ excuse for a blizzard game. Go -*!@ yourselves trolls, botters and this poor excuse for a game. Good #$%^ing bye lol. I'm outl.
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the current drop rate is a blessing compared to what we had on may 15th

people either forget the bad times or never was there
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face it,it isn't bad luck,it is crappy drop ratio's!I have no idea how stupid the drop status is,i can do 6-8 hours in act3 to diablo and find ONE frostburn in inferno.I cannot believe how badly diablo as a franchise has changed for the greedy.Nobody is impressed with what drops or how often they get drops(NOBODY).They had better change the game before the better half of us diehard diablo fans drop off and say screw the next patch.Seriously,how many hours are expected for someone to enjoy the mp10 drops,how many hours do you have to look for these keys?Diablo2 was perfect,,do 30 mephisto runs and see many uniques drop,Now they purposely reduce the drop rates on repeat runs!!!Goblins?,,,who cares?,,,mp1 10%key drop rate,,a 5%increase in non mp?Is that really worth dealing with reflect damage?hell no!mp5+ multi player??cant happen unless you invite others,,which by the way diablo 2 had WAY more on community then this redundancy.Seriously,this guy has a valid point we are all VOUCHING for!!get better management,,perhaps re-hire the diablo2 creators,,,,drop the W.O.W. garbage.Stop wasting our time. *pant *pant *pant~dont even get me started on the ,,telleport delays and game quitting "penalties",,Just let this soak in,i will not check up on this or replies,just know we are NOT happy hunters.
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you are high,obviously,or you cannot play any mp levels based on what you have had drop.Stop thinking bliz will up your mf% based on butt-kissing bro.
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the only real drop rate blessing was the day the patch came out,after that DAY,,,,,just look at the hours played on characters,,,,vs the crap gear they are forced to use.
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They didn't lie about decreasing drop rate AFTER patch 1.0.6 because it was done approx 2-3 weeks BEFORE patch 1.0.6, everyone who plays on regular basis noticed that.
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12/03/2012 05:53 PMPosted by CANZ
5 legendaries in 40 minutes. problem?

!@#$ you ^^
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