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drop rate decreased?

I can't complain about 1.0.6 drops so far... Got my first and second self-found set items last sunday. In the same run, Act 2, mp3... My wizzard is happy with her new ring and ammy :)
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I farm around 10 hours this weekend = nada
but my partner who ever find something good since 1.0.6, find like 8 legendary
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I only got to play for about twenty minutes yesterday morning and in that time I found three legendary items - a sky splitter, a wind force, and a won kim lau. That was at PL 62, MP 5, with 410% MF. The day before that I played several games and only got one legendary item all day (a crappy legendary spirit stone).

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Try my guide. I follow it to the letter and get legendaries and sets to drop like candy.

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exactly like Frederov27 pointed...i feed like this is very unmotivating...
ofc there is something wrong i used to get 4 5 legs per run (decent legs all sorts of levels 58-63 or sets ) and now exactly same patern ...once every 2 3 days i get exactly 3 same item drops : ivory tower , cindercoat , and firewalkers .. and i find all those 3 items very unimportant...i don't even look at them i just salvage and go on with rare drops....3 ivory towers 2 firewalkers and 2 cindercoats...this game keeps me playng cuz it addicted me...but i don't think that this will go much more...sorry if bad eng...i have a slight idea that this is because i sell items on rmah and get them on paypal and mb blizz is not so pleased with that...but this sounds 2 much of conspiracy and here i might bet i'm crazy...but all the rest i think not...cheers :)

if you are salvaging firewalkers and cindercoat without even looking at them you sir are crazy. both have the potential to be worth a fair amount
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you guys cry so much! the game is ruined and so is the market from all the crying.

shut up and play the game for goodness sakes!
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12/03/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Grimiku
Since patch 1.0.6 did not change any of the drop rates I would say what you are experiencing is, unfortunately, simply a bad luck streak. :( I know it can be hard to believe after a very long run of previously great luck, but we truly didn’t lower the drop rates of Legendary items.

I love when blizz moderators make these comments, then later on down the road blizz will try to slip into the forums that there was some sort of bug or coding error that temporarily skewed the quality and quantity of drops.

It has happened before, and it will happen again. It's the capitalistic way, bargain basement service for top dollar paid.
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im still to find my first legendary...
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this is all pure bs .... they did change the drop rates period ... and all you idiots who say they didnt are just that idiots
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Funny I am at paragon lvl 12 with my DH and up to date, I have only found 2 legendaries. I Seems odd no?
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nothing wrong with drops. I found 2 nats boots, set source (chandodo if spelled right), skorn and 2 crap 2 hand swords yesterday. if you want more than that then you're being unreasonable and should quit the game.
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I've also seen an increase in legs recently. . .
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MF is smoke and mirrors >:|
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whats this leg e1 says there gettin... rarest thing ive found is a hamberger.... im a lvl 45 but no LEGS
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The complaint I see is not the rates that they drop as I get plenty. What it is that the quality of the drops stinks as it is all junk even the legendary. Too many two hand weapons and barbarian belts dominate the drops. Ane when you do get something it has the wrong stats for that type of item. Who wants strength and no dexterity on a monk item and so on. I think that we get these crappy drops because the game is to easy now. All you need any more is a big stick to survive and you do not have to worry about resistance, vitality, or armor. All anybody looks at is attack speed, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage and nothing much else. All monster power does is bring up the hit points of the monsters and does nothing to address the weakness in the game now that monster attributes like like trowing fire balls and others are really weak and really don't hurt you any more. Only fire resistance seems to be all you need any more if that. When the game first started you could not even get close to monsters without alot of good attributes on your equipment. I have a buddy that has half of my armor and it only means 6% more damage getting through to him so he survives fine. Blizzard need to get back to basics on this game again.
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you guys figured blizz out!!

they're lying! they want all the cryers to quit! they also want everyone to be unhappy!

I have to admit, you guys are smart to catch blizz on these lies.

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Just ran 15 runs of act3 and 0 legendaries or Sets :/ bad luck or just drop rates !@#$ing with me?
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i dont care if they did get nerfed, there 99% trash just like rares anyways.... they roll like shiz everytime, i tell my self this everytime i get a legendary, hmm a legendary but its crap already before i id it so i been savin them up because i dont care rofl

and 1 more thing i get the same legendarys everytime, the crap that i dont need, i have like 24 legendarys n guess what, i got multiples of the same one, no good ones, no ik, no legendarys that caractures use, i get the crap ones that brim no matter what they roll..
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I think they halved it for once. ;)

Seriously though, anyone who plays the damn game just a little can tell the difference between bad luck streaks and genuine drop rate changes. This stealth nerf was probably the only real reason for the hasty 1.0.6 release. But let's face it, that 1.0.5 rate was too good to last forever. Once I found 6 (!) legendaries in a single act 3 run and I was about PL10 on MP1 with barely any MF on my gear.
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