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Mouse / Keyboard stop responding while playin

Every time i play d3 i can this problem, ill be spamming my keys and mouse clicks and then at some point ( rarely more that 3 min in ) the mouse and keyboard stop responding and after like 3-5 sec it does every key i pressed while it was not responding . Now I did not change anything in my pc and it used to work just fine ... Anyone can help me with that?

my spec :
Motherboard - Asus P8P67 Deluxe Rev 3 Intel p67
Processor - i7-2600k Quad-Core 4.2 Ghz
RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance, DDR3-1600MHz
GPUs - Radeon HD 6950 [2GB] 5000 MHz
Storage - Seagate 1TB Serial ATA HD 7200/32MB/SATA-6g
Cooling - Ultra Carbon x5 Cooler Multi - Socket
OS - Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

Oh btw I always play windowed fullscreen but I tryed fullscreen and same thing.
my mouse and keyboard work just fine outside d3 .
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It sounds like lag to me. If the mouse/keyboard were actually losing connection somehow, it wouldn't know what keys were pressed during the "timeout".

What type of internet connection do you use, wired or wireless? Are you or anyone else on your network running any apps that might be downloading or streaming while you're playing?
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Hi Omrakos!
Thanks for the reply , I have a pretty good internet connection 60Mbits download & 3Mbits upload. I don't think it would be the problem. I also use a wire to connect it, and no one else is using internet but me here.

Also this just started to happen I player more than 300hours without any problem like that.
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I'm curious, do you hear the little Windows sound you get when a USB device is inserted or removed when it happens? I was having that happen to my Logitech G5 mouse at home recently out of nowhere. The system was basically "losing" the mouse for a couple of seconds. I finally got around to replacing it with another one I had and also changed where I was plugging it in to another USB port and the problem went away. You might try that if you have spare devices to swap with if only to rule them out as being the problem.
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I just tested it to make sure , but it doesn't do the windows sound.
I don't have another mouse to test with tho , but it is not just the mouse the keyboard too.

I will try and find a mouse to test tho.
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I'd also like you to try booting up in selective startup mode once so as to prevent any other apps from auto-starting. There may be another app interfering.

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Yeah , indeed there was a malware in my pc . Now that i cleaned the pc it seem to have stop so thanks you for your time Omrakos!

I shall go kill some monsters :)
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