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Banning Botters Movement!!!

I have played a crap ton of games in my time, and seen many with a automatic anti hack tool before you can even open the game up, even steam uses VAC. I am sure these things are not 100% (or even they could be who knows) but why are you guys not looking into some kind of anti cheat system? Even in world of warcraft you have no anti hack tool, yet you catch botters cause people rat them out, I rated out 1 botter i caught when diablo 3 was fresh took them 3 weeks to ban. But seeing as the economy is completly trashed there is obviously tons. I for one will return back to D3 when the game is more legit. GG blizz


PSSS: Don't think things are always as simple as they appear to be. S.H.I.T happens for a reason.

this S.H.I.T as you say has been going on for long enough, im pretty sure since the game has been released. IMO they should time limit game time it would boost the economy back up and limit botters which would be a better start then what they are doing now, waiting for people to rat them out

in the meantime while your hard earned items are diminishing in value even as i type this, watch this video for a LOL

lets see how long it takes blizz to sue if they even do since they dont take thier products seriously anymore.
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is this topic still open? You guys seen these players with one hero monk on there profile with high paragon levels. they been spamming my public game and they just exp leeching.

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I played with 2 botts last night and I really hate them sticking together all the time
I quit public and play solo afterr it, its so no fun
Hurts ur feeling when ur farming exp hard n ppl bot to grt lv 100 ~_~
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i have one frustration, of course I can't be sure of how true it is:

people who have been interviewed or posted stuff say that bots are running account round the clock (in early versions 24/7, I haven't read anything lately). and you can google those stories pretty easily.

how is it that you can't catch them? this appears easy to do from the outside! and it doesn't get done, its not addressed by people within blizzard in communications. this is frustrating.

I've reported and blocked spammers like crazy. There are more blocked accounts than friends. They just create a new account, use the same scripts and dump the same text into public chat or friend invites. Arghhhhh...

Its hard to believe you're working round the clock to tackle this, when the end result is this bad.

Of course I wouldn't know how believable those stories are because I'm not about to install a bot to test that theory and those allegations myself. Blizzard staff should do so, because those tools are out there and would help them understand what's going on (from my perspective, its really bad to hear "yeah, I've been using some bot I found online for a month, nobody blocked me yet").
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this post is important because the less the gen pop hears about the bans the more they want to use the bots...

I mean everyday they see 50 spam bots with the same !@#$ing name spamming their chats...

the value of gold is going down... but the average player isn't getting any more of it....

hell i've been thinking of botting myself... have it downloaded and patched just haven't actually used it ... but with everything being 300+mil to upgrade.. when those of us without bots are not keeping gold in pocket and i'm thinking about getting more rich while i sleep.. i'm not paying RM for this %^-*
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I have not played in about a week when I did I reported botters so easy to tell that they are botters it would be impossible to miss if Blizzard looked into it. They all seem to be monks also. I log on today and my friends playing is getting less and less but my recently played is full of the botters I played with last time. I reported these botters and some other real player I played with did as well. Blizzard has done nothing. I suggested getting a reward for turning in botters I thought gold but that is not even good enough. I think we should be given some paragon levels and gold because u can never catch up to the botter. I am not playing until the botters I turned in are banned and I am notified. I would of logged on today and turned in some more but for what. Atleast Black Ops II is fun and there is only real people playing the game. I'll try again Diablo III again later it sucks because I was enjoing the game and playing public games with other players.
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11/20/2012 08:29 PMPosted by Nomizo
Every two hours or so that you are logged on a captcha should appear.

A captchka based on time is not a good idea. I don't really want to be in the middle of an elite pack fight and have a captchka pop up, even if it autopaused the game for the captchka entry. Having it pop up at the wrong time could get me killed, meaning I'd have to reroll.

A captchka on game creation, before actually creating the game, might not be too bad. People would probably still run bots and just manually enter the captchka when it came up, but it would at least prevent 24/7 completely unattended botting.

The problem with doing a captchka is not inconveniencing honest players too much while sufficiently inconveniencing the botters, and that's probably not an actually achievable goal.
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No matter what there will be hacks bots cheats and all the sort. Look at WoW they STILL can't get that under control.

oh and don't worry about the gold sellers *shrug*... I only get about 2-3 requests a day that i send spam reports for.
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Our developers, support staff, and anti-hack teams are all busting their butts to ensure that your online experience is as free of cheats, hacks, and bots as possible

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when gold prices are at such rock bottom prices? It is clear to any reasonably intelligent individual that there is way too much botted gold in this economy.

I wanted to believe that Lylirra's post was a sort of a "first attempt" to reach out to the community, and there's been lots of great ideas on this thread in response...many of us trying to open up a productive dialogue...but then, she was gone as quickly as she appeared! So did management come down on her?...or was it all just a pretense to defuse all the botting threads? I personally would rather believe that management came down on her, and that she really cares about the ethics and is trying to do her job...as much as she is able to.
If that's the case, thank you Lylirra for trying as much as you could...sometimes life's events are far from ideal for all concerned.
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I have a question: is there no way they can implement certain pickups or checkpoints that would make a bot stumble into them?

Refresh them every week or so with new identities or so but basically make them "traps" ingame to catch bottrs.

Could this work?
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omg there will always be ppl who cheat. hacking is wat got me off of d2.
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And one more thing, gold drop rates are !@#$. I started playing 2 months ago and have a small amount of resources needing for further development of my characters. I saw that at beginning gold drop rates were sometimes 10k+ and now if you see 3k it is miracle. Also, i have topped mf of 500 and play constantly on mp5 with ease, yet seven times i got one same crap legendary item last week (Wizard hat, lvl 58), yet have never seen item that is worth more then 2 mil in ah. Do you know how hard is to collect enough gold for only one gem.

I see some people have the witching hour dropped 4 times in two days. How real is that? And that item on ah is 40mil+

I sometimes play 15 hours without seeing one legendary drop with mf 500. And then I get that shi t.

To be honest totally, I like this game. I see it as a challenge not to give real money for anything and just be good as player. Yet i feel discriminated that i'm doing everything in the best possible way and game is spilling crap on daily basis.

So you discriminate all later players in contrast to those who were here from beginning. In 10k drops people were able to make fortune in gold in a week. Now it is troublesome and hard as hell, and it is not fair. You constantly change things just to make playing more and more difficult and horrible. Make a damn system that will give fairly to everyone. I know that all those crap items need to be unloaded somewhere, so how about you unload them to bots and cheaters for change and let us legit players play and raise in peace...

Just remember the first principle of games, it is fairness, not like in real life. At least here in 20 years of game rapid existence we could get a crumb of fairness and now you jerk with it. Games should never be profit, they should be salt in ones life in these ugly times...remember that...
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i report in game harrassment....reason...bot
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Ok fact in this page i will be helping u guys with

2.)third party websites
3.)blizzard bot team in trade channel
.4) easy way to ban players for botting

Read this Mr or ms Lyrii

You no why people do bots because of the damn RAHM real money auction house. hell they can make money and blizzard does also. i no you guy are doing your job.

but if u removed the REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE . i would bet 80% of botter would stop. or would have no reason to do so. they would have to put a lot more effort in to selling there botted gold or items.like making new web pages use more detectable things like spam bots.

You can already detect what computer there logging in from. that would make catching there IP address, and use that IP adress to find all accounts being used through that computer then ban them how easy can it get.

I am sure u guys have thought of that .

but don't get me wrong i back blizzard for 15 years i got nothing but the up most respect for u guys .
i no i botted in diablo 2 got banned.. i no what on there minds.here to. i respect your community. you put a lot of work into this this game may have bugs but so what.

If u make the way of selling much harder they would be less likely to keep doing it. spam bots are so easy to detect. stay in the chat room all day just waiting for spam bots, it easy to locate and ban these players. You can stop other kinds of spamming or inappropriate behavior also.

it so easy a 10 yrs could do it.

if i were to bot and couldn't use the real money auction house. I would then have to get the sale some other way. For instance like using spam bots. meaning having to spend more and more money to keep spamming my gold and other sales., but players are already scared to use third party sites do to the fact of trade drop hack and other reason like credit card theft.
A botter would think hey I will lose more then would i Gain. every time i spammed the site. I lose another 60$ i cant do in game spamming most people use mp lvl that don't allow public people to join.

Its that easy.

How do I know all of this?
I botted in diablo 2, and got banned for doing so. and using third party sites which Ive have used in the past to to sell the hacked Ith weapons armors, and charms.

I am telling you this so i can help.. If you have a job opening i do live in California i would like a job:)
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any news on the bot situation ?
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11/30/2012 03:30 AMPosted by Artofbreakin
any news on the bot situation ?

Bots are botting as usual there's nothing to see here, move along.
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An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game -- on a weekly basis, sometimes even on daily basis. Public announcements would become tedious if we decided to make one every single time we banned someone for using a bot, a hack, or some other kind of cheat. Instead, we usually will post something whenever we issue a big wave, or whenever we feel like we need to remind players that exploitative behavior is not okay and can lead to a permanent ban from Diablo III.

It's something we take very seriously, though. Our developers, support staff, and anti-hack teams are all busting their butts to ensure that your online experience is as free of cheats, hacks, and bots as possible. From the development side, we look at ways to reduce the effects of exploitative behavior on the community and/or prevent certain programs from working outright. This trick here is to make sure that whatever we do doesn't negatively impact legitimate players, which is actually a very fine tightrope to walk (you saw the complications of that whenever we introduced game limiting). From the support side, we make sure that your in-game reports reach our anti-hacks teams. And from the anti-hack side, we take action on players that we are able to confirm to be maliciously exploiting the game, be it through botting or other forms of cheating.

The reality to all of this, though, is that even though we devote considerable time, effort, and heart to removing bad behavior from the game, there will always be individuals who excel at coming up with new ways of getting around the roadblocks we put up. So, it's a constant battle, but one that we're willing to fight. If you want to pitch in, you can; the easiest way to do so is by emailing hacks@blizzard.com or submitting a report through our http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/submit/hacks.html" class="bml-link-url2">webform</a>.

And, just for clarity, let me repeat:

- Exploitative behavior is not okay (this includes botting).
- If you are found to be exploiting the game, you can be permanently banned.
- Source: <a href="https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-exploitation-policy

Sounds like sunshine to me. What are you going to tell us next, that the team is trying very hard to bring out pvp even though it was advertised in video teasers prior to release? Better yet, tell us how the D3 team actively communicates with the community and demonstrates that they care?

Why aren't devs talking on here? Do they play their own game? It boggles my mind how many simple changes could be made that could enhance the game but are not getting implemented. It also boggles my mind how much hope and inspiration could be instilled into the community just through more communication, but the community just gets ignored. The occasional post from 1 blue doesn't cut it. On that note, if one of your primary job functions is to communicate with the community, Ms. Blue, why do you seem to post so infrequently? Also did Bashiok die or get fired, what happened to him?

This neglection clearly indicates a lack of ambition to improve the game and carelessness for the community.
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Actually the recent ban waves are huge!

So they are doing their best to ban the botters!
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One solution to AH flipping is to add a 72 hour or even 7 days "account bound" to purchased item. If account for some reason is rollbacked, account bound lock that account for 30 days. Flag accounts online 24/7 for weeks and weeks. Nobody plays 24/7 unless several playing the same account. Compare flagged accounts to known bot behavior. Could it be that people who spend overwhelming time trolling the forums are botters? Off-site diablo forums are being less frequented.

The occasional post from 1 blue doesn't cut it. On that note, if one of your primary job functions is to communicate with the community, Ms. Blue, why do you seem to post so infrequently? Also did Bashiok die or get fired, what happened to him?

Good point, but what would be accomplished. Blue posts could actually conflict or be contradictory to what has already been stated. It is far better to be minimal.
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