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If I worked at Blizz as a CM, I would have two sprained eyeballs from rolling my eyes so often.

On behalf of the more reasonable crowd, I want to apologize for many of my more ignorant gaming brethren.

Botting is a plague with any online item based game. Greed and laziness drives this force, and it's the players whom use cheats whom are to blame.

I do think it would be smart to find a way to get the community involved with a resource for reporting bot activity. Going so far as to offer rewards (bounties) for botters.
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I'd really like to see an ingame function to report a player for botting, just like you can harassment. I run into about 20 bots per day and most of the time can't even kick them.

From my experience, 95% of plvl65+ monks are bots.
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OK Mr. Important Poster, here goes.

blizz needs to make a blog about bots and what they are doing to combat them. this should include the following:

1) sales made from bots
2) bots that buy the game again after they are banned
3) how bots manipulate the economy
4) what programs the bots use, their behavior, and how they single out bots from real players

So people can be directed exactly how to do it and see how lucrative it is? SMART IDEA

5) further procedures to enforce "no botting" a simple "report spam" is not effective enough

Such as?

6) implement a captcha system to quell bots

A captcha system at what point? I would be okay with this at login, even on AH posts, but absolutely not during game play. And the botters could always enter the captchas manually.

7) flag accounts that have made 500mil+ gold or $500+ from the rmah

Plenty of people do this legitimately. Some items sell for half that alone. No point in doing this.

8) hire more GMs to actively seek out bots when they are reported

Blizzard is a company, not a municipality. Maybe if we paid a subscription fee, but you have to remember the only money Blizzard makes off this now is RMAH fees.

9) disable IPs and/or users from purchasing at least 4 copies of the game

That...might be illegal. I'm not sure.

10) listen to the community

They are.

I'm not trying to be mean; these are almost all horrible, poorly thought-out ideas.
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Hey Lylirra, is there any information that would be useful when leaving a report for someone who I/my whole public party feels is botting?

At this point all I've reported is just 'bot' and then i would send the report and continue playing after the bot has been votekicked, before i send this report I usually message the accused bot and try to get a response in both chinese and english, and so far the only bots i have seen are high paragon lvl monks who have very strange non-player like behavior such as getting stuck in the environment, and constantly tping. They have a very obvious movement pattern which usually follows other players, and do not initate engagements with mobs, and during fights they constantly idle and do nothing, lagging behind the action slightly.

This is my first post on the forums and only because recently almost every public game i've played while doing an act 3 run has had a monk bot of high paragon lvl.

Needless to say it is quite an annoying occurence, and if there is more information i can leave in any of my reports that would aid an investigator/cs anti-cheat team whoever, then i would be glad to take that extra 5 seconds and write in more detail.
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Game is with 1 foot in the grave barely made it to 6 months congratulations blizzard.
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11/20/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Japhasca
If you guys are banning bots, then why do I still see people on my friend's list still botting? Why do other people I know see their friends still botting?

Your friends are jerks, apparently.

They aren't my friends - they are just people on my friend's list.

And you're ignoring the point of the comment, which is 100% valid and it's right to question blizzard about it.

Until the people on my friend's list disappear, I will continue to believe they are basically doing nothing about it.
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11/20/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Baneslayer
And yet I get multiple friend requests daily from obvious bots, with names like "dnvhry". How obvious does a bot have to get before it's banned?

<=== For the record? Not a bot :)
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Lylirra, I think the community would like some clarification on Macros if it's at all possible.

There are threads that pop up all the time asking for clarification on mouse macros and whether or not they're considered automation.

Pretty please with cherries on top Gojirra!?
MVP's are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment. We are players just like you.
Nothing I say is Official word from Blizzard, everything is of my own conjecture.
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11/20/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Majiebeast
Game is with 1 foot in the grave barely made it to 6 months congratulations blizzards.

Your opinion doesn't count.
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Finally, a thread about botters with an actual blue post.
I simply don't understand how Blizzard is still allowing botters to run rampant in a game like D3 where real money is involved. It is completely ruining the integrity of the game. I have never considered botting and will never consider it. I hit Paragon level 100 very recently all legit and with hard work and I have a friend who I know in real life who has been botting in D3 for as long as I can remember. His bots did not even get banned in the recent ban wave and they have been Paragon level 100 for a very long time and have net him an insane amount of gold and good $ as well.
I have tried reporting various hackers that I know for a fact are hackers (I would put my life on it that they are hackers) by emailing to hacks@blizzard.com with as much detail as possible yet nothing ever gets done and no one seems to get banned.
Blizzard keeps saying that they are taking this very seriously and all but they are obviously not taking it seriously ENOUGH.
I don't understand why they don't IP ban the botters as well when they do bot them.
What do you guys think a botter will do when one of their account gets banned?
Say, damn I got banned. Looks like I'm done botting in this game ?
Obviously not. They are just gonna buy a new !@#$%^- game and bot again.
Seriously sick and tired of botters.
I enjoy Diablo. Very much so. It is apparent and evident by the fact that I am level 100 but bots have been detrimental to my experience to say the least.

Hire more people to ban the botters, please.

This isn't a country with tax players, a police force, and prisons. They don't have the time or the resources to act as such, and even if they did, well, has police and prisons stopped crime? No, it hasn't.

Anyway, a guy who made $500 botting and selling gold isn't going to have a problem dropping the cash for another copy of the game to do it again for a few months, especially as the game will go down in price in the future. There is NO WAY to stop offenders from becoming repeat offenders.

It sucks, but you have to look at it realistically.

I agree which is why I think they should IP ban them but maybe there are other factors involved here which is completely understandable.
I just think that they could easily do more.
I think they could easily read all the emails that are sent to their hacks department and then investigate each of the reported players on a case by case and can very easily determine within just few minutes if the character that has been reported is an actual botter or not.
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11/20/2012 08:21 PMPosted by BurningRope
Game is with 1 foot in the grave barely made it to 6 months congratulations blizzards.

Your opinion doesn't count.

Lol i didnt know blizzard had any blind fanboys left.
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11/20/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Majiebeast

Your opinion doesn't count.

Lol i didnt know blizzard had any blind fanboys left.

You're just a troll. Your opinion doesn't count because you don't play the game.

Also, you said "fanboy". A sure sign that you're an idiot.
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^^Would be nice to have a counter really.

How about one that shows the number of people that were banned last week, split per reason.

"Third party apps : X"
"Exploitats : X"
"Abuse of game play features : X"
"Spam : X"
"Harassment : X"

This would be awesome and should be implemented.

My question for Blizzard is: how do you let things like people with all gold find gear and pickup radius, never leaving hell and getting 300k elite kills in a month happen? This is what causes these threads, there are so many instances of blatant botting or otherwise cheating that everyone can see, yet they go untouched for a long, long time.

I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm just saying that there are a lot of things that make legit players go "wtf?" in terms of cheating. The gem market is another example, it was broken for a month before you banned the dupers? It seems like it should be a lot easier and faster to find and ban cheaters. Someone selling loads of gems at 1/3 of their crafting cost or someone being on for a week straight and never leaving Hell should send up some sort of red flag that gets checked quickly, not after months have gone by.
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Thanks Lylirra
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Every two hours or so that you are logged on a captcha should appear. If you are logged on for more than eight hours at a time and are consistently in A3 farming you are either a bot or have many jars or urine next to you.

Also creating set/unique/rare with their own specific ID number that you can access its stats like time dropped/zone/difficulty and most importantly who it was found by. This would help eliminate any doubt of dupes ever being a problem again.

Granted that is a lot of information to keep track of, but if Blizzard wants to retain its integrity for this game a system needs to be in place that cannot only be verified by Blizzard but the community as well. Simply reporting to @hacks is not enough and gives no confidence towards the community that substantial, verified action is being taken.

A pipedream to be sure, but it would be pretty cool to have a tab on the Blizzard Diablo3 forums to check all items on each type that have dropped, similar to the AH, but merely a database to check specifics on each item (oh that's cool, there exists 252 different Won Kim Lau's with OS ~90 cd /ls) or whatever. If you combined armory profile with a database like that you could even expand the strength of the AH since anyone at anytime can see which items are being used by whom, and offer trades by using their battletag in game.

In short, using something like DiabloProgress.com and integrating that within the already existing armory. It is plain to see dupes in DiabloProgress, and yes some action has been taken but it is much too spotty. If items had unique ID's, captchas after a few hours (which could be called a session) and a database to see all of these things in action, it would be much easier to verify bot behavior and human behavior.
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No captchas unless you are in town! That would be acceptable to me if it really did help. But ... I don't want anything popping up at me when I'm in the middle of kicking monster butt!

Anyway, thanks on the updates.
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11/20/2012 08:29 PMPosted by Nomizo
Every two hours or so that you are logged on a captcha should appear. If you are logged on for more than eight hours at a time and are consistently in A3 farming you are either a bot or have many jars or urine next to you.

Ok, so honest players should be continually annoyed to try and weed out dishonest ones? What happens if I'm in the bathroom when my captcha comes up? Does my game get disconnected? What if I am in multiplayer which CAN'T BE PAUSED and suddenly I have to enter a captcha? What if I am right in the middle of trying not to die in HC?

Absolutely, unequivocally, NO. Think next time.
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An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game -- on a weekly basis, sometimes even on daily basis. Public announcements would become tedious if we decided to make one every single time we banned someone for using a bot, a hack, or some other kind of cheat. Instead, we usually will post something whenever we issue a big wave, or whenever we feel like we need to remind players that exploitative behavior is not okay and can lead to a permanent ban from Diablo III.

It's something we take very seriously, though. Our developers, support staff, and anti-hack teams are all busting their butts to ensure that your online experience is as free of cheats, hacks, and bots as possible. From the development side, we look at ways to reduce the effects of exploitative behavior on the community and/or prevent certain programs from working outright. This trick here is to make sure that whatever we do doesn't negatively impact legitimate players, which is actually a very fine tightrope to walk (you saw the complications of that whenever we introduced game limiting). From the support side, we make sure that your in-game reports reach our anti-hacks teams. And from the anti-hack side, we take action on players that we are able to confirm to be maliciously exploiting the game, be it through botting or other forms of cheating.

The reality to all of this, though, is that even though we devote considerable time, effort, and heart to removing bad behavior from the game, there will always be individuals who excel at coming up with new ways of getting around the roadblocks we put up. So, it's a constant battle, but one that we're willing to fight. If you want to pitch in, you can; the easiest way to do so is by emailing hacks@blizzard.com or submitting a report through our http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/submit/hacks.html" class="bml-link-url2">webform</a>.

And, just for clarity, let me repeat:

- Exploitative behavior is not okay (this includes botting).
- If you are found to be exploiting the game, you can be permanently banned.
- Source: <a href="https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-exploitation-policy

So maybe find a way to make your game enjoyable to people who don't bot.
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