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Achievements ticket, but not rewarded

Dear whoever this concerns,

After writing a number of tickets and a rather long mail correspondence with the senior customer support staff, encouring me to just keep filing reports about this, here goes:

Since the release of the game, I have had some bugged achievements. The achievements are ticket. Specifically the bugged achievements I have are:

Unparalled Splendor
Wanderer of Caldeum
Beastmaster of Caldeum
The Black Soulstone

These 4 bugged achievements makes me unable to complete the two following meta achievements:

Grand Beastmaster of Sanctuary
A World of Pain

The achievements have all the boxes ticket, but they are not rewarded.

Since release, time has gone by, and questions arise...

How far are you investigating this?
Are you going to be able to fix this?
Are you NOT going to fix this?
Why is it no longer on the known issues list?

This was on the US known issues list as of patch 1.0.4 - why is it gone now in the issues known as of patch 1.0.5? I sure still have this issue. It took all the way up until 1.0.3 for you guys to properly acknowledge this bug on your forums, and now the issue is no longer listed.

On the list of patch 1.0.4 issues you said you were going to review accounts on account basis, how are things going with that? At the Senior Customer Support they can't refind this lost statement / topic and they don't seem to remember - ergo, either you are censoring this issue because you can't fix the issue at hand, or you've forgotten all about it. I was told to keep filing reports by the senior staff, so that's what I'm doing - to let you guys aware that this is still a problem. To which I responded, this has been a problem since release, of course you are noticing a decline of reports, people have been filing this report a billion times already - why should they keep doing it on a weekly basis to get what they deserve.
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Yay for bugged achies still since day 1
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Same thing with me, I got 2 of those, the Investiagion achiev on act1 and bless you for the shrines, blizzard doesn't give a crap, they just say: "report it to the bug forums", to no avail tho'.
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Same for me:


Are u ever going to fix it? It's been months.
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11/01/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Vasadan
The Battle.net database team is still investigating this issue. There's nothing more I can do on the QA side.
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11/23/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Javrius
The Battle.net database team is still investigating this issue. There's nothing more I can do on the QA side.

but there is... you could find out why it's not on the known bugs list...
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11/23/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Javrius
The Battle.net database team is still investigating this issue. There's nothing more I can do on the QA side.

Some new information from the database team would be great. Right now it looks like this isn't even being worked on.
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I asked the senior customer support staff why it isn't on the known issues list any more, or why the list from patch 1.0.4 is nowhere to be found, eventhough the list from patch 1.0.3 can be found here in this forum as a locked topic. They had no answers for me.

When I confronted them with "you said in patch 1.0.4 (on the exact list that does not exist anymore) you would review accounts on an account basis, how are things with this?" I was told they couldn't find this statement, and they couldn't provide me with further answers.

I feel very comforted....


Also I was reassured that if the senior customer support staff can't figure it out for me, noone else can. Hooray! (I asked if there were others I could ask where this information has gone)
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I still remembered 1 of the known issues list from previous patch: review bugged achievements on a case-by-case basis.

Till now no word from anybody. It's been several months now since I've had my bugged achievements reported. Seems like some lost in communication, no transparency on the issue either.

This problem will most likely bring forward to next year...
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It's no longer on the known issues list because it's out of the QA team's hands. It's still a known issue, but that particular list is just for issues the QA team has verified and is working on. The database team has no outwardly-visible presence.

The 1.0.4 known issues list doesn't exist anymore, because Vasadan reused that thread for the 1.0.5 known issues list. It would have been better for us, and better for documentation purposes, if he had started a new thread, like he did in the past, but he probably didn't realize that it would be important.

They are still "reviewing accounts on a case-by-case basis", but that has never meant "manually fixing achievements for accounts on a case-by-case basis". They will not modify individual accounts in that way, and most likely do not have the tools to do so. Doing so would undermine trust in the integrity of the achievement system. They are trying to find a systematic way to identify missing achievements, and have the game award them.
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And you don't think not fixing this bug for this long is undermining the integrity of the achievement system, Javrius? If they have to do this manually on the users affected, then for God's sake let them, rather than let this issue rot to hell.

And as I read the description in the thread, the list is issues verified by QA, nothing else. So this issue is no longer verified by QA, eventhough it was in patch 1.0.4? Now that is worrying. So it's no longer verified and we have 2 guys from the database team working on it... slowly. It's only a bug that has been around since release, and it's a pretty obvious one.

Clearly their attempts to fix it systematically have failed, when they tried in patch 1.0.3, and made even more new bugs than earlier. And what does it mean, if it doesn't mean they'll look at the accounts affected, and fix it for these accounts individually? I mean, why write something along the lines of "We are still investigating this issue, and are reviewing accounts on an account basis. Please be patient." if it doesn't mean exactly that?

"What it is listing are issues that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance." - Vasadan

"If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list." - Also this is kind of worrying, and if this is the case, then I'm furious we haven't been told

We need an update, and let it be from the database team, if they're the ones working on it.
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I checked my achievments and found 3 (obvious) missing achievment bugs:





(e.g. Missing lvl 30 though I am lvl 60 already, HC lvl 10 though I have 1 lvl 12 dead char and finally Last of the Horadrim though I have all quests ticked as completed).
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Hope you will get this done soon :) I don't have bless you achievement reward from the release of the game.
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It's been a fine 7+ months without any new info or any fixes to this problem.
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So, now we're almost in february 2013. Where can I get my money back? This is really poor of you, Blizzard.

PS. Really, where do I get a refund? Not being able to complete your game after this long is pretty !@#$ty. I waited a lot of years for this game to come out, and when it came I bought the Collector's Edition, and I've been screwed over since day one.
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I wouldn't bet on getting a refund, considering that you've played the game into the ground (402415 kills, 24232 elite kills, 10 level 60 characters, 5 of which are hardcore), but you're welcome to try submitting a support ticket about it: https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit

"Choose from a list of pre-defined topics", "I have an issue with a purchase or payment.", "I want a refund for a copy of Diablo III I purchased through Blizzard."
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It's a matter of principle Javrius. I've spent so much time on the game, thus even the bigger dissappointment for me that I can't get the acknowledgment I want through achievements. I think it's really poor of them not to have fixed this yet.

I'll try that, thank you.
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I feel your pain. I haven't gotten the achievement for getting a demon hunter to 60.

It is a lot funnier if you look at my profile.
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Soon 1 year after release. Where are we in regard to this? I've quit your game long ago, waiting for the achievements to be fixed before I return.

Still nothing. I'm amazed.
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03/29/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Liogela
Just letting you all know that we are actively discussing this issue and what the best steps to proceed with a solution will be. Due to the nature of the issue, I can't promise any specific timetable for when we'll have a solution available, but we do have some ideas, and we will work to have this solved as soon as possible.
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