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Durability Loss Idea

I'm sure many people have come to the conclusion that the affix "Ignore Durability Loss" is pretty much a useless stat on a piece of equipment. The only time it wasn't was when repair costs were astronomical, and that was quickly changed, after the many complaints.

Without sifting through all the posts I'm sure some have requested it be scrapped altogether, or have given ideas to change how it works. Well the following is my idea on how it could work.

I think the whole durability system is a bit unrefined. What's the purpose of it anyways? All I see it accomplishing is a bit of a gold sync. Most of the time it doesn't even detract you from playing the game, when you die and the gold icons appear on your screen, before you head back out killing you make a quick stop to repair. Myself, unless I've died several times in a row this is generally accomplished once every trip back to sell my loot. I don't think about it otherwise.

For it to play any effective part in the game the durability system itself needs to be reanalyzed.

It shouldn't go from perfectly functional, to warning of imminent failure, to failure. When durability goes down your equipment's effectiveness should go down with it in a scaling fashion.

There's a couple ways of doing it.

1. A 1% loss in durability effects your equipment's efficiency by 1% (not a big fan of this idea, as your equipment would rarely stay at 100% efficiency, and that would really suck).

2. At certain percentages of durability loss your item looses effectiveness. So at say 80/100, it will then suffer it's first drop in efficiency (doesn't have to be a 1:1 ratio, 80/100 could mean 5% deficiency of your item. *Numbers are just given as an example, balancing would need to be tested.

So long as the numbers are balanced so it doesn't feel like you have to port to town to repair every 5 minutes just to stay at 100%, but actually forces you to pay attention to the durability of an item. Seriously who actually looks at an item's durability before deciding to use it? I couldn't even list you off a single item's durability off the top of my head that i'm wearing.

I think in a system like this there should be more loss for "usage" of the item than there is now, the set 10% for death could remain, but I also think repairs should cost less. In fact I personally think repairs should be free, from a story line perspective you're saving the universe! people should be happy to repair your equipment for you

With a system like this in place it'd open the door for another mechanic. "Improving durability". Which could be done through the blacksmith, people have suggested before being able to upgrade your items at the blacksmith, but I'm sure Blizzard would find it extremely difficult to balance actual item upgrades. But Durability is not a critical stat (even in the above mentioned idea).

So an "upgrade" durability component would be far easier to implement. They can get another gold sync out of it (by making progressive upgrades more and more expensive), use current crafting material, or to reach the highest level of upgrade require some rare components, either from mobs or events like the Infernal machine (and there's the time sink).

Again the system shouldn't be created so you feel it absolutely necessary to upgrade any of your equipment, but it can be a side goal to improve your game play by reducing the minor inconvenience of going to town to repair all the time, just to stay at 100% efficiency.

It could also add more value to items sold on the AH, 2 similar items being sold, one with no durability upgrade, and 1 with an additional 200/200 on top of it, could be more appealing to the buyer if durability effected your game play more than it does now.

And then the items with "No durability Loss" would have significantly more value (especially those legendaries and set pieces where you feel it would have been a great item if not for the No durability Loss stat.

On a side note, if a scaling system like this were implemented, I'd like a better way of monitoring it than opening up the inventory and reading off all the pieces numbers. That suit of yellow equipment that appears on your screen would be far more usefull if it was something you can toggle on or off. And have the colours be more of a gradient as well, going from your typical green-yellow-red, per item, so it will tell you which piece of equipment is failing, I might not care as much about a shoulder as I would my primary weapon or amulet.
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So basically, it was useful until everyone screamed horrible bloody murder.

Now people complain that it's no longer useful.

Funny how things work sometimes.
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It was never useful. It started off as useless, went to a small period of grief, back to useless.

People complained because repair costs was such a negative effect on game play. Having to spend a fortune in gold just to play the game, was extremely detrimental, especially for new players with no cash, and offered very little in gratification at the end of the night when you discovered you made no gold or were even in the negatives.

That is not a good game mechanic.

Now that the game has matured a bit, and the market has changed a lot, if they went back to those inflated prices the only people who would complain are again new/broke people.

I can make 400K gold in an hour now, so unless they inflated the repair costs well beyond that once brief period, just increasing repair costs won't make most people bat an eye now.

But again, that's a very negative game mechanic, and it forces the "need" of "Ignore durability loss", nobody wants to be forced to do anything. But if you make it something that isn't "needed" but instead just another path one could take, that's completely different. You make it useful without making it necessary.
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They could get rid of Durability entirely....
make you lose money right away when you die, and change the affix to a discount upon death....

"death tax" could be a % of how much gold you have instead of a fixed value....
and then, if you have LOTS of money, you better have this affix, or farming will be painful every time you die.
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I agree, moreover, botters can flood the gold market without losing any cash with ignore durability loss items giving them 100% profit.
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When I first started reading this post I really disagreed with the fact that I would be micro managing my repairs after death. But once I read the ideas about the Black Smith and the players being able to manage this this system to work in their benefit I started to like it. This whole idea needs to be fine tunned but the concept would be a great addition to this game and add balance to item stats and make the Black Smith more desirable.

+1, I think it would give a nice feel to be able to repair a weapon and feel that peak DPS from it or upgrade durability on your favorite items to make them even better.
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So the more less durability the less damage/defense...

I would honestly rather not have this and just get rid of Ignore Durability Loss entirely, OR buff the affix and bring it back to D2's "Invincible" affix but also allow the item to have +armor % if it's anything but a weapon or +damage % if it's a weapon (of hand items like mojo/orb would get damage, quiver armor since DH's usually can deal a lot of damage already (also would make dual wield x bows a bit better with more damage) , and shields armor since barb/monk can dual wield).

I have never actually got any of my items down to 0 durability, and when it comes to repairing I get far more gold from farming that would cover any cost at least 3 times over.
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