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Dualwield dead? Bring your ideas. Blizzard?

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Not my idea. Read this somewhere:
Archery grants 10% Crit Chance PER Hand Crossbow.

Blizzard dev team, pretty please make this happen?

Would actually not be the worse thing tbh.
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Post this thread whereever you can - we need some serious support
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Dual wielding just looks way too sick! I refuse to go single wield or use a bow/xbow based purely on aesthetics. I really hope that the Blizzard powers that be buff dual wielding hizzies because DML's make dual wielding pretty moot. More EHP, attack speed and crit chance from DML... so dual wield needs a buff for sure.

I'd like to see something like the following...

+25% attack speed and 10% crit chance for dual hizzies!

So you'd end up choosing between:
Dual wield: +25% attack speed and 10% crit chance (up to 400% crit dmg)
Single/DML: +20% attack speed, 10% crit chance, Vit (up to 200 crit dmg)
Manticore/DML: +20% attack speed, 10% crit chance, Vit (up to 300% crit dmg)

I think that would be fair for scaling with the other weapon gearing options. With those 3 weapon set ups it would mean giving up the vit from DML for more damage like how dual wielding should be.
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Is this stickied? Hopefully Blizzard will look into this and plan it out for 1.07
I know they're working into it, and i'm looking forward for the improvements.

Adding additional hatred regen for dw to pursuit passive might be interesting for strafe.

Brooding will gives 1 disc/s regen when DW will make players use this passive too.

DW need buff, though I see Blizzard direction is saying no and nerfs. Wished that I'm wrong.

I'm in for allowing quiver to be equipped for witch doctors and wizards too since Dexterity/hatred/Disc on quiver don't make sense for them anyway. Rares quiver will see more sales if it rolls the stupid intelligence.
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Lol, doubt they'd ever make a passive that doubles disc regen. Would be so OP.
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12/09/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Nick
Lol, doubt they'd ever make a passive that doubles disc regen. Would be so OP.

Well we give up a lot of EHP by dual wielding doubling disc regen allows for more Gloom uptime. It might be OP but right now in it's current state dual wielding can't really compete with the sheer power/efficiency of the Manticore + DML combo. I'm trading off 200-300 vit simply because I like the aesthetics of dual weilding.
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12/09/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Nick
Lol, doubt they'd ever make a passive that doubles disc regen. Would be so OP.

I beg to diff though, since you'll be sacrificing 1 passive for the regen too, and top it off you need to dw. If Tactical Adv is a must, and taking 'brooding' if blizz really managed to change to what i suggest, the last passive slot will be either archery/steady aim/cull the weak for dps or custom engineer/numbing traps/perfectionist. Only left one out of the commonly used passive.
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And up - we need more sticky req's
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I think DW to be given 5%-10% CC is enough.
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Has anything happened yet? any news/word/gossip? nothing?
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Dw, waiting for buffs, here
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am thinking now a compromise; damage only uses MH, but it is avg ratio 75%MH+25%OH = final MH

this way you can use an 850 dps cold weapon as a partial stat stick, it still contributes full use of 100% cd/socket/leech/LoH/disc/hatred/stats/procs
but it is a smaller contributor to avg DPS; only 25% of the weakness


400-1000 calamity, MH (approx a 1239 dps)
74-416 +(140-300 cold), Nats slayer (approx 850 dps)

you'd get close to 1140 dps as an average with (35-74) as cold

having a good DPS OH is still optimal, but you don't take a complete kick to the nuts if it is mainly for Loh/Cd%/leech/socket

(this still doesn't fix the botched end-game itemization on the dan's revenge..)
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No you guys are right, DW needs to be buffed.

Most DW DH lose a lot of eHP for Speed. I tried very hard to stick with Bow/DML but I eventually had to switch to Calamity/Spite (current.)

I was able to easily hit 70k in total life w/o Perf Radiant Amethyst gem. W/ roughly 450 in total resist w/o any passive buffs they added. When I flipped to DW, I dropped to barely above 61k in life. I had to lose 50 resist so far to get stronger DPS, and if I keep upgrading I will lose more Vitality as well (something I'm really hesitant to do btw.)

Blizzard needs to give DW some way for us to get our survivability, because we don't have it. That is why everyone uses Windforce/Manticore w/ DML because it gives both dmg, speed and survivability. DW severely lacks such an option, since there is no option to fill that roll.

I'm starting to believe, DWing pretty much forces us to use Perfectionist w/ Pet Boar to make up for what we lose.
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So here I am, yet waiting for Blizzard to do something about it. Everyday when I play Diablo 3, the loading screen says "Demon Hunters can dual wield Hand Crossbows". I think they forgot to add "but they shouldn't". Because it is extremely broken. It is fine that one play style has advantages and disadvantages over others, but dual wielding for DH hinders your damage AND your survivability. You gain NOTHING!

Blizzard, some blue, please! You are about to launch a new patch, use this opportunity to make DH dual wielding viable. Read this thread, there are a lot of suggestions here to help improve it! Even go in the way of your new Ruby, changing Archery for DW by adding min-max damage or IAS. But please, do something.

I am currently farming my way to paragon 100, but to do that, I NEED to use a Manticore and a DML. I don't want to... I hate to.... but I have to... After paragon 100 I will switch back to my Calamity/Dawn or Danetta's DW, but knowing that I will lose a lot of DPS and survivability.

Please, make DW viable. Or remove that loading screen tip from the game.
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Maybe it's been mentioned already, but why not give the bonus for a single one-handed crossbow to both weapons? You'd simply be doubling the existing effect.
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I am a DW dh but i dont believe giving us 20% CC instead of 10% CC is the anwser that is to much. IMO give us a total of 15%. 20% would cause manti users to be upset that DW is getting a buff and they are being left untouched
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I don't even think Critical is the way. Dual Wield is all about more attacks per second. Give us IAS with Archery or +min-max Damage. What good is the "Buff" that dual wielding gives (+15%IAS) when a DML gives you 20%???¿¿¿
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I've always wanted to go 2 1 hand xbow's but lose out on a ton of DPS. Some sort of buff needs to happen that's for sure.
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Blizzard hasn't even given us a blue response about how underpowered DW is and 1handers in general. Looks like they want us all wearing Manticores and DML lol
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Manticores, DML, Hungering Arrow and Elemental Arrow. WTG Blizzard!
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