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So I've been working on my sab. For the amount of money I've spent (which isn't much cuz I'm just to dang poor) I am quite proud of what i could accomplish.

50k hp
43k dps
700 all res

Tell me what you guys think. :)
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Your doing ok, but get some strength on your helm and chest, get some better pants and get some ls on your belt and some movement speed on your boots.

You can prob get all that for like 2mil

I can do mp5 w/ubers , i am not so sure how i will ever get mp 8-10 as a snb (without a billion gold to spend anyways) but i am happy lol...........i am hoping that snb may be a viable pvp build!
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snb is my favorite so far, and I know i definatly need work, but like i said, I've not put very much money into my barb. Nice barb btw!
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Great start. I'd be looking for an axe or mace to take advantage of the crit chance/damage of your passives. Your all resists are high, so if you need to sacrifice something for other stats, there's room to play there. 500 is a solid number. Good luck!
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At just 1550 Elite Kills, your barb is doing alot better than when my Barb was at that stage!

Some tips - farm more! and save in blocks of 5m gold before spending it.


Here are some priority items - (the gold amount is the buyout)

1) Helm - an Immortal King Helm with 150+ Str - 5 million max
2) Main hand - 1k DPS (give or take) axe/mace with 150 Str+ and socket - 5 million max
3) Ring with CC/CD/Str/Vit - 3 million max
4) Boots - Ice Climbers - 5 million max

You have plenty of life and I would say you have around 5k life to spare. You also have around 200 All Res to spare too.

Focus on stacking strength and keep 45K HP as the baseline and 500 base all resis when sacrificing stats.


Yor skills are too defensive orientated and could be better optimised:

1) Swap Charge for Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity - it will boost your DPS against champs/rare mobs!

2) War Cry - swap it to Impunity - for more defence - you have enough life steal from Rend and Blood Thirst (see below)

3) Revenge - swap it to Provocation - more chance - more DPS and more life steal

4) Tough as Nails - swap it to blood thirst - your armour is high enough!

Swapping to the above means 3 life steal skills and a bigger DPS boost (where it counts)!


What MP do you play at? Try to aim for a right balance between efficiency/reward.

My rule of thumb is - can I kill this Elite/Champ/Rare mob in a 15sec Wotb mode?
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@MoS86 , nice snb, what mp are you running? any advice for me to up my dps without 100 mil?
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@pickle17 - you're well on your way - you've got the right idea for a solid SnB barb ---> now to farm :)

You got lots of room for improvement, as I'm sure you know, so all I'll say is get some sockets!!!! Especially in the helm =)

Nice to see some more SnB barbs around!

ps - You could change the rune on revenge. Provocation is a solid choice - revenge procs more = more life regen. I actually preferred the rune for CC - found it was a nice dps boost and that it didn't really affect my life regen ability. Personal taste, perhaps?
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I am running MP5 - good balance between time/reward.

I owe it more to luck than skill - found the amulet and IK armour and I bought the Radiant Star Emerald back when it was 8 million!

As for your barb - you have 100 All Resis to sacrifice and around 8K HP.

How big is your budget and how willing are you to sacrifice MF? Assuming MF is optional:


1) Stormshield with 8+ CC is going for cheap! less than 5million gold

2) Shoulders with 200+ Str, 60+ Vit and 60 All Resis - well under 2 million gold

3) Mempo with 150+ Str should be less than 10 million - or 150+ Str Andariel if you can dodge fireballs and dont stand in fire (mine is on AH for 1 million buy in)

4) You can scarifice some Str/Vit/All resis on your left ring for one with CC or CD.

5) Boots - if you dont mind the slower speed - Ice Climbers go for less than 5 million (mines was 4.75)

6) Belt - aim for 200+ Str - you can sacrifice the lfie steal to make the upgrade cheaper and move it to the passive skill (See below) - also you have plenty of lfie steal from Revenge and Rend.


1) Leap - change to Wrath of the Berserker - if you play at the right MP level - you are three hitting everything and they dont even scratch you - so the extra defence is obsolete. Also you have enough mitigation from Revenge and Rend in terms of AOE damage/Life Steal.

2) Maniac - choose Bash Onslaught - if you are killing everything in 3 hits, Frenzy just doesnt cut it - its only better when it takes 30 seconds to kill something! Bash Onslaught does more DPS too!

3) Tough as Nails is optional - if you decide to keep life steal on the belt, keep tough as nails - if you feel you need more life steal - swap to Blood Thirst!

Doing the above should get you towards the 100K buffed DPS (with battle rage and enchantress of course :P)
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Wow this thread got a way better response then i thought it would get! thanks for all the advice in a few days I plan on testing some of these tips for sure. (I'm not available to play atm) Thanks again all :D
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One other question, starting next week I'm going to try to start playing 2 hours a day, is this good or should i aim for more?
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So I've been working on my sab. For the amount of money I've spent (which isn't much cuz I'm just to dang poor) I am quite proud of what i could accomplish.

50k hp
43k dps
700 all res

Tell me what you guys think. :)

Its a good start pickle17. When you can, switch out that spear for a sword or axe/mace. The reason for this is that the weap master passive you are using will give you a lot more dps if you use a sword or axe/mace. Sword = +15% dmg...while a mace/axe will give you +10% crit chance. And when you can, get a Stormshield with Crit Chance and no lower than 26% block. These shields are dirt cheap now.

Also, you want to start stacking some attack speed which you have none. You want strength on every single piece of jewellery and armor. You also want to stack as much crit dmg and crit chance as you can while balancing attack speed. Also, pick pieces of armor that have high armor value (which you've done a good job with). 10 armor = 1 all resist

You might want to add Berserker to your skills as it makes you immune to frozen/jailer (essentially all crowd control traps). This will help against elites

But it is definitely a good start
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