Diablo® III

All WD Players Fooled By Blizzard!Buff? Joke!

Balance and buff are not necessarily related. They could buff WD and still not have balance.

I have to agree with the subject head, the changes to VQ, pet proc coefficients are absolutely nerfs.

Buffs and nerfs need to be considered at the end game, not during the levelling period.
Assuming end game is farming (items and ubers)
VQ as it used to be was better than current VQ for end game
pet coefficients > pet survivability

VQ is obvious
I'll argue that pet coefficients are better than pet survivability because high end WD don't need their pets to tank. I'd much rather have my stinker or flaming dogs freeze or LOH a pack once than to absorb 10 hits, hell, I'd rather they freeze them once than absorb 10000 hits. (assuming I can spam bears or AC while they do that)

The conversation here has veered towards comparing CMwiz, WWbarb to WD build X. It doesn't matter if WD build X was better than CMwiz or WWbarb, the VQ and proc hcanges are absolutely nerfs.

And out of curiosity, don't most of us still play like 4CD VQ build anyway? Except the 0cd dog folk...

when you acid rain or zb or spirit barrage farm, you destroy a pack asap, then you pop jaunt,angrychicken,horrify to get to the next
once you reach the next, the most likley first cast is vengeance ... .there's your 4 CD right there and then you just spam AC/ZB/SB until all gone... repeat jaunt/chicken/stalker....
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the VQ and proc hcanges are absolutely nerfs.

And out of curiosity, don't most of us still play like 4CD VQ build anyway?


they should have made VQ so that each CD granted you 10% more mana regen or something.

clearly that was too difficult to comprehend amongst their (blizzards) pea-brained brain trust.
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Ive recently been putting some time in on my wiz. first time since paragon patch came out... and damn gotta say wiz has gotten some nasty buffs in the last few patches that put wd to shame.
Storm armor?!?! holly !@#$ there is no way they can let this op skill in pvp. And with proper use of teleport wiz is just soo much faster than any thing wd can do.

thanks goodness, sanity has arrived!

sup Chuck, been a while, ive been on a hiatus in nintendo wii u land, tryin to beat the new mario.

seriously, the game is so fun. sorry i forogot to lend you my dps gear the other week, totally forgot :(
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