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Young Monk Need Help *from Master Monks ;)

Shout out to LordRaahl’s Jedi Monk Academy guide who inspired me to level up my gf’s monk
And to Nameless and Piffle for their very informative guide

I’ve read every word of them … boy it took a long time!! lol

I tried the best that I can with my limited pool of gold. It’s 3 mil excluding the weapons and 1-2 other pieces.
I was aiming for Ave.Dmg + dex + CC + AIS rings but they all go for over a mil in the last few minutes of bidding = (
Most expensive item is my robe, which alone was 1.3 mil but I think I can use it for a long time

I like to dual wield with my monk but I have a +1200pds Skorn with +300 dex and ~200 vit - unfortunately it’s not a LightSaber = (

I’m open to suggestion on any builds/play-style that can maximize the effectiveness of my current gear
Also any tips on gearing? What should I do next aside from farming for more gold? I don’t think I’ve geared myself into a rut have I?

Okay so here’s my monk using LordRaahl’s Lamb to the Slaugther – Padawan version: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/QHTran-1403/hero/25452306

Please help and critique away.
Thank you in advance for all your help = )

*Ohh and sorry the subject title got cut off cause it was too long. It should've read Young Monk Need Help - Piffle, Nameless, LordRaahl, Druin, other knowledgeable monks?
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hey there,
thanks for the tribute, we appreciate it. ;D

now, on your gear,
- you are low on attack speed, so invest in some. And try to find swords and axes;
dualwielding an axe+spear without ias in rings, is rather slow.
- amulet won't need attack speed, you need crit chance + crit damage + Life on Hit on hit, and other stats. But your rings will need attack speed, along with crit chance, and/or crit damage if possible.
- you have less armor than your resistance, for the 10:1 ratio; try to find 2-3 gear pieces with the stat [+armor].

- I'm sure they'll comment more on your gear, so I'll just say those. >;]

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In terms of gearing and play style, its up to you.

It is a game. Do what you feel is fun! :) Cookie cutter or experiment!

Gear-wise - nice job :) Only issue you will have is that you do not appear to have enough Life Regen - either LoH, LS, LPS.

You can try Transd passive for cheap Life regen for now. If you do Transd, you will find that you are starving for spirit. You would need to switch your FoT from TC to Quickening (with your CC) and consider using BoH with the Infused with Light rune.

Eventually, you will need more LoH, LPS, LPS in general for Inferno.

Good luck!
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Holy cow, all of that gear (excluding weapons) cost you 3M? Colour me impressed -- I think you did quite an amazing job. Hey Piffle, looks like the guides may have actually worked! :) If I had that kind of gear heading into MP1, I'd be stoked. I think I had 1/3 of your DPS and my EHP was not in nearly as good of a shape as yours.

Seeing that you are an Paragon 1 monk, I think that it's time for you to simply play & enjoy the game (as per LilUbo's suggestion), learn your craft as a monk and get a feel for the game (and develop a keener sense of situational awareness).

Find out what your preferences are in terms of playstyle, test your limits, and figure out how to work around different situations. I wouldn't get too caught up in the whole upgrade aspect yet, as I think that the kinds of upgrades you may need will become more apparent to you as you hit your limits and figure out what situations get you the most.

Believe it or not, since 1.0.5, I believe that it has become much easier to play through lower MP levels without any sustain. I think Piffle did that in 1.0.4 until he hit around 80K dps, but I might be wrong. There is an opinion out there that these various forms of sustain are an unnecessary crutch for young monks that have encouraged lazy play, especially in lower MP levels. Learning how to play without any sustain (or minimal amounts) can hone your skills so that you can play more intelligently as you move on up.

So I won't inundate you with upgrade advice, as in this monk's eyes, it is not necessary right now. Have fun playing the game!

(Oh, and thanks for the honourable mention as well!)

Edit: just noticed you haven't even cleared Hell yet. Wow. I think you should be able to clear MP0 without any issues with the gear that you have now.

Edit 2: removed suggestion for extra health on globes -- it's on your ammy already! :P
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Wow thank you for all your positive review!! =D
Please keep them coming = )

@ The chosen One LordRaahl
Yeah I’m trying hard to find the IAS rings with the right stats for myself but they are over my budget for now
I think that’s where I’ll concentrate on next. I just had to grab something decent to fill up the slot for now.
I’ll continue to follow your academy and let it light my monk’s path ;)
Ohh and I have a questions regarding on how to play your build
Right now I overawe->Cyclone->blaze-> (T)hunder->(F)oresight->T+F->T+F and so on and overawe and blaze as needed and Serenity for the oh crap moments (I don’t have to use it yet since I’m still in Hell)
should it be T->Fx3->T->F->T->F and so on for the combination?

@ LilUbo
Yeah I’m enjoying the dual wield play style a lot right now and it’s how I envision the monk to be
I was thinking in terms of sustainability I can get them on future weapons
Ideally two fist weapon - one with ~700LoH and one with ~2%LS and if I can then squeeze ~20LpSS in there somewhere
I currently have 600 Life per Second + 11K bonus in health globe
I leave health globe untouch if I don't need them so I can run back and heal when needed
haha I know I learn it from my Kiting-Wiz so I don't know if monks play the same way

@Master Nameless
Haha you’re making me blush! ;) thank you again for the great guide!
Yeah I’ve read both your’s and Master Piffle’s guide word for word and apparently followed it to great success ^_^v
Yes 3 mils excluding the weps, the OH ring from my Barb and the Boots which my barb found
I learned a lot about kiting and situation and terrain after playing my kiting wizard.
Hahah I remember when I was a complete noob on my barb as I would just sit in anything and bash away and run over every health globe that I see, even if I didn’t need to.
Extra health globe is a very under value stat like you mentioned in your guide ;) I have +8K on my barb as well so
I think +11K on my monk should be enough = )
Ohh in your opinion, which MP lvl do you think my monk can tackle as of right now?
My barb can do MP4 and in tweaked gear and build I can go all the way up to MP10 … but I can’t kill anything in MP10 .. elite took me 30-40 mins to down @_@

Note: I’m currently in act 4 of MP10 Hell since the hellfire ring + ruby helm + other gears leveled me up a lot faster then I estimated so I reached lvl 60 halfway through act3
I’m running with the hellfire ring + gold$kin when I play ;)
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- Yes yes, I am the chosen, for the trollin' ;D

- The right technique should be :
Wrath -> FoT first strike -> FoT 2nd strike -> Foresight 3rd strike -> Cyclone cast. ;)
resulting in a (15+8+8+18) 49% buffed cyclone.
You only need to do that once, and then you just keep attacking with FoT by itself,
get the 3rd hit of Foresight in, every now and then. ;D
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*edit the title to "from Master Monks" ... you know who you are ;)

@The Enlightened LordRaahl
I guess I applied your build incorrectly then but it's still so powerful that I clear MP10 Hell with ease in my goldskin
49% buffed cyclone and attack + 48% from overware = 97% overall dmg increase against my paper dps?
I'm going to try MP0 inferno and move up from there but from your vast knowledge can you advise on how far I should be able to push her up? (with my mediocre skill)
Can she compete with my 20 mil barb (5 mil was for the 90% gem)? He can do MP4.
Or my 3 mil WD who can do MP1 in MF gears and MP2 in normal gears?

*ohh and I know that she can overpower my 2 mil Wiz who can only hanlde MP0 ;)
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Wow this seems like ages ago

Okay so my monk has grown up a lot and is now my highest Plvl char and my new main
She exclusively play on MP10 CoTA right now but can probably do MP8
Ohh and the chest piece that I got at 1.3 mil was just sold at 8 mil =D

she has gone through many slow upgrades and now is sitting at 132K dps (with 90%gem in the EF)
the latest purchase was the Sun Keeper yesterday .. while not really a pdps upgrade from the barb’s axe it does add 9% elite dmg and 42% MF
I hope that the 9% more than make up the lost in ave dmg and aps for my bells

Thanks to a very nice monk I now have around 50 mil for more upgrades
So the question is … what?

I’ve been crafting amulet with no success

I tried a bit at bracers with poor result .. the only good one is on my DH right now
Higher end strongarms are a slight upgrades over my current KJ bracers.. should I drop the $$ on them instead of trying to craft some more?

I’m looking at +65AR Inna pants so I can share with my DH but what’s your view on this? what stats should I get?

My MH ring is a recent upgrade as well but should I got for unity/wailing host/litany? I’ve been trying to craft HF and yes no luck =P

The safest bet imho is upgrading to 100% gems which will be a boost for all my chars

Is there something else quite obvious that I’m not seeing?
I want to up my dps and keep my current EHP or raise it a bit if possible

Any suggestions?
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damn, that's one hell of a necro..
this thread is 6 months old, brotha, you could've just started a new thread.

I have no more advice for you, you should already know what to do.
the only thing I'll tell you right now, is just use your intuition. ;)
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Ahh but nostalgia =)

Thanks but 50 mil bracket is new to me, I was always around the 10 mil bracket upgrades
I’ve got an idea of where to go with that gold but just need to see if I missed something
It’ll be a long time before I can get to 50 mil again hmm … = / decision decisions …
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I feel bad I missed this thread the first time around!

I would say continue to craft bracers rather than buy a pair. For pants, either high AR or high Vit is the choice (imo). I went with Vit, but if you are trying to stay away from needing OwE (or want to head that direction) than a high AR pair could be helpful.
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Hey everyone, I just started reading this and this thread makes me go crosseyed. I've read through the guides but I've never really been any good at calculating things. My question is where do I go from here with my gear, I've spent way more than 3 million and Im barely pushing 50k dmg. I feel like I used the wrong stats in the wrong slots, any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill be reading the guides to see where I went wrong. Also I think my main problem is Im not sure how to restructure my monk since I've already got so much invested now I wouldn't even know where to start.
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Well compare to before no but compare to you guys then yes I still do =P

It’s all good man = ) hmm vit inna … that didn’t cross my mind yet, thanks, something else for me to think about

This was back from 6 months ago where my dps .. I think was pushing around 50 K? not too sure but the 3 mil was excluding weps and a few other self found pieces
If you want to know, everything on my monk right now was bought for a total of 65.5 mils (plus a 2 mil gems and self found/craft for the rest) but some of the piece like my vile ward has significantly devalued with time
Ohh but I share gears with my other chars as well so you can say that my monk’s cost is lower? ;)

Don’t be hooked onto just paper dps, edps matters more
Gear your char to your own playstyle and build, mine is built exclusively as a Duel Wield Nirvana monk for MP10 CoTA farming … yes that specific lol

For Steal and Shield I suggest you go here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593581209?page=1 where jco is the master http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/jco310-1218/hero/10229623

Shield play is reserved to my barb for me, if you ever need help with that then just give me a shout

I can see three things that stands out,
Your amulet - try to craft one with CC and CD, that’ll boost your dps up by a lot
Your boots - since you don’t have MS on it already I suggest you get yourself a pair of Ice Climbers with similar stats then you’ll benefit from a OS and 10-12% life
Your weapon - try to get one with native CD, OS, LS and dex/vit if possible
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Posts: 133
To bad that now some of the master monks are now gone :'(
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