Diablo® III

got 70mill, what to upgrade next?

as the title says, i really want to one shot mobs at mp1 with acid rain so i can farm faster

thx in advance!
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I would say get the highest dps 1h socketed (Manajuma's or some other one) that you can afford.

It will provide the biggest dps boost
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1-h with socket and crit damage. basically adding 90% to 100% crit damage on top of what you already have.

Or, a Zuni ring. You already have 3 peices, including the helm (which some consider to be the last item to get), so getting that Ring will give you much better mana flow.
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Hello warwrick.

With 70M you can definitely one shot white mobs at mp1.

But currently you have way too much IAS and not enough minimum damage to do so. When speed farming lower MP as a WD, you want a high minimum damage so you will ALWAYS one shot mobs and not having to rely on crits and what not.

Here is my suggestion:

The Manajuma Carving Knife (MCK) you currently have is not a good weapon choice, due to the fact that you have both zuni trails and tals ammy with + % elemental damage. You want to get a black weapon with high average damage (black weapon is a weapon that have no elemental affix to it e.g cold, holy, fire, etc). You can try putting this into your AH search 700-750 AVG DMG & 200+ INT. Weapons like that should go for around 10M, if your budget allows it you can put this into your search also, Life steal (LS), CD, and/ or OS. Those weapons right now on AH are probably around 500M+.

For the rest of your gear, try getting higher INT rolls, especially on your Chest, rings, gloves, bracers, OH & Ammy.

For gloves you can easily get a pair with 200+ INT, 7% CC, 30% CD for around 5M.

For your rings and amulet you want to get AVG damage on them with high INT CC & CD.

I'm at work and don't have too much time to go into further details with you.

Hope this will do for now. Good luck!
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the best zuni ring you can buy.
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Listen to Recount. He gives good advice.
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