Diablo® III

Ah wth, my turn for a glorious RIP

It is with much sadness I report the passing of Thundress the 2nd.


Had only soloed to end of Act I but she was geared OK enough so we jumped into Act III with a couple of friends (WD and Monk) on a normal run. Stonefort - not too much of a problem, KW dealt with, Keep Depths 1 & 3 OK.
Craters were going OK, dealt with the 1st phasebeast pack OK.

Dealt to an elite pack and there was a Goblin just past it. I leapt to the other side of the Gob to herd it back towards my team, right into a blue pack of Molten/firechain/.?./.?. soul rippers that I didn't see.
Lasted a little bit with Ignore Pain but was too far away for the other two to be of any help.
I don't think she managed to take any of the rippers out herself but she was avenged by the monk and WD.

RIP Thundress, at least you went down swinging.
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Goblins are the most evil creature ever conceived. RIP.
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11/30/2012 05:50 AMPosted by Zizzy
Goblins are the most evil creature ever conceived. RIP.

And useless for the most part.

RIP, glory to the fallen!
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RIP I have just come back from my last death. To our dead barbs!
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Bloody goblins, never worth it if you end up getting lured into a dead spot, tend not to chase goblins if they run deeply into unexplored map, trying to lure me to die.

RIP to your barb, least he went down in glory in battle.
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RIP, glory to the fallen.
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Aside from never going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line; never going after a goblin grazing near a hidden double pack of elites is as well know an adage as never getting involved in a land war in Asia.

RIP, those goblins are the Sirens of HC mode.
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Aww another one bites the dust huh?

RIP She-smurfy :(

My next goblin kill will be in your honor
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Hey...someone that admitted to dying to something other than DC or lag!

RIP...glory and honor to the victorious dead!
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Damn RIP.
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Congrats on an Honorable Death!

Glory to the Fallen.
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Glory to the Fallen!

May her successor extract maximum revenge!
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