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The use of different elemetnal damage?

I know that cold damage slows.
What do others do?

Do they not do jack other than just add damage?
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Give your weapon a different color glow.
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They opted to have them do nothing.
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Yeah, different elements do nothing but look cool, and they don't get buffed by any +% to damage affixes(either the kind on all weapons, or the elemental ones on legendary items).

So in exchange for looking really super cool, they cost you lots of dps over plain physical damage weapons. Sounds really fair and super thought out right?

Aren't you thankful?
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they said players only want dps so they just removed the effects of elemental damage besides cold.
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I rather they have the effects of elemental damage, It brings more strategy to the game.
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11/30/2012 01:51 PMPosted by DarkJack
they said players only want dps so they just removed the effects of elemental damage besides cold.

The sad thing is they cost you DPS and don't do anything to make up for it.

Weapons are useless without a good high end damage roll. They can add around 500 to the weapon's average damage just by themselves if you get a good roll (300-700). To get a top end weapon you'd need +% to damage as well, which can go as high as 50%...

But if you get an elemental damage roll instead of physical, that 50% will only apply to the base weapon damage, ignoring the elemental damage. 50% of 500 is 250. So if you get a perfect elemental damage roll along with a perfect +% to damage roll, it can cost your overall weapon dps in the area of 250, and in exchange you get a cool looking weapon with no other benefits.
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I've seen this topic come up a few times. Can any blue confirm how this actually works? Although I believe what locke is saying which is really pathetic if true.
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I like pretty rainbow colors.
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