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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2


If you can live without the all resist, i'd say get some new bracers. I'm not sure of your survivability but you can make up alot of vit & damage if you cull some all res. Also, i'd strongly suggest getting a Mempo helm with a socket.

I have a Mepho w/ socket but it's not the best roll for it (despite dex) so I actually lose some damage when replacting the Andariels. A really good mempho helmet w/ a socket gets pretty expensive. And the Tasker and Theo's I could probably find a nice upgrade from them.
Thank you both for pointing that out, realized soon I might afford good weapon upgrade that will get that dps high enough for farming more comfortable on MP3+!

Try upgrading your bracers and gloves. If you can afford it, try buying a trifacta ring.

Xbow - Manti (I'm sure you're working on this already)
Better Vile Ward should be the easiest thing you can do.
Inna's Temperance Pants (Capping movespeed makes so much difference in your game.)

Rest of it looks pretty solid for now.
Thanks Otaking. Actually I just bought a 2x sockets Manti, just it's not updated on profile. Yeah was thinking in the same direction as you in capping my movement speed.
Don't really have much advice to offer but I would like to receive some. I don't have any large amount of gold to spend (trying to earn my gold to upgrade each piece at a time) and was wondering what move should I make next?

So far I've thought about switching my shoulders to a Vile Ward and bracers to Strongarm Bracers (to compensate for the Vit loss from the shoulders since a Vile Ward with Vit is too expensive.) Then I was looking to move to 3 piece Nats (chest/boots/ring), but the good ones are too expensive, so should I save up for them or is just getting high Dex ones good enough?

This is an easy one. If I were u, I would go with a nats cloak (discipline) and nats boots (with 12 movement) to get the 7% CC bonus. You can pick up low end gear fairly cheap. This should greatly improve your farming and your skill usage a lot and hopefully you will get into some good drops so you can upgrade more in the future, inlcuding gems

You have some decent rares with good rolls. Your resistance should also increase if possible.

Good luck.
@Chappy, maybe try for an inna's set too get rid of your blackthornes, especially pants if your looking at dps. If not inna's a witching hour and depth diggers if you want to keep magic find up. The dps calc works out simalurly since dd can roll 240 dex, 100+ vit and 2 sockets with 70 ar. Granted that will cost 30 mil or so. But I dig the movement speed on inna's. Also if you get ur dps up, you can go away from LOH, since with sp more dps = more loh. Just my .02.

Thank you. Didn't think about it. Looks like I need to start using a dps calculator. Too many complex math calculations.... I have 500K EHP. I seem to be moving away from LOH but still like to be able to tank but I think by cutting the loh cord, I might find better rolls for lower costs... I will start looking on AH. Thanks for the suggestions.

Btw - some sick sages...real nice. Is it me but your res is quite low... I see armor is high. Better gems would be a plus. You got some nice rolls on your set pieces....and some good vitality too. I am a little envious.
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Know what ya mean, but currently as long as I have sp up I can effectively tank MP 5 pretty well since my dps is high enough to give me life back, its nice to have the life pool of 50k as a cushion but I rarely die, except for the occasional "o sh*t reflect" when bombs are already on there way lol, I can even tank well enough in 6 and 7 just their life pool is just so massive it takes forever.

Also, I just have a dps calc app on my phone, works great, can change each piece individually, change passives, skills, and it all calcs to in game dps. Works great, for instance I was just looking at my charactars neck and if I take away the 60% chd and replace it for 8%cc and put the IAS to 8 instead of 6...it equals virtually no gain. It saves me a lot of time in the ah.

Thanks I could use a little more ar perhaps. Yeah i just recently found my chest, the rest were Ah, been saving for a while, and thanks I tried to keep my vit up as like I stated the cushion is nice. Was goin to go for the 4 piece nat but when I figured out to keep my cc up and use passives my discipline pool is pretty full most the time so I could go for something else cheaper, all and all I have spent about 160 mil for my whole setup.
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You could change your Killing Band (ring) for a Natalya's Reflection with all the same affixs except for maybe the +25-39 Damage. This would give you 3 pieces for your Natalya set, thus giving you +130 dexterity.

I would start with that belt, if your goin with a standard belt at least get a 170 dex with vit and AR, that should be cheap. Or if you got the money start getting some sets/leg like a wh or start your inna's. Again just my .02.
@makellos, what program are you using on your phone? I have android.

Also, I am scared to depend so much on 1 skil such as SP. What if they nerf it back to 3 seconds with the lower heal rate? Let's hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Also, reflect damage mobs are not big deal as I bet you are 100% dependent on gloom right?


I look for Nat Mark every day. I am not willing to give up 6 CC though even for 130 dex as the CC for me is nice for damage (spike traps), SOT, and nightstalker...I am being frugal with that buy, but I know it is there. I actually did get a decent nat sight drop so I enjoyed the dex bonus for a little but, but the mempho was so much better (even with this bonus) imo.

thank you we are thinking the same...
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@chappy upgrade your mempo with more dex and give me your old one! ^.^

Its called diablo 3 stats calculator. It is highly rated and free on android market. You can upload any character to it including friends so you don't ever log into bnet.

Also it saves the char profiles, and you can update simply by hitting refresh, so you want to change a bunch of items...do it, see the change, hit refresh and go back. Its pretty quick and easy.
Also, I just don't think that they would nerf sp, far too many dh who have been getting the shaft already would have a huge fit. That is the only chance most high end dh have is keeping up gloom. Because good luck finding something with loh, ar , cc, ias, and cd....all while maintaining main stats. They have never hinted towards changing it, so I just really don't think they would. Would I be surprised? Maybe..More dissapointed and I would probably just put this game away.
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It would be a major issue nerfing gloom.

Thanks for the path to the app. Looks like fun.

Thanks a ton
@Chappy - maybe more AR?

Not sure what to upgrade next and the play style using the old nat. set.

Maybe I need to change some skills?

My aim is to improve my dps to 100k unbuff?

Below is the stat from Diablo progress


DPS Unbuffed: 36,440.40
EHP Unbuffed: 353,458
Life: 51,858
Resistance: 364
Armor: 3,224

Strength: 311
Dexterity: 1,470
Intelligence: 299
Vitality: 1,187

Attacks per Second: 2.18
Critical Hit Chance: 33.50%
Critical Damage: 348.00%

Dodge Chance: 34.70%
Melee Damage Reduction: 4.00%
Life Bonus: 24.00%
Life per Second: 285
Life on Hit: 1,200
+Discipline Regenerated per Second: 2
Movement Speed: 12%
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@Nemesis a new ring with
high crit chance shouldnt be too expensive maybe with attack speed or crit damage
hai gais. do me please. need some advice what to upgrade next =\
@choaxi, decent gear next thing I would upgrade is probably a windforce with a socket the extra crit from an emerald makes a big dmg diff. Other than the wep I would get items with more vitality since your hp is low.
- whoever checks me out my gear is in my female dh lol
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