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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@Cthulhu I'd try to get a better Nat's reflection.
I'd like some tips on what to upgrade next. I seem to have hit a wall after my last few upgrades :(, haha. (My softcore demon hunter, not hardcore!)

Would like to be able to maintain my EHP, keep my Natalya's set, and the chilling cold effect from the Tal Rasha's amulet. @___@...While keeping a 200k+ unbuffed DPS.

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Probably the next gear you have to upgrade if I'm on your shoes would probably be changing my strongarm bracers with lacuni prowlers with crit chance, upgrading gloves with trifecta specs and lastly (optional and depends on preference) changing the nat's helm with mempo (with crit chance if you have the budget)
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Tho I do indeed beware the power of those justice lanterns, you can pick up some better rings for not too much. Also a better spite or calamity wouldn't cost a lot

Your right ring should be a pretty cheap upgrade, should be able to get dex, vit CC and CD. You can also replace the tyreal's might with a Nats Embrace with dex and Vit and 2 more sockets.
that rare ring of yours would be cheap to replace. i would suggest IAS+5.5 or 6% crit, forget crit dmg - you dont really need it (comparatively). then some vile wards for much more dex. my two cents!
@ hollywood

your manti for a high dps 2 sock one will make you beast!

Your gear is too damn perfect, I stare at it for 15 minutes and honestly cannot see the best upgrade option... it's too damn good ffs! Go upgrade to a Radiant Star Ruby you you... gah!
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@ mibuokami

ty very much for such nice words, but i'm definitely nowhere near perfect. your gear is damn amazing for a leg nats set. im quite jelly of that sexy !@# manti you got as well. im trying to save for one like yours too. you got great damn resistance for leg nat set. very nice bro.
new gloves Chandaddy.. maybe some attack spd in there?
@ BucketSmoke

Nice balance of DPS and EHP and a little surprising to see someone with no manticore or calalmity as their weapon of choice. I would say to upgrade either your yellow ring or ammy. You could probably add on some more crit damage without losing much of your other stats to boost your dps up even more at a decent price.
inna's temperance with 100 dex and 100 vit shouldnt be too expensive.


Vile Ward?
Rav - I can't say I know what to do with that. Probobly one of the top 10 sets I've seen. I notice your crit % is pretty low, but I'd guess thats a choice you made.

I'm a bit of a noob I know. I'm thinking I need to up dex and crit dmg, but I'd love to hear exactly what you guys think I should work toward.
@commander, if you like WF, get one with open socket will do you at least 20k damage, they are relatively cheap now as a decent 1300's one within 40 million.

the boots, up the dex on those boots to 250+, will not cost too much if you do not want too much vit to go with it.

and if you want to maintain the vit, you can add it at your bracers, you can upgrade the vit on that while maintaining cc dex and ar for not a lot of money
dunno if i can comment on anyone else. but feel free to spec me=D. thanks!
@Hotslocust, upgrade to a cheap manti close to 1100 dps with 2 sockets and 75chd will net you much needed dps.

@Bambam, i LOVE your ehp necklace, I been searching for it for a very long time. I am not sure I agree going 6ias than 40+ chd on your ring of choice, that should increase your dps for quite a bit without sacrificing any stats. You are spot on about my Nat's boots, I have about 500m to upgrade it with decent vit to boot. :)
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thanks, i like my neckless too, was in a build vit phase when i was getting squished by even treasure goblins in mp10, so i was lucky to have found this neckless.

less been wanting to build dps by improving my rings for a long time now, just not found the right thing.
GL on the nat boots
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