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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@cyon i have such a manti in auction house atm. but rather than improve my dps it actually dropped it. i think i might need a manti with at least 1200 dps 2 soc and dex to increase my dps. >.<
Hello... I think I need a new ring.

Unbuffed 246K dps
350k eHP
@Neoshinji. I think you need to give your gear to me :) (i kid, i kid)

I would agree. Better ring may serve you good. Maybe try to hit the 5k Armor plateau??
@Stinkypete76 - your guy looks pretty good! One thing you might try is going with a Witching Hour + tanky pants. I think WH has more synergy with Manticore (and Inna's has more with Calamity/Windforce) because of the +elemental damage on Inna's. Otherwise... maybe try to trade your quiver for one with +your primary skill. Nice job!

Good Job on gearing this toon. You seem to be prioritizing your stats efficiently.

- CC% and Dex are excellent. I wouldn't go out of my way to add any more at this time
- Get a bit more vitality. Life% is good. Perhaps removing a dex gem in your Pants and swapping it for another Amythyst. Goal is to get your HP to at least 40K
- Adding some more crit damage (30-50%). Gloves would be a good upgrade. Even if you have to sacrifice a little Dex.
@fortytwo Very nice toon. I don't think I have any advice to give you maybe a better amulet with socket? I don't know if getting Inna's belt will be much of an upgrade to your current Witching Hour. Regardless I am jealous this is what I want my DH to look like eventually :)
What do i need....?
Pacisfister, I would prolly ditch the boots for something better, but thats about it. Rest looks solid.
12/28/2012 06:59 AMPosted by Pacisfister
What do i need....?

Lol you're supposed to critique the person above you...

You have pretty nice gear already. Maybe a dual socket manti?
maybe all the gem ? lol
rings :)
socket in the andy imo =].
More dex on dead man's!

God bless
Upgrade those gems!
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@Cerberus Gems.

It's hard to recommend anything really. Uber gear dude. Maybe a new amulet that doesn't waste stats on int.
Hrm Im not seeing much I would really change cause i like all EHP and all res youve got going on. I was thinking how you could add a 3rd piece for nats bonus but youd lose in everything else.

Possibly a better DML that upped AS or Crit, the other option is adding CC to your nats ring, but I think the 32 damage on yours may give you a loss in dps. Cant complain with anything else good looking eHP set.

As for me this is my farming gear, I think I need to upgrade CC on helm or something. Or a 1 socket 1300dps manti. Ugh so many spots but I want to keep my eHP up and i need the 20 discp for exp farming.
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