Diablo® III

Next upgrade for dh above you V.2


sry for mistake.

maybe you can consider upgrade your amulet with higher dex+att spd+cc+cd.

I love your crossbow...gives dex and high vit!

Awesome gear.

Inna's pants/belt combo should increase your DPS. You look like you can easily afford it.
@ Alagos

Yours was a budget build according to your thread so i cant really comment on it. However, if I was to then I would upgrade the rings to include average damage.

Ignore the missing gems on my DH, those are on my barb currently. DPS with the gems is 215k
@xxxklan I'd try to get some vit on those boots
@nick.... I want your gear
fyi the gear it shows me wearing is not what i am currently running.. Ive upgraded alot
Edit: Just saw Walla's post about gear upgrades not showing.
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Not bad, maybe a new ring or belt. Already have a 2p inna, so mayb WH?

I'd say either a witching hour or a calamity with more dps/dex/socket.

I'd say your Vile Ward to one with vit they don't cost much these as long as you stay under 200 dex and no life% mod. dex/vit/ar :D
@ Makinami - Aside from upgrading your gems, perhaps a better main hand ring (with CD, CC and dex) or perhaps a trifecta glove if you can afford it...

@ THEDONACE - maybe a helm with a socket (ants if you want set bonus or mempo with crit if u can afford it) or a witching hour
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@Raven definitely can get a better amulet at around 20-30 mill range

Thinking a better DML wouldnt be too expensive to upgrade, and start getting the armor up to tank damage.

You are on the right track. I'd say maybe get a bow w/soc.
@Anna look to get some new pants Inna's, will bring that dps even higher
@zinker Easy your DML only has +16 AS get one with 19-20 they arent that expensive, res of you gear is pretty good so I think you can afford it =p
@stayfrosty Nice ammy, but it can use some crit chance. As well change that skull grasp ring for a nats reflect if u can, get the 130 dex bonus. Could use some more ias anywhere.
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