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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2


I think u need more critical hit chance, more critcal hit dmg and more vitality.
@ godlikejason

nice work so far bro. i think the only thing you need is more cd. a nice double socket manti will do you good and prices seem to be dropping a lil bit. nice job so far.

Awesome DH. I'd upgrade your Manticore to a 1300dps (expensive I know) or upgrade your mempo to a 6% cc (expensive I know). Besides that very top notch DH!
@smoke52 not sure tbh LOL
Maybe some vita on those vile wards?
ANigerian: I'd drop the Andariel's visage for a Mempo. While the DPS is appealing, the EHP on Mempo is far far more valuable for the slot.
@ SAIphas, you're solid man. only thing I can see for you to upgrade would be for a Crit Mempo, but that's pretty much it! Great job!
@oscar maybe inna pants with vit or mempo with crit..everything else looks good
@gamerzone, throw away that nats ring, and get a new ring with more than just attack speed.
that set bonus isnt too worth while for using such a weak ring
@fobm4ster -- New DML maybe -- i think you can easily stack on another 50-100 vitality and a few dex points giving you a lot more HP

Most your gear looks very nice, but I would try to find an ammy similar to what you already have but with at least life % or AR since your hp is a little low. Also, have you considered selling the LP's for a decent strong arm? you are already at 24% run speed and the extra attack speed should be out done by an extra 200 dex.

Looks like you got to fob just before me, but dont wanna screw you out of someone lookin at your post =)

Overall, I would say good gear, but you could probably sacrifice a little hp for more dex if you wanted. Also, maybe pick up some high dex strong arm bracers since you could pick up a bit of dps there without sacrificing more than 1.5% crit and a little hp ( I feel like I'm a strong arm salesman today). Oh and the obvious, upgrade to a double socket manticore if you ever get the monies. Good stats overall tho, just take a look at your ring first since there is the most room for improvement in just that.
i would start increasing your crit chance. you have 18.5 base and 21.5 with sharpshooter after the first shot. your life is good but if you increase your AR more you will really start to notice it working. have you tried ball lighting? it's pretty good.
Blkdrgn - you have nothing to upgrade. You are and have been at end game for awhile. All of us could do well to gear up as well as you lol. Very nice.
Hunhao - nice char. You could use a dual-slotted manticore to get your dps up.
Thanks Step. I've tried the WF, Manticore and Calamity and just chose to stick with the 1H. A/S is just too fun to play with at this point, but 2.5 APS with a manticore isn't too shabby either
Agreed :P

Now, looking at my char - I think my Resist-All is !@#$ and I'm debating on Inna's Temp

Nice calamity, took me for ever to hunt down a decently priced one, got it cheaper due to low dps but the perfect CD with the socket makes it put out more than some of the others that were out there.

Nice setup as well. I went with a higher DPS model because the 28% crit chance was made up by the additional DPS for the most part. Your char looks good, wish that mempo had some crit on it. Too rich for my blood and definitely not lucky enough to have a useable one drop.
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Aw damn lol how do I ;link my profile?
for hunhao78 i'd suggest a 1250+dps manticore, your dps increase would be massive
I'd like to kjeep my L4N, and would like some multiple input on my next upgrade
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