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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@theflathead prolly ur next upgrade would be a manticore with 2 sockets and bigger gems for more dps.
@ Xtasis

I believe if you were able to get a nats ring with min and max damage on it , it would bring your dps up even more. What do you think ?
@ Anna i really like your DH and only thing I can possibly see that wpoudl be any upgrade would be better Manticore specs but there is still nothing wrong with what you got now either..

Im in the middle of making changes still trying to better mine.. If I can get any suggestiosn on builds please do let me know as I am all ears..

I mean i fly through Mp2-3 by myself without dying all that much if at all any.. Just lookin for any help .

First save your gold and the first thing you want to get is a DML with 20 Attack speed and 10cc on it. Also do as I did , I went around looking at high end DH's and their builds. That's how I did it.

So take one thing at a time, get the DML , that will help out alot. Make sure the DML also has at least 250 dex on it.
@anna change your bracer?

nice MF gear, but i think u need more HP...

Sorry @Anna when you say DML what are you referring to sorry still somewhat n00b haha

Dead Man's Legacy, Your's is not so good, so follow my advice.
@ AngryFish

Maybe get a Inna belt , something like I have they come with all resist, life and dex. It will give you a big boost in dps.

replace your belt with innas or witching hour

The simplest upgrade would probably be your bracers.
@ Anna i upgraded my DML with somethign with 20% speed and already know the diff. I got the one with as much DEX as I could that met my liking and it upgraded me good. I bought it for a buck hahaha
Oh and went suggesting an upgrade for me please be specific with the estimated cost. I might have anywhere from 4M-20M to spend. Thanks in advance.
Skip me


I am glad I was able to help you, I know your dps came up. Now follow my other advice. You will be running the higher MP lvl's in no time.

Have to respectfully disagree with Anna here. I just helped someone who was in the same position as you two days ago. I think a much better Manticore would be where your bang for the buck is. We quickly found a 1250DPS, 1OS, Life Steal, 92CHD, Int one for 6M. A good 20IAS and 10CHC DML would probably set you back more. That being said I think you should definitely get some better pants with 2OS which shouldn't be very expensive. Also you bracers could easily be improved as well.

Please feel free to leave any advice for me. Please be specific in your advice and include an estimated cost. Thanks for all your help in advance.
@DIGGY- I would like to add on top of what the other pros have mentioned, Drop your gear with MF , Like the occy ring.. you can cheaply get a better ring which will boost your DPS tremendously.

Get a Cheap Innas pants. you will also see a DPS boost.. Work within your budget and slowly save up.

For the Manticore, get one with Higher base DPS , see if you can find one with Dex in it and over 1250 DPS , they go for relatively cheap without Vitality and give higher damage than those 1100 damage with 2 sockets

@ Paragon, I notice your build to be similar to mine, May I suggest you drop your Innas and switch over to a Nats Cloak, replace your belt with an Innas to get the 130 Dex.

Replace one of your rings to a Nats Reflection with CHD for the 7% CC boost

As for your manticore, you will definately do better witha 1250 high dex single socket, which you may get for around 10-15mil (i think) it will fare much better in DPS

all in all if you have around 30 - 50 mil to spare you can boost up your damage and even eHP up quite a fair bit

Just my 2 cents worth
Ok -skipped the belt and got the chestpiece.
@Nightmare - very nice balanced DH. Your cheapest upgrade is probably inna's, look for one with more dex and 9 ais with some vit to boot.

Then, it's a toss up between a better Nat's ring(with CC/CD or more stats) / mempo's with CC or a better Manticore ( 1.3k dps w/ same CD/high Dex stats) or a dual sock at 1.2k dps at least and equivalent dex/CD.
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