Diablo® III

Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@blinkhime thats a dam nice rare shoulder.

For an Ehp upgrade i'd change your andy's visage for one with 10% fire damage or less, 20% looks rather painful.

For Dps keep plugging away at ubers and try and get a hellfire with cc or cd with your average damage :)
@bob778 - nice gear! You would get a massive DPS upgrade by replacing danetta's revenge with a good rare (or good Calamity if you can afford it) - e.g. my main hand would give you 11k more DPS. With Gloom, you can probably get by without any LoH.

As for me - please give me suggestions besides getting crit chance on mempo, getting a good Calamity, and upgrading gems!
@CC85 impressive dh you have there ;) jelly of your hellfire, i could never get mine to roll Crit Chance.

Anyways... -take my advice as a grain of salt because i know nothing of dual wield- consider dropping your offhand for a DML. On diabloprogress top hand crossbow users go with 1h + DML, because ,plainly, it's just better than dual wield in terms DPS and eHP plus has an demon hunter skill bonus. Although, it does look aesthetically pleasing to dual wield.

Other than that possible upgrades I see are Crit damage on gloves instead of Attack speed. hope this helps somewhat...

Edit: for me I know I have to get some gems in, but I'm too lazy to craft them right now and don't have money for radiant star, sold it to get my manti
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@ Dunder
add socket. l o l
@ Dunder
add socket. l o l

Drop that Windforce, get a 2hander with Dex/Natural ChD+Socket
@ Reactive Some pants would be nice! You could even add a helm for pretty cheap!
@ CC85 my mind is blown right now how you are at 230k I am at 205k and cant break it unless i drop like 100+mill on one item alone.
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@ Vici maybe u could try getting a dml quiver instead of dual welding, upgrading ur gems to bigger ones as well as get a better amulet with higher cc and cd.
@ Xtasis

There are so many nice looking DH's on here.

Now lets see, have you thought about changeing out your Nat's ring , for one that has min/max damage on it ?
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@ Anna,
You really need to upgrade your Natalya's ring. Fork over the 20m for one with crit damage haha
@ Anna nope i will use what i find , nt gonna spend on items they way too overprice ;)
nice hellfire, maybe the manti...?
@Shdwflare you have a beast DH lol i dont even know where to start thinking about recommending u a upgrade
@justice, advise him to use spectral blade :p

Think you need more AR and HP.
@justice, advise him to use spectral blade :p

Think you need more AR and HP.

lol so amazing gear i guess mempo with cc or an amazing withing hour. damn nice gear man you are pro.
@Evilbunz- maybe upgrade your gems

cc mempo or double dex/vit roll dml

right ring and belt to witching
@Dendi - pretty amazing gear you got there. Only thing I can say is crit chance on Mempo, and maybe a better vile ward (with life% or higher dex/vit total) - all your other stuff is awesome!

@Vici - My 237k dps is inflated by soundrel and steady aim. My DPS with archery only is 190k, there are many DW DH out there with way better DPS and EHP than me.

I would suggest that you replace your Calamity with good rare (Ive found that good rares beat Calamity unless Calamity is about 1150 DPS+, 80% CC+, you should get a net profit from this), and switch your amulet to CC and CD (assuming you're not going for trifecta, 50%+ CD on amulet is better than Aspd).

If you plug in my main hand rare into your DH, and assuming you get an amulet with similar stats but 50% CD instead of Aspd, you DPS goes up by 15k. Those upgrades will be much less than 100m.
@CC85 nice DH, I think your gloves can be improved, look for something with crit damage. That and your gems, but very nice overall
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