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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@ Dunder
add socket. l o l

told me nothing useful at all.... not sure if you read my edit.


Neat balanced dh, some improvements I can suggest is get a Nat's with CD, and squeeze some vit in your chest.

Your pretty top end there.

1) Your Nats could have some CD -
1) You could move to a Witching Hour and Inna Vast Expanse setup
2) Your Mempo could have CC (I know...for god knows how much)
I have about 100M to spend. I was planning to do the following

1 - Buy a Witching Hour (35M)
2 - Switch to a Inna Vast Expanse (I have a 130 dex/100 vit/ 10% Life) in my stash
3 - Get a Nats Ref with CD (25M)
4 - Switch to Vile Ward with higher %Life and Dex (30M)

I think Witching Hour is a good bet - some additional crit dmg would help ya

I looted a ring that should sell for around 20 mill.. just starting to do Ubers now so trying to maintain my dps and HP while increasing all resist.. thoughts?
I think you have to focus on about a 100-150 All Res jump. I know they get expensive, but that would be the direction I would look.

Honestly Witching Hour is not worth it vs a Inna's belt imo unless you get a top tiered one. The people on diabloprogress go with that setup only because witching hour can roll more eHP (allres, vit and life%) which costs 100mil+. A semi-decent inna favor 2piece > semi-decent witching hour setup.

If I were in your shoes I would get a good CD Nats Reflection, Amulet with more CD, Inna's favor with 80+ vit. Inna's Temperance with 80+ vit. Replace bracer with one that has 60+ AR, and finally drop all the amethyst gems for emeralds.
Nice DH, maybe a double socket manti and some new gems. Not really sure where else cause everything looks pretty solid, maybe u can trade in some vit for dex.

You obviously want to upgrade your Manticore to a 2-socket Manticore or a high dps socketed Calamity
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You should get a 2 socket manticore :)
you should add more vit and CC.
Some nice pieces. Consider upgrading amulet, bracers (eg strongarm given you have 24% ms) and the dead man's? Bracers and dead mans would be significantly better with just a couple of mill each hopefully...

I have around 30kk to burn, any suggestions?
@Turtle I think that your next upgrade should be buying the Inna's belt. Buy one with high dex. That should boost your DPS a lot.
@shndany i think that your next upgrade should be upgrading you helm to a mempo or something similar.

Maybe if you're after higher ehp, you can go for a mempo (w/ cc if you have budget)

and an soj with same stats but with cold dmg for better crowd control.

Overall, your gear setup is very stable in terms of dps and survivability! :)
Zidane I'd drop the shield for a quiver and upgrade the hand bow to a calamity
@SneakyDog maybe u can get a better nats chest piece with either higher vit or much higher all resist amulet with cc and cd belt for either innas or witching hr can see that u are focusing too much on all resist.
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I'd tried, but I can't facetank elites mp5 above without a shield, I'm using a full-tank dh build.

Calamity with a high loh is very expensive and still out of my budget as of now. :)
@ Zidane, get higher vit being a Tank DH :P.
@ Xtasis, I'm not really in a position to critique you, but Higher DPS Manticore. Possibly try to get a Mempo with Crit Chance, if you can afford a good one that is better than that Andy's. You can also get higher Vit on your chest. Also resists can be higher, but you're not really struggling, just something to think about.

Good gear so far. Work on getting higher CC. A nat's ring with CC will greatly help you you. Gloves could definitely use an upgrade. I'd go for ones with all resist.
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