Diablo® III

Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@doobie maybe try get some gloves with crit dmg as well =)
@ DoobieJC

I'd upgrade your gloves to something with higher dex/ crit/ and crit damage.
be nice but if you have a spare 250-500 mil laying around, id be more then glad to upgrade them gloves
12/02/2012 08:28 AMPosted by DoobieJC
be nice but if you have a spare 250-500 mil laying around, id be more then glad to upgrade them gloves

mempo of twilight
From a DPS stand point I'd say look for new gloves with critical hit and damage stats. Maybe you can disperse survivability stats throughout your gear slowly as well.
@LanEvoIIIM I'd try to get some vit on those vile wards.
Nick upgrade your chest armor +10disc
@ catastrophe

very nice build so far bro. i'd either go w more cd on gloves or maybe try to find a nice pair of vile wards
12/02/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Catastrophe
Nick upgrade your chest armor +10disc

And lose either my dex/vit roll or my res roll? No, thank you. :)

your eq is so near perfect,any upgrade would cost a bomb..but I think u could burn a few hundred mil just to get crit on mempo:)


your's is awesome too:) cant really pinpoint a cheaper piece to upgrade..same reason as th above
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@Cryophexis Since you are using the legacy set, I'd say the bracers, you can really raise your EHP there even for a small dps loss.
Maybe a manticore with 2 slots.

Possibly try to get more armor and replace that leoric's signet lol

Look for a better DML with higher attack speed.

*as for my gear, I just upgraded my left ring but it isn't showing yet*

Natalya's footprints, I've seen some around 200 dex go for 7 million on weekdays
Maybe change your left ring to something better, you also want to get more all resists. Also maybe get a bewitching hour.
Nice build. If any improvements can be made, I would say more bonuses to all resists and a higher level of emerald in your Embrace and Temperance.
@maxpower cheapest upgrade would be bracers
maybe try innas chest AND nats ring (for 260 dex more)?
if not that perhaps an ammy with 100+ dex...

EDIT: my gear hasn't updated yet,...

Since your gear hasn't updated yet, some of this might be irrelevant but:

I think you could get crit damage on your right ring, vitality on your bracer (same stats otherwise for these two), or higher stats on your ammy for about the same price.

You'll also definitely want to upgrade your weapon gems eventually, and also your armor gems potentially a bit later.

Everything's starting to look really good though, which means that upgrades will probably be expensive.
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