Diablo® III

Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

your next upgrade will be expensive.. i would thinking using a 2 socket manticore would be good but it depends on playing style..
vile ward with vitality seems logical but it has high dex.
some more critical damage on the ring would help too.

gogo shoulders upgrade! especially if you want some more magic find...look at mine for instance =)

and if not then you should paragon level up so you don't need the other magic find pieces..

would appreciate some help with my gear if anyone knows mid-high tier DH stuffz..seems like every upgrade i can get costs 50m+ =/
Deschain...maybe a DML with more dex/vit and higer IAS.
@MrLucid72 your right ring maybe? If the res all doesn't affect the dmg you take that much could try change to a avg dmg rare ring of course with cc cd dex vit. Might boost your dps quite abit along with the extra Heath gain.
a nat reflection with critc chance or average dmg
Hi guys, any recommendation for my next upgrade pls??

Have about 40m to spare.

Thanks :)
@piigemu: probably ur bracer?? nice amulet btw!

@kurosaki: 1stly, pls don skip..i tink im at the same phase as you.. not really sure what to upgrade for you.. probably a lacuni prowlers? or upgrade the ring without dex? not very sure.. :s

anyone wanna gimme advice?? >_<
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I would say a new DML with 18-20 IAS or new wrists(strongarm, lacuni, or rare)

Nice setup. I suppose the only upgrade you would probably need which I do to is a Mempo with CC.
Hmmm... maybe better rings (perhaps nats) or perhaps an ammy with some dex would help... (though the crit damage is very nice).
wow, nice set of equipment.

Really couldn't think of anything except higher Dex Vile Ward or Double socket bow.
@hondaVtec - so it is my favorite car back in college, upgrade on the steel hardness so it can tank heavier elite crashes

LOL back to topic, u got very nice quiver, ring , shoulder!
you may want to lose some vit and resist, since right now u're more like a tank than a killer XD

i will get a Nat set and save the awesome blackthrone sets for ur barb!
yes you lose speed from helm, lose resist and move speed from chest, but u gonna gain 130 dex n 7% chance. next you can try to get a lucani or a inna pants for that lost move speed if u can

I think you would gain the most either out of a better amulet or going for the 2handed xbow vs the 1handed. Though that's an extremely good bow, far more DPS could be achieved by a 2hander.

Maybe upgrade your left ring?

Off hand ring, Stalwart Treasure. Try to get one with 2 or 3 of the quadfecta damage stats.
Search for average damage rings, as that stat is undervalued.

*Edit* with Dex off course. Also, try to get some pants like I have on my DH, they're pretty cheap.
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ok im stuck in a rock and a hard place in what to upgrade
@chaos upgrade your gems? :D
@andrei belt?

^ upgrade your manticore gem and get some more all resist. :P
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Hah looks like I got skipped. :D


Shoulders and Amulet. Shoulders wouldn't give much dps and unless you spend over 50m your prob losing some HP too but the AR and armor should help. Looks like you had a physical Res monk. Amulet would be for the CHC since yours is low. Also maybe a DML with more ias. Whichever you find the best deal on.


Changed the gem in your helm and I suggest shoulders. Vile wards with vit. If your looking for dmg, you will get the most out of a better amulet
@Hifonics - it's going to expensive for you. Possible a mempo with some CC, or an upgraded ammy with a bit more CC, but other than that, you'd have to pay out the teeth to get something better than you already have.
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