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Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

@roo, you should look into getting different bracers with a little bit more crit chance on them (if they're not ridiculously overpriced), and a natty's sight with some all resist and/or crit chance wouldn't hurt either (added this to last post too)

Definitely first on my priority would be getting 24% movement. Lacuni's or Inna's pants make a huge difference.

Both of those pieces could use some work in your set.
@ Ligfyr

Your cheapest upgrade would probably be your DML. The Vit and Dex can roll up to around 300 each as long as you don't have +disc on it.

Also, a Mempo would probably be a big upgrade.

After that I'd upgrade the Gem in your weapon.
@roo483: Bracers are the obvious choice.
@GTSoloist Amulet or xbow.
@ Nick

Good stuff, I'd say up your DML to get the ehp up.
Damn what a hard one.. Maybe change your xbow for a Manticore or Calamity with awesome status or your boots to a Natalya Boots to receive the CC bonus :)

But the boots should have a nice status too :\
@rodbotcat better dml. higher ias. higher dex. or disc.

alot of good items already, prehaps try getting nats boots with vit or innas pants with higher dex and vit
theonly: more crit chance on bracers? your gear is pretty nice
Can any one help me with a upgrade
@snifflets: replace that chest piece with a cheap Nat's for a good ammount of ehp
@Snifflets: Nice gear, if I was you I'd go for a 240+ Dex, 50+ Vit Andariels, they aren't all that expensive.
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@ theonly

I would probably check high end lacuni bracers to see if you can gain something there. Other than that maybe mempos if you need some EHP and then a vile ward with vit roll instead of str would help. All around great gear though.
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@feredir, i'd tell you but thats a SC account
@nyg8 I would say a better ring to replace your Rare ring. One with Attack speed maybe a Nat's trifecta.
@Chucknasty, I'd say your jewelry needs upgrading first. Rings and Ammy need better/more stats. After that, your manticore could use an upgrade, and then your gems.
@chucknasty You should definetely upgrade your Amulet and probably your Rings. You are also trying to rush Inna's very hard...do you think its worth the lack of vit and resis?In your(and my) gear category Rares might help you more.

Only a couple of minor suggestions;

- Upgrade Star Emerald in Manticore (easy DPS upgrade without affecting other stats)
- Gem upgrades in Cloak, Ring and Pants
- Upgrade Andariel's Visage to try and get Fire damage to below 9%

Nicely balanced DH
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