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Disconnects since patch 1.06

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I have started to have disconnects since the last patch. It just says disconnected from server and kicks me out of the game but i stay logged into the game client.

I have double checked all of my drivers, everything is up to date. This has made the game pretty much unplayable because i keep losing all of my NV stacks.

I bought the game day one, and until this last patch i have not had any issues with the game what so ever.

I play a WW barb if that matters at all.
Computer stats are
I7 - 2600K processor
GTX 580 video card
Windows 7 Pro

Deleted the Cache and Tools folders and will try again..
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I cant even connect to D3 after the patch
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Having the same problem... 1hr 1 time... damn irritating..
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Same problem here. I can't even play the game for more than a minute, then I get kicked, then it won't let me back in again after that until I restart the game. What the heck? Server overload?
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i play WW barb as well and since last patch it has kept on disconnecting me. But I have found a fix that has worked for me. Go into options and change into Full screen Windowed mode. Hope that helps.
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It's the Barb WW bug. It's still around.

And I bloody lost my level 58 HC barb to the bug.
I need to use WW on Machines of War so I don't get caught by multiple monsters hitting me all at once.
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Hi I am not sure why, as diablo 3 worked before the last patch update (not even sure if the update is the reason) but I log in and get to play for a while then suddenly the game hangs and a blue screen appears telling me its crash dumping data and has stopped the application to protect my puter then it mentions drivers and lots of baffling codes and numbers and then my puter reboots. I have tried updating drivers and general updates. My puter system has not been altered since the last time d3 worked for me and the last update patch.

Any ideas? I end up on the same level only long enough to kill the monsters and then crash and to come back and do it all again (groundhog day:- ) I could really do with some advice. TY smiles
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I was reading a post from back in July this year about frequent game disconnects, and there is quite an extensive blue-post reply to the problem that never actually solved it.
People were getting disconnected because of certain skills they were using (Mainly AoE and speed killing) and Blizzards normal response was to 'update your drivers'

Ok, you have been using the 'update your drivers' excuse for long enough, and it's getting tiring.

Most people either have a driver updating assistance program, or know what they are doing. Please don't treat us like idiots, it's not the early 2000's

After extensive research, I have discovered that your servers have a packet issue when too many things are happening in the game. Regardless of internet speed, your end just can't keep up, and decides to just disconnect the gamer.

THAT'S why people in town or at a vendor never get disconnected, because there is nothing going on. Most people's machine specs are way over what you require, and almost ALL graphic card drivers update themselves now a days.

Windows 7 keeps on top of all the other system drivers, It's not XP anymore, can we please wake up.

In the thread I read from July, the people with problems were having trouble with skills like electrocute and blizzard. I have a monk, and every-time I disconnect it is during an intense battle, and generally when a large bolt of chain lightning leaves my fists, I DC, lose my NV buffs and throw my coffee mug at a spot on the wall.

I have submitted several tickets all to no avail, you have my DX diag and msinfo files, please put a bit more investigation into the issue. You obviously changed something in the patch that is causing your packet loss to 'quit' the game. This is evident in that XP leveling on MP0 has more disconnects than slow killing in MP8. Barely ever get disconnected in MP8. (if at all)

Bit of bug reporting I was fighting a mortar mob in the keep depths lvl 3 and an error came up in the game. I couldn't see the mobs, only my follower could kill them, and where the mob should have been, there was some bold magenta text saying 'BAD DATA )'
So I tried to hit that instead to no avail..lol
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solved the problem with Diablo III
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