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LordRaahl your rival has arrived

All of a sudden we have a new monk 'Grandmaster' who thinks he has the best builds ever with his ludicrous guide that blends names from Star Wars, Dragon Age, and the signs of the zodiac. Well you got another thing coming my friend, I can put together just a few builds that have worked for me in various scenarios and I'm sure it will save people from going through your gigantic wall-of-text. These builds actually work and are not randomly put together. I will add just a few:

General Cookie Cutter Build

General Tank Build

My Personal Cookie Cutter Build (I have 60% dodge with this...and it is REAL fun when you walk into a place with horde of enemies like keep depths 2)

Support Uber Build (Great when working with a team during ubers)
I would like to also point out that all healing skills work with Guiding Light even Mantra of Healing...little known fact :P. I would also add that Blinding Light Provides a lot of CC for the team.

Support Uber V2 (the shield on Serenity and Mantra of Evasion work well when working with squishy teammates)

Solo Spirit Spender (I use this for Mp7 and Mp8)

Eye of the Storm (great fun for lower MPs, do it in very crowded areas :P)
To effectively use this build pull enemies in with Cyclone Strike and then use Wave of Light (you can also use Lashing Tail Kick with the Hand of Ytar rune) keeping in mind to effectively attack with FoT. I find this super fun!

In addition, do not be afraid to add builds that have worked for you in this thread! I will update this as time progresses and add more!
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oh god no, please don't feed the trolls
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This should be good, another self-appointed Grandmaster. This forum delivers!!
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I see no value in using StI AND OwE. Would rather keep Resolve and NDE for everything but low MP farming, and use Resolve, OwE and Guiding Light for group situations.
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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For the record, his wall of text was actually pretty entertaining to read.
Also, almost every build you've listed is almost identical. I understand there are some limiting factors with monk builds, but comon. changing 1 ability and a different rune hardly make them different builds
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@ Dread
Randomly putting different skill sets together makes the build extremely versatile and you feel the sudden rush of synergy, right? Just because some builds have tremendous diversity doesn't mean they are good. FoT is generally the best primary and Deadly Reach with Foresight is also really great!

I appreciate your criticism.

For the record, if you found his wall of text extremely entertaining I sincerely believe you have a great taste in literature. I'm sure Captain Underpants is ranked as your #1 novel.
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Yeah it may have been a wall of text but it was an interesting one, I had a good laugh here and there while learning new things. Your guide is welcome but your intro made a bad first impression~ and yeah what dreadweaver said ^
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Dear Jebus, please let the next self-anointed monk genius be a Trekkie.

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Randomly putting different skill sets together makes the build extremely versatile...

Aren't we going to get 77 + the square root of the end of the mayan calendar BEHOLD pages of that elsewhere in this forum?
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Work is going to fly by today when LordRaahl shows up. Oh boy, oh boy.
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I was trying some new builds yesterday and went back to the cookie cutter build with sWeeping Wind and Fists of Thunder. The one thing I forgot to do was swap back STI and Resolve since I was using the Guardian and the duel wielding passives, so I pretty much dodge most attacks. I walked through fire chains and read "dodge" "dodge" dodge" then killed the elites and now they belong to me.
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@ Mountain

That's how I feel with my cookie cutter. I stand still and everything just dies around me.
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well, this thread is disappointing :s

where are the flames? i saw smoke and i came a running!
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This should be good, another self-appointed Grandmaster. This forum delivers!!
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12/04/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Wolfenheart
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"Who dare comes amongst and tries to peep it
The secret of the deadly art, then leak it
Snakes, leeches surround the righteous
I link the diversion shot, then slip with the swiftness
The weaver raindrop, leavin the eye confused
Understandin blurred, cloudy electrical storms occur
from the Masta, classical head bang slang
The deaf tone rises like the blind and dumb
Lickin shots at the microphone, Iron Lung.."
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I believe LordRaahl is waiting for the right time to make his appearance.
At least it better be what he is doing, work is terrible today!
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thank you, Wolfenhart. for providing a guide which was clear and concise and clearly not writtien whilst tripping on chemicals.
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