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What do i need to get to make my barb stronger. Ty for the help
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The first thing I noticed is that you need some CD (crit. damage%). With your passives, and your gear bonuses, your CC is pretty good, but it doesn't matter too much unless you get some more CD. Check out my Barb to see what I mean. The way you are set up, if you get 150-200% CD somewhere, you will see your damage soar above 100,000.

Second, is to get some more strength anyway you can. Upgrade gear would most likely be the easiest. Also, you need some more resist all. With more RA and strength, your defense will be bolstered greatly.

Third, you need some more life. Sometimes gear gets a lot cheaper if you can find it with life%, instead of vitality. But either way, get one or the other because you need some more life. Basically just upgrade the gear a little. With my barb, I look for three things first (on the main gear): strength, vitality (or life%), and RA. If it doesn't have those, most of the time I pass. After that, try to get CC, CD, and IAS (att speed%) on anything you can. Sometimes, trade an attribute, like vitality, for some attack speed. But generally, try to get those three attributes and then get some damage boosters (CC, CD, IAS).

The best spots I think you could upgrade is your jewelry. Get at least two (all three if you can afford it) of CC, CD, and IAS.

Check out my barb and see what you think. Compare it to see possible ways you could improve. I have a little better gear in my stash, but I am stacked with MF right now. Either way, mine is generally geared in a way that you should gear yours. But remember, try to get some more CD anywhere--mainly jewelry, and get a weapon with an open slot. Stick an emerald in there. And if you get a one-handed weapon with a slot, you can get a shield too. A shield does a lot--for defense and offense (like the one I use).

Hope that helps man! Got any other questions, just ask!

Actually, if you want, I have an amulet and some pants that I'll give you. They'll greatly help you out! I don't want anything for them either. They are from when I upgraded a while back, but they will be great for you! Just let me know and/or add me.
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Well I'll keep checking back. Hopefully you read this and want that stuff because I think it would help you a lot!
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Thank you very much for your help
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Also I would love to get some extra gear. Thanks So much for your time and help :)
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i have some gear id be willing to basically give away for very little gold. maybe just a couple hundred k. i can definatly get you resist and crit chance up.
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will half mil be good?
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just add me and ill give you some stuff. i have plenty of gold. sitting on 9 mil right now.

im just saving up. but i have items that just wont sell.

picked up a very nice 1 hander last night

with str vit crit damage open socket and life steal with 800 dps. ill give it to you free
its all good i find stuff a lot because im a legacy nats user and i basically never die on mp1 and i just am farming alkazier runs right now. so im not interested in selling small items.
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