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Gear advice please

One of these days I'm going to upgrade the gear on my monk and wiz.

Can anyone tell me how much AR, armor, HP and LOH/LS I need for both classes to run at least MP2 inferno?

Right now I'm thinking of at least 400, 4000 and around 30-40k HP minimum unbuffed, maybe 1k LOH and 0LS as a starting point.

Does anyone know with the current gear prices, if it is possible to have MP2-4 gear with a budget of around 1mil... maybe 2 mil max?

Also for low MP, would it be better for me to go CM/WW wiz or Archon?

Thank in advance
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go to this website and look around.. it kinda helps me
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With a 2mil budget, you have to go for archon.

You should get the following items and aim for 4k armor and 500 AR:
- Black(no add elemental damage) socket weapon with life steal 1H.
- Triumvirate source - extra elemental damage.
- Storm Crow - extra elemental damage.
- Zunimasa boot -extra elemental damage.
- Tal amulet - extra elemental damage.
- Black thorn pant.
- Lacuni for the move speed.
- Have at least 1 item with 6+ pickup radius.

To increase your dps, get as many gears that have critical chance, critical damage and inrease attack speed as you can afford.

Start farming act3 at MP0(can run with lower armor and resist). Don't worry about any higher MP. Killing speed is what you after. It is much better to gain Paragon level quickly. With the faster killing rate, you have a better chance of getting legendary/set and more rares.

The aim is to kill and move quickly. Don't pick up every single rare. It is fine to pickup just level 61+ 1H, all accessories and level 60+ armors. Only ID when you in cool down.

Check the sticky post in the wizard forum for the archon build.

But over time, your aim should be for CM. Again, the build requirement is in the wizard forum.
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