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Burning dogs w/Loh vs Leaching beasts

At what point of Loh would the burning dogs be better than leaching beasts if ever, and are these dogs going to help me at all in higher mp's? Also would life link be better than the first two options?
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This is kind of difficult to test but I believe there is a threshold based on # of mobs near your dogs. Lots of mobs means Burning dogs aura is hitting a lot of targets simultaneously and sending healing higher than Leaching beasts would achieve. However, below that mob count threshold leaching beasts wins.

This is also partially based on your DPS and amount of LoH. Leaching dogs returns health based on how much damage the dogs are doing, Burning dogs returns health based on how much LoH you have.

I don't have the hard numbers to back this up, but I believe it to be true.
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I'm also interested in data on LoH with Burning Dogs (Rabid Dogs as well). Burning Dogs give me more life back than Leeching, but I don't have and hard data (and I have a ton of LoH, so probably not a great data point).
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Leeching beasts gets 25% of life they inflict to you, and 25% to them. Since they inflict 9% of your damage (paper dps) you actually get 2.25% of your dps back as life.

Burning dogs only triggers 5% of your LoH per enemy around them.

Assuming you have 50k dps and 1000 LoH, leeching beasts will grant you 1125 life per hit, and burning dogs will grant you 50 life.
Even if there are multiple enemies around your dogs, since their nerf in 1.0.4, burning dogs are useless for life return.

Rabid Dogs will get you 10%/attack of your LoH and none from the dot.

Source : Witch Doctor Proc rate for each skill thread :

Edit : Warning, the amount healed from Leeching Beasts will be reduced from 50% to 10% in Inferno mode. That means that instead of a return of 1125 life per hit in my exemple, you'll only get 225.
Source : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004045226
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Ok this was helpful. It sounds like leaching beasts will give more healing overall especially in boss fights even if it isnt much. Im actually leaning towards life link but im guessing the dogs die too fast in higher mps anyway.
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