Diablo® III

2hand or two 1hand?????????

Should I dump my Skorn and two good 1 hand?
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I'm thinking with your current build, if that's what you are planning on keeping, then probably not. If going WW, then probably a good idea.
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In today's market, your Skorn probably would not even be worth 1 mil. So you really don't have to dump it, that is don't bother selling it. Try to get 2 1-hander and see if you like it, if not just equip back the Skorn.
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I'm thinking of the same thing - any suggestions on what weapons I should be on the lookout for? (and price range?)
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I am in the opposite boat. I was trying out a 2H setup from SnB. The reason was, I wanted to get to 150K dps.

I can not seem to get used to the Skorn, it feels...clunky and slow.

Try to find a 1H with str and CD. You do not have Life Steal on your Skorn, but try to get LS on the 1H if possible.

If you are going to roll 2 1 handers check a WW set before you get your weapons. If you plan to use a shield, it's fun to get a couple different for diff setups, I have a nice stormshield but am using one with low block just for the VIT and MF. always try to get CC on it. I look for 8 to 10.
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i agree that the skorn feels slow, but it increase my damage from 41 to 72k, so I went with it from what I was previously using - which is why I'm considering going back to 2 one handers.

Also whats better Life Steal or Damage Per Hit?
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For me personally, in MP5-7, LS is essential. I can not do those areas without it. 3% LS is fine for MP5 with my 2k Life after Kill. Anything less and I would die alot, but of course I'm trying to add it to my main hand as well because you can never have too much of a good thing right?

But I have low HP, so if you have a ton of HP you can roll with less LS I think.

I do switch to a WW setup with 2 1H axes and the dps remains around 85K. It's a fun setup and very fast.
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I've just jumped into mp5 after getting the skorn (and just realized for some reason I'm using the wrong Bash Rune) - will fix that tonight.

With 2 weapons I could be getting double life steal/life on hit - not to mention double socket availability...

I'm trying to save for the immortal kings chest armor.

Any other improvements? (apologies to Romey - whom I've sorta stolen his thread....)
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Use Rend/Bloodlust instead of WW, get good life heal that way
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