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Hall of Godly Demon Hunters Thread

The scoring here is dumb.
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Why b/c your score is low?
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I just don't understand how my score is lower than Aujo's
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12/06/2012 12:54 PMPosted by Pwnsauce
I just don't understand how my score is lower than Aujo's

Aujo's was calculated when I was giving extra credit for the +holy damage that he had. I later found out that DP already factored that into their dps. He has since switched to some different gears. I'm going to grandfather him into that original score until he resubmits with the gearset that he wants ranked. His score should be about 3.5-4% lower than what is listed.
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Rare Bow

Hall Score: 20,846.37

DPS Score: 232.31
EHP Score: 55.90
Sustain Score: 1.07
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.19
Misc Score: 1.03
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calamity and legacy nat user. i am at Hall Score: 18,944.50

DPS Score: 174.06
EHP Score: 41.04
Sustain Score: 1.10
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.45
Misc Score: 1.35

although my diablo progress wont update my crit chance helm that gives me 4 percent crit and im actually paragon 90 not 88.
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Hall Score: 26,098.64

DPS Score: 210.76
EHP Score: 60.51
Sustain Score: 1.17
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.39
Misc Score: 1.13


pretty good for no RMAH :)
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Here's something to think about.

I just realized that diabloprogress takes into consideration unbuffed numbers. This will favor new nats than legacy. Here's why.
Legacy users like uses the perfectionist passive to make up for that missing ehp.
New nats user use vengeance/nightstalker to make up for the missing disc. But they will have a higher ehp to begin with since it's all builtin into their gear while legacy users will not get their ehp factored by perfectionist by diabloprogress.

So basically a legacy user with exact same total dps/life/armor/resist inside the game with a non legacy user will still get a lower number based from diabloprogess.
Try using a new nats without vengeance and nightstalker, tt pretty much cant survive. But the bottom line is it won't affect their diabloprogress scores no matter what.
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Legacy Nats users get a 30% bonus for the 2 disc regen in the Hall formula. New Nats get only 10% for the 20 max disc.
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Legacy Nats users get a 30% bonus for the 2 disc regen in the Hall formula. New Nats get only 10% for the 20 max disc.

But there is a huge deficit on ehp because of the lost 10% life, 10% AR and 10% armor.
I commend you on the effort you are putting on here but I just feel it's still a huge gap.

Let's say in the game

A legacy user with 200k dps, 50k life, 4k armor using Perfectionist, Steady Aim, Archery

A non legacy user with 200k dps, 50k life, 4k armor using Vengeance/Nighstalker, Steady Aim, Archery

Assuming everything else is equal, I can tell you right now diabloprogress will give you more favorable values for the non legacy user.

With this scenario i'll take the legacy side everytime. It's much more dependable because of the sure unlimited regen while the non legacy will depend on health globes or crit to get that discipline.
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Let's assume 50k hp, 400 AR, 4000 armor for legacy nat and 55k hp, 440 AR, 4400 armor for non-legacy nats. Let's assume 40% dodge for both.

Legacy Nat:

50K hp
DR of (400/715) = 56% for both armor and AR

EHP = 50K/(44%*44%*60%) = 429,348

Non-Legacy Nat:

55K hp
DR of (440/755) = 58.3% for both armor and AR

EHP = 55K/(41.7%*41.7%*.6) = 526,604

Increase in EHP is 526,604/429,348 - 1 = 22.7%.

So perfectionist represents less than 23% EHP increase. The Hall score will be roughly 20-23% higher if the DH is less than 500k EHP or less than that if the DH has greater than 500k EHP due to the diminishing returns built into the ehp formula.

The bonus for L4N is 30%. Sounds like we're in the right ballpark for ranking them.
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I understand raw numbers will somehow compensate on paper but I can tell you with the exact same numbers, they will rather choose the DH with the perma gloom if you give them the same specs. It was just a thought so I could be wrong. But the hard part is that's not something you can really measure. Still impressed with all these high dhs here and the variety of builds. Cheers!
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Jeez hall members are beast

Score 20,111


I got some work to do.
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You are the very first entrant into the 1H Xbow Wing. Non-Xbow DH only need 20K minimum as opposed to 30K for Xbow users. I was hoping that a 1H would make the cut. :)
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@Nick 31,893
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With some new improvements to my EHP, got a new score. Still so far off...

Hall Score: 36,235.31

DPS Score: 280.26
EHP Score: 62.57
Sustain Score: 1.09
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.37
Misc Score: 1.12
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12/06/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Nick

Still got some work to do, your unbuffed dps is huge. Good work, gives me a goal to strive for
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12/06/2012 09:49 PMPosted by nom
Anybody using Bat Companion has a gear problem that is being band-aided by items. Do you really want me to go down the list? Most of these "top" players are using it.

i use ferrets cause i dun have enough gold find
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