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is anyone getting huge lag?

I am getting huge lag in a party of 4 as soon as the combat starts, i jump from 150, to 2000
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Yes, I have been having huge lag for the last few days, ever since the US begun their Thanksgiving long weekend.

Other forums have indicated though it could be a problem with Bigpond routing, are you with Bigpond, or using a company that is a Bigpond reseller?
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i had dramas last night with telstra in perth, but we did have heavy rain and thunderstorms for awhile...
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Using BigPond here also. Everything else is working fine, like downloading, streaming, surfing etc is completely fine. Only d3 has been spiky for me since Thanksgiving in the US. Anyone has any idea if we can make a complaint to Bigpond? Because technically they aren't providing bad internet speeds, just bad routing probably..Quite sick of the spikes tbh...been 4 days now sigh
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yea i am using bigpond, it seems the chat also has no lag, and its fine if im fighting 1-2 mobs, but as soon as im fighting upwards of +6 mobs, its just !@#$s itself wether its diablo or bigpond, i dont know

(also my net is fine outside diablo)

i am in new south wales
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ok so i got a tracert for diablo 3 servers from perth. I got a 14mb line bare in mind.


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms telstra.gateway []
2 21 ms 21 ms 20 ms
3 19 ms 20 ms 20 ms
4 29 ms 22 ms 23 ms
5 26 ms 22 ms 23 ms bundle-ether13.wel33.perth.telstra.net [110.142.
6 23 ms 23 ms 19 ms bundle-ether1.wel-core3.perth.telstra.net [203.5
7 53 ms 60 ms 58 ms bundle-ether7.fli-core1.adelaide.telstra.net [20]
8 70 ms 71 ms 71 ms bundle-ether9.win-core1.melbourne.telstra.net [2]
9 83 ms 84 ms 83 ms bundle-ether12.ken-core4.sydney.telstra.net [203
10 86 ms 83 ms 84 ms bundle-ether1.pad-gw2.sydney.telstra.net [203.50
11 76 ms 76 ms 78 ms
12 223 ms 224 ms 223 ms i-0-1-0-0.paix-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net [202.
13 224 ms 224 ms 224 ms i-3-1.paix01.bi.telstraglobal.net [
14 225 ms 225 ms 225 ms
15 248 ms 247 ms 246 ms er2-xe-11-1-0.sanfrancisco.savvis.net [204.70.20
16 313 ms 264 ms 271 ms pr2-ge-7-0-0.SanJoseEquinix.savvis.net [204.70.2
17 264 ms 264 ms 264 ms savvis-gw.sffca.ip.att.net []
18 272 ms 270 ms 270 ms cr1.sffca.ip.att.net []
19 274 ms 269 ms 271 ms cr1.la2ca.ip.att.net []
20 * 267 ms 275 ms gar20.la2ca.ip.att.net []
21 268 ms 269 ms 268 ms
22 403 ms 419 ms 270 ms
23 * * * Request timed out.
24 * * * Request timed out.
25 * * * Request timed out.

Looks like its not telstra (i think)
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Ive been having the exact same lag !@#$ for the past week or so. This morning i decided to try my old lag reducing program. Lowerping. Worked awesomely..back down to normal latency 200-250. If anyones interested to try that its http://www.lowerping.com/

You get a free 30 mins to test it to find out if it works for you. After 30 mins u get dc'd, but you can reconnect straight away again for another 30 mins...anyhow i paid $7 for 1 month.. worth it imo to be able to play again.

Im with bigpond, looks like theyr having problems with routing. Hope this helps some other frustrated people.
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bigpond reminds me of a certain company that shall not be named
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still having alot of lag, has anyone heard what the problem is if its either blizzards end or bigponds end (my isp)
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its starting to get very old
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Ramadan should be great too
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im using pingzapper and it does crap all, for the last couple of days I can not even explain how frustrated I am, trying to do MP10 ubers with a connection such as this!!!!

I did a speed test and also rang bigpond, the test and on their side shows it is fine, so is it a blizzard problem?
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I'm in New Zealand and I'm getting massive lag all of a sudden (e.g. I attack a monster and it takes like 10-15secs for the attack to register, same with picking stuff up/talking to people).

It had been running fine for the last few weeks but since Saturday it was impossible to play it. My FPS is in the 55-60 range.

Is the lag likely to be a blizzard connection problem?
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So I rang Bigpond and they ran a "Test", apparently everything is fine from what they say but the lag seems to be increasing as time goes on..

Z,Z d3 is unplayable
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Yup playing now and once in combat totally unplayable, I can download at max speed from anywhere, upload at max to anywhere, so I know its not my connection.

I am currently dead in a game, its been 12 minutes and still standing there waiting for the revive button.

What a joke!
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Hey been having same problems as everyone else. The game is unplayable! Screw this crap anyways i'm done with this game.

What a rubbish company to make an online game and provide such poor service.
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yea same issues here from Victoria, trust me to check the forum after I reconfigure every setting on my PC, router, modem and gfx software (despite pings and tracerts showing my connections fine). I learned a bit I guess :D
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same for me last few days i have had the same symptoms, using Telstra bigpond 4g connection. Outside of Diablo3 all seems fine. I'd say it is a routing issue.

Today seems a little better but still same issue. Even before this thread was made I was getting random disconnects when in any team battle. Sometimes I just join a game and TP to team and few seconds later disconnected.

I thought this was related to barb WW bug or something at first, Iv'e even had a new 4g modem provisioned.

Hope it gets fixed soon. What can we do to address this with Telstra?
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The issue is that lag in the US isn't such a big deal. If you are running between 80-100ms normally another 100ms lag is nothing. I find the game playable until it hits 300ms. So in the US that would mean their servers would need to be lagged by about 200-220ms to take a US player to 300ms. As I am in Perth and normally run 280ms, I only need 20ms of server lag to make the game unplayable. Given Aus is such a small market I think the phase "tough sh&t" applies. I also find that the lag is introduced between the Internet and Blizzard so unless pingzapper or otherwise has some kind of secret back door it will do nothing for you.
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