I booted my pc to Windows 8 64 bit just to test it. I found it very easy to use, so I installed my Diablo 3 (disc) to it. I had a little bit problem when I tried to install in 7, it wouldn't Show the progress. I got through that, anyways, in 8, the installation never starts! It's just stuck in Updating Setup Files. What can I do to this? I googled it but most solutions are for Windows 7 permissions which don't exist in 8 at all.

Edit: Got through that, just my stupid nod32, anyways, as again, the installation progress doesn't Show (Windows 8 automatically capses most words -_-), I had to keep the pc open all night to be sure that it was installed in w7, how much should I wait before I close the installation?

And a little question, I remember Starcraft 2 having a robotic voice narrating the story...where is deckard's voice in installation?
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