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Auction House making me bid myself up

I began bidding on a rare amulet Fierce Strand (no buyout) yesterday on the gold auction house when it was under 100k gold. Several attempts in a row, I got the message that my bid was too low--it seemed that somebody was bidding it up at the same time I was, so I left it for the night.

Today, I returned to find the item at the same price I left it so I place another bid--and once again, my bid was too low and a new price was shown. Could it have been strange luck? Nope. I tested a few more times, but instead of entering the default suggested bid, I entered a custom bid and noted the number. Each time, my bid was "too low" and the new current bid was exactly 5% above what I entered. So it's definitely my bids that are bidding it up, but it still won't recognize that I am the highest bidder. :(

Edit: the other possibility of course is that the AH is simply displaying the wrong bid information to me and the current bid is really much higher than it appears.
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ok here is how it works. item is at 100k, ( starting bid ) you come along and bid 200k which is taken from ur gold. the price won't change but you will have high bid. No lets say someone else comes along, and bids 110k, the price goes up to 110k they get a msg saying, "your bid was not high enough" or some such. Next person comes along and bids 201k, gets highest bid, and the price now shows 201k. Your gold is sent back to your auction stash.
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