Diablo® III

Looking for a nice friendly group.

I love D3, but having said that there are a couple of things I miss about D2.
for instance, a little in game chatting, a little bit of time to equip a new skill etc.

I am one of your "older" players who likes to take a bit of time and stop and smell the roses on the way through - so to speak. The younger players (god bless their cotton socks) are in such a hurry to finish that I feel guilty if I need to go to town to sell my gear, or take a toilet break! I know that being in a game makes it harder for them if I'm not pulling my weight, or at least trying to.

My reaction time would not compete with the reaction time of the younger generation, and having a couple of characters means having to stop to think about what will happen if I press the 1 or the 4 when playing my Monk as opposed to my Barb lol.

Not that I am a total waste of space in a fight, just not as good as some.

If there is anyone out there that feels the same and would like to try teaming up from time to time, how about letting me know. Cheers.
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Add me... Will introduce you to a great set of people... shingo#6442
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Always interested in more fun!
Add me if you wish... ^^
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Thank U for your replies. I look forward to meeting U ingame. Cheers.
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Doubt youre older than me, I like to travel different routes in game than some, I can never remember the best skill to equip for co-op play at the start of the game, so I am always one stack behind the rest. And I tend to wander off to get a beer at random intervals. And I miss the campfire in D2 act 1 where we could all just hang out and have a chat now and again. DedZed#6153
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Sep, I have plyed with you a few times, in fact, I have you as a friend. I think you do quite well to tell you the truth, no matter how many roses you stoped to smell. You held your own, no problem when we played. And going to town to sell gear to vendor or getting repair in town is quite normal, dont feel guilty. You do fine mate no worries. And I think I have said this before, Nice Skorn mate. If you need help just send me a whisper, or if you're board of playing solo send me invi. I tend to key farm and do act 3 publics for Plvl exp, but other than that I love to quest with groups rather than by myself. Consider that an informal and freindly offer to join my game or send me an invite to join yours.

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Always happy to group up with anyone this side of the world: obnubilate#1131
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im keen, and want more friendly people to play with, farm with and have fun with...

add me planetduck7#6322
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I too enjoy a chat, and time to compare/trade items, ID and sell junk rares.

Fast farming is great, but I find the lack of interaction a little off-putting, like everyone is driving somewhere together in a car but remaining silent.

Also, occasionally real life will beckon and I'll need to pause for a minute. I generally feel like I can't do that with a fast-moving, all-business group.

My barb would be my weapon of choice, however popular demand could persuade me to bring out my monk.

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Wow, what a wonderful response. I have met so many lovely people. Thank U all for your thoughtfulness and time. Cheers
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Had fun playing with you bro... Easy to get along with.... Game tomorrow? Cya!
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Always good to make new d3 friends, add me if you like. Slow run or fast run I like both but mostly I like having fun :-)
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Add me also, Dirk286#1934. Always happy to run around with friendly people and have fun. Can personally vouch for Ricsta being a great chap to play with also.
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everyone here feel free to add me! im still chasing some more AUS friends to quest through inferno with!
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Hey Septimus, sent ya a request yesterday.

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12/03/2012 04:26 PMPosted by Dirk286
Add me also, Dirk286#1934. Always happy to run around with friendly people and have fun. Can personally vouch for Ricsta being a great chap to play with also.

Add Dirk if crazy-good DH's are your thing. My melee chars have put in plenty of hours with RebelAngel and WarMaster.
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Add me if you like edzmond#1708 ...currently using monk
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DayOldHate#1238 for either serious business or goofying around.
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If you feel like more friends add me too (That goes with the rest of you peeps). I may need a little carrying though.....
Haven't got hellfire rings, pony levels etc. But it does get boring playing with myself...........(On D3 that is....)
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