Diablo® III

Most wanted: another skill on par with bear

that's my biggest wish. having used bear since 1.03, i'm getting tired of the animation.
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they should update well of souls. Make it so you shoot a giant bear at an enemy, with 3 tiny carebears that seek out other enemies.
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Think you will be waiting a long time. No other skill in the game has the dmg potential that bears does. A well geared 0 dogs build can match it (even surpass it, but its very dificult due to crappy OH), but its about 4-5x as expensive. Bears is 712% dmg with all 3 bears vs. Dogs at 4x265%?= 1060%. On paper dogs looks better, but your dps will be much lower using Homonculus than a bears build.

Only skills that I can think of that have even close to the same potential are SB WoS for single target (240%? + 3x 65% = 435%), and AC for huge groups (100% to everything in 24Yds, 150% over 3sec stacks). Even those fall short of the raw dmg bears give.
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@gorim see though, the difference between literally all those skills and bears is that (given you aren't close to walls) you have to be right up in mobs faces to use bears, or stutter kiting while popping bears every step or two, the other skills you can get quite a bit of range between you and your opponent to use... granted a sac dogs build you tend to be in the midst of things also, bears is still definitely the closest encouner fight of any wd skills i use.

thats also why bears is my favorite skill :) i like bobbing and weaving in the heat of battle popping bears and using my other utility spells.

wish i rolled a WD since launch!
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11/30/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Soundb
Make it so you shoot a giant bear at an enemy, with 3 tiny carebears that seek out other enemies.

Or my little pony. I think either one would suffice.
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