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Widowmaker Spiders/Bears/AC Build - High MP

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Build Overview

This is a universal build that uses Widowmaker Spiders to reclaim mana for Bears and Acid Cloud (AC) spam. Also focuses on burst damage from Soul Harvest and Gruesome Feast.

Why do you call this a Universal Build?

Because any balanced character can run it. There are no gear requirements except that you have a balanced character that has sufficient life sustainment, HP (40,000 for mid MP and higher), Armor (4000 for mid MP and up), and All Resistance (400 without int boost).

Why both Bears and Acid Cloud?

Bears are for up close and personal damage. AC is for ranged damage, and to proc Life on Hit (LoH).

What weapon will work best?

You should already be using a life steal (LS) or LoH weapon, or have sufficient LoH on other gear to keep you alive. You can use this build with 1H + mojo or 2H, it’s entirely up to you. If you have no LoH generaion and you like this build I suggest you invest in about 400 LoH on one item to proc life from AC.

How much mana regeneration/max mana do I need to use this?

This is a very efficient build with 1 max mana/generation item or as many as you want. I am currently running this build with a LS Skorn with only a Zuni helm that has max mana. You do not need a complete Zuni set to use this build.

The Build

Left Mouse – Widowmaker Spiders

Right Mouse – Bears

Key 1 – Spirit Walk – Your pick as to the rune. I use Healing Journey for the Health Boost. Jaunt is also a good option.

Key 2 – Soul Harvest – Vengeful Spirit rune. Provides burst damage and is a non-mana attack skill.

Key 3 – Zombie Dogs – Life Link rune. Dogs take 10% of your damage. What’s not to like? Dogs are used instead of Garg because dogs last as long as Garg and reduce damage to you. Garg can help kill you with reflect damage.

Key 4 – AC. Lob Blob rune. Lob Blobs are good because they chase monsters, block them, and do damage. AC is used for ranged damage and to proc life on hit.

Passive Skills

Jungle Fortitude – 15% damage reduction for you and your pets. The dogs stay alive longer and eat 10% of your damage. Win-win.

Gruesome Feast – Provides burst damage and mana boost from health globes. It would be nice if you have some pickup radius on your gear to snag health globes faster, but it is not required.

Spiritual Attunement – 20% mana increase and 1% regeneration rate based on mana pool. Some form of mana generation is needed here. You could also use Blood Ritual or Vision Quest if you feel more efficient with them. Those with several sources of max mana/mana generation may want to try using Pierce the Veil here.

I am currently running this build in MP7 and I see no reason why it can’t scale to MP10.

Play Style – (this is what I do, feel free to be different)

On approaching a pack of monsters, spam spiders to initiate mana boost, use AC (3 casts give you 3 lob blobs which is the most you can have at 1 time) run into pack and use Soul Harvest. Bears, bears, bears until low on mana.

Retreat from pack (use Spirit Walk to escape if needed), spam spiders, grab health globes for Gruesome Feast mana reclamation and burst damage.
Rinse and repeat above or do whatever the situation warrants.

For reflect mobs try to isolate one monster instead of Bearing the whole pack at once (ouch!). Use AC more if your health is being knocked down. Use Spirit Walk and snargle a potion to get your health back. Once a couple of monsters are dead, bear the rest into oblivion.

Always keep your dogs up! Recast as often as necessary as they eat damage for you.

Updated Test of Build with Pierce the Veil (PtV) substituted for Spiritual Attunement (SA) - Used one hander plus mojo for this test. In total added 14 mana per second regen and about two hundered max mana from knife + mojo. In addition the mojo activated the 4 piece zuni bonus of an additional 20 mana per second regen.

So mana generated per second rose to 72 (from 55 with Skorn) and total mana rose to 1172 (from 1048 with Skorn). Note that Skorn number included increases in mana regen from SA of 10 mana per second and about 200 mana added to mana total.

DPS Impact - 1 hand plus mojo equipped lost about 10,000 DPS compared to the Skorn. However to activate the Zuni set I used a mojo without crit chance which made that difference greater. When PtV was activated it returned approximately the same DPS as the Skorn - 116K.

Play Feel - Mana usage seemed very similar to SKorn plus SA. Mana would last pretty well and then require spiders for replenishment. If feels similar to the play style using VQ where you have to spam a primary now and then to keep the VQ rate going.

Honestly it didn't feel or play that different than the Skorn, only the 1H could spam spiders faster, and it couldn't reclaim health nearly as fast as my LS Skorn. So PtV would be a viable alternative with this build if you have the mana gear to support it. You could always sub out GF and take SA or VQ or BR, if you wanted the boost from PtV but didn't have enough mana gear to support the mana drain.
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Thanks, I have been reading and testing several of your builds with the gear that i currently have. I cant afford to really buy new gear just to test stuff out. But this so far is my favorite. I love the balance in a build like this and It is the first time I have used LoH and it has taken me from MP3 to at least MP5, I havent tried higher yet. Thanks again.
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Glad you like it, this was the first build I ever put together. It is more of a beginner build, although it can scale to high MP. I would suggest when you get a life steal weapon you try my spirit bears build or run it with PB instead of bears.

No hurry though. Enjoy.
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hey, just hit 60, spent about 50 mil on gear, and so far loving this guide. simple, easy to use and no crazy gear requirement, plus very easy to play and can be changed for personal style.

thanks abunch for putting this together friend :)
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