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Any build better single target than HotA???

I'm looking for a build that does close to the same single target damage to HotA:Smash build (WotB, Battle rage:fray, frenzy:maniac, HotA:Smash). Is this even possible? It could be a farm build or high MP keys build, or for ubers. Can you achieve comparable damage levels to HotA build with fewer skill slots, or less damage with more utility in the build?

For my character -->

Frenzy build - OP:KS, Frenzy:Maniac, Revenge:Best Served Cold, marauders rage:
Char sheet damage with full buffs -- 312700 (revenge, OP:KS, maniac, marauder's rage)
Frenzy fully charged DPS - 518K

HotA Smash:
Char sheet damage, full buff (no revenge) -- 281973 (OP:KS, maniac, battle rage:fray, WotB)
Damage with +20% crit (hotA) - +31K --> 313719
Hammer spam DPS - 1273K

So what are your thoughts on ways to maximize Frenzy and overall damage in a no/low fury spending build? Did I miss something here, or is there no way to beat BR:into the fray, Frenzy, Hammer, WotB, and OP:KS together? Is there another combo of 4-5 skills and passives that can do more sustained single target damage, or offer better utility options than HotA build? Both builds have 1 slot open for rend, but the frenzy build actually has two free slots (probably to be filled with WotB:Insanity + rend). Do you need bash:punish as well? This seems pretty terrible though...

The frenzy build actually has better AOE damage between revenge and likely rend, both with more +damage from skills affecting them and quicker overpower refresh. So maybe they are balanced in that way... but pick a different rune for hammer at the expense of ~200K dps, and that advantage disappears.
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Bash->Punish would give you +24% damage over Frenzy->Maniac +20% damage. Also, 3 attacks from Bash gets you to +24% dmg, whereas it takes 5 attacks from Frenzy just to get you to +20% dmg.. and then because Frenzy buff is shorter you have to refresh the buff a lot more than with Bash.

Also, asides from your Skorn and Amulet it looks like you could bump up your Critical Hit Damage a fair bit.

With my current builds and stats I could spam HotA non-stop with it alone being able to keep my Fury up and refresh my Overpower timer fast enough that I can keep my Killing Spree buff on perma. The only reason I use Bash->Punish is to squeeze in a Bash every 3-4 seconds roughly to refresh my +24% damage buff from Punish.

Fully buffed with BR, OP:KS and WotB my critical hit chance in group play reaches 77%. I usually try to purposely keep my Fury at around half to two-thirds Fury, so I don't always get the full possible crit chance from HotA, but there is a small amount to add as well (no idea).
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I just tried hota rend with bash:punish on MP10. It is stupid how much sustain i could generate standing still. I cant say elite packs were any faster but it was significantly less dangerous with all that hp coming from rend and 1.5mil hota crits at 2.5aps.

Im going to have to swap sprint for OP:KS, but then I have zero chance of keeping wrath up between packs.

edit: yuck, cant live without my sprint.
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i was thinking something along the lines of Bash Punish with brawler and berserker rage in the mix somehow.

basically its 24% from bash plus 25% from berserker rage and 30% from brawler. the battlerage rune would be maruaders rage. theoretically u cud use frenzy maniac instead of bash too. have yet to try this out though. stupid exams. and use overpower KS to overcome the weapons master missing cc.
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Brawler is a good thought, but it doesn't work in single target situations :-(

I'm just looking for another build to try that doesn't rely on battle rage:into the fray to do respectable damage... there's gotta be something out there...

I've done WW.. Slam.. HotA.. for Ubers and farming. They all work well, just looking for something different. I wish charge didn't bug out, otherwise it would be something fun/viable to run.

Profile I logged out with WW gear -- found an echoing fury to try out.

Also, on note of bash vs. maniac, I like maniac for ubers. It's a faster swing to weave in. For farm, bash is better, I agree.
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