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Looking for information.

First off, you're welcome to check my profile. My characters are still a work in progress and I'm poor. I'm learning the game. I know I'm not top of the line gear, and at 44,000 dps I know I'm a bit on the low side. I can farm act 3 MP3 though, so it's good enough for me for now.

Some Questions:

    What should be my next upgrade? Remember, I'm poor.
    What stat should I focus on at this point?
    Is there a certain number of a certain set of stats I should be looking for?
    What is the trick to maintaining an excess of Fury? I notice I'm able to maintain WotB for an entire elite fight, but if I lose things to hit for more than 3 to 4 seconds I lose it.
    How do you use a WW/Sprint barbarian in a group setting? I found it very hard to help level a friend of mine.
    What kind of builds are there? Is the WW/Sprint build the only really viable one?

As I said, I'm not looking to be flamed, or be told my gear is complete crap. I'm trying my best, and just recently got back into the game and am re-learning the ropes so to speak. I'm purely looking for more information on the class that I play, and ways to improve my play experience.

Any half-friendly (at least) who could give me some detail information? :)
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We rarely bash people if they ask for help by the way.

You are making some major errors in judgement for starters. Legendary does not always mean better, in fact you can get rares that are far better for you at a lower cost just because they are yellow.

Your biggest, and i mean BIGGEST glaring issue with gear is your substantial lack of Crit Hit Chance. the only piece of gear you have that has CHC on it is your gloves. You need to remedy that asap. Amulet, both rings, helm, bracers. Amulet/Gloves cap out and 10 CHC while rings/bracers cap out at 6%. CHC is such a massive dps increase in most cases its rediculous.

Second, for mp3 you have an incredibly high amount of All resist/vitality(its all your %life). I run MP8 daily, mp10 when my CM wizard buddy is playing with me and i have less than you do but my higher damage allows me to soak the incoming damage and replenish it through Lifesteal.

Here are my basic suggestions for you at the moment. Your wanted stats are Crit Hit Chance, Strength, Gear with Sockets(this will help immensely), more Crit Hit Damage in other places. If you check out my gear, youll see a small trend of IAS - dont follow that just yet. IAS is amazing dont get me wrong but you dont want it on every piece. Both of your rings have to go. Get rings with Str, CHC and either IAS or CHD. Low % doesnt really matter at this point because you kind of need to change how you gear to increase your overall damage.

The only stats a WW barb wants are(in no particular order):
Lifesteal(immortal kings belts are super cheap now for low str ones)

I guarantee you, if you start gearing less legendary more rare you will end up doing far better than you are. Crit Hit Chance is the main lynchpin of the WW build. If you dont crit you dont get fury back and you cant WW to your hearts content.

EDIT: Actually i've got some old barb gear that i probably wont ever be able to sell. Poorly rolled gear that basically has been sitting in my bags for months now but its all better than what you have. When the servers come back up add me and I'll see what i can do about increasing your damage - and hell even bringing you along on a few runs.
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What is your ID? I would actually love to add you.

I will add you as soon as they come up and after a while ask for your help finding me some proper gear.

Most of the gear I'm wearing I just bought from leftovers beforeI had quit playing.

Had about 10 mil, spent it.

I've got very little in the terms of gold, but hopefully I'll have some more soon. Then I'll call on you again to help me shop.
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I agree that budget sets intended to farm mp1, you should get dps and less hp/ar. If you buy budget pieces carefully, upgrades for more dps, ar/vit will be easy and wont require complete gear overhauls.

I built my female barbs set for 500k. The andy's and one of the rings pushed it to 1m. If i go back to the original helm/ring, mp1 is easily farmable. As is, set can farm mp2.
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Carried has helped me significantly. If I could +rep him I would.

Consider this thread closed guys, I made a buddy :D
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