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Legendary drop question.

The sad thing is: most bosses aren't worth the time it takes to kill them to even find out. Azmodan is a the only exception i can think of. I've killed him dozens of times and have had only one terrible legendary drop to show for it.
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Yea I dropped a nice chest set piece but it was in the infernal machine with duel bosses. Never dropped a legendary or set thou from end of act boss.
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got an IK weapon off Azmo abd Frostburns lol from Siege.

I got a legendary off Uber Rakanoth, and a fang at the same time.

The double light beam was nerdgasmic.

wait til you see this one below.

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Someone I know got 2 legends and an organ from the rak/ghom fight.
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12/04/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Gin
actually Azmodan dropped a Legendary on Act 3 Inferno in 1.0.5 for me

I had him drop one in Act IV for me.
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My last One was from....gods let's see......3 weeks ago on MP 3 fighting Belial.

That was a bastard of a fight but well worth it for the Vile ward I got from him

A Rampant AI~
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Never got 1 before from bosses, the closest i got is from keywarden. Crappy legendary polearm
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I get more legendarys from Key Wardens than I do keys, even got a set item once.
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Things not to kill in Diablo! Bosses unless you have to to beat the game and Goblins big time. If you are unlucky enough to get a green or gold item it will be 99.9% Poo. The drop rate is prob the same .01,chance to get unlucky if you give a killer blow to these Lame nerfed Diablo Mons.
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Purple besides wardens= Poo Poo. Purple Poo to be just right about it.
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I like the game, dont get me wrg. I love the simple point and clicking. It is what it is. This is what the game makers wanted,or it would not be so.
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Besides Yellow Poo happens more. Strange seeing Blue Poo too. But least you have a very small chance to get a good item from that yellow Poo and Blue Poo once in a great while.
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I missed the set/leg drop from Butcher prior 1.0.4. Now butcher only drop crappy yellow for me=(

RNG is indeed RNG
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I got my only set item from the Butcher, post 1.05
I got a Legendary from Zoltan this week.
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Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated and gives me some hope an incentive to actually add them to the ends of my evenings now.
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12/04/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Vaeflare
While I've not been lucky enough to experience it firsthand, Diablo III bosses do indeed have a chance to drop Legendaries and Set items. :)

Now, take that chance, and !@#$ing quadruple it, because it's ABYSMAL.
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